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From startup to bluechip companies, we brainstorm as a collaborative group to bring forth new ideas and concepts to further enhance your website's presence on Google. We are a top SEO company in Australia with over a decade's worth of experience in many sectors. Our delightful team will happily assist you along the journey to ensure that your business captivates your online audience in as little as a second.

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How Willship International Generated 101.95% More Unique Visitors Over 6 Months

The Challenge

Willship International is an Australian and New Zealand based automotive and freight business that has been in operation for a successful 40 years. Their ability to offer a supreme service to all their customers speaks volumes as they boast about having the ability to track at all given times…

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A well-founded reputation for developing accurate and innovative online marketing solutions to start your search engines and drive your business forward at top speed

Why Hire An SEO Company Australia?

Hiring an SEO company like Digital Muscle allows us to utilise valid resources, experiences and working strategies to continually improve your search results and keyword rankings constantly. We’ll help you do all the research as we keep up to date with the latest algorithmic updates and their effects on your search results. Our SEO specialists play an important role in pioneering your SEO in the right direction towards success. For every position occupied on the search results, rest assured that your competitors are working diligently hard on their own SEO to take business away from you.

  • You need leads that can bring in more sales
  • Your website is outdated and requires an upgrade
  • Your sales are not enough to keep your company afloat
  • Your website is sitting idle and hardly has any organic traffic

Australia’s Premier SEO Company

Specialists In Growing Your Business

What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO is the process of making your website attract more users through increased visibility on the search engines. By harnessing the right SEO strategy and execution, your website will have increased traffic, leads and sales enough to transform your business over the course of your business length.

What is our SEO process?

Our SEO process generally involves six phases: Research, including business and sector research, competitor analysis and complete breakdown of their lead acquisition, current state assessment and keyword research. Our focus is really on the planning and strategy step, including decisions on how to best handle content, attract incoming links to the website, manage social media presence and discuss with your developers to do onsite technical implementation.

In this highly competitive marketplace our SEO campaigns are very versatile.
Some examples of our daily tasks include website structure and Schema analysis, continual keywords research, content Analysis and optimisation, core Web vitals fixing to improve page experience, mobile optimisation, offsite optimisation like building quality links starting with email outreach and then gradually leading to quality guest posts.

Why should you trust our SEO company?

A lot of SEO companies and other digital marketing agencies love to talk the talk but they can never walk the walk. We’re only interested in getting stuff done. Our focus has always been to boost your earnings and lead acquisitions with our SEO services. There’s a lot of SEO cowboys who simply promise the world but don’t deliver and in the end, you are the one left disappointed. Not us though. Our understanding of the Australian work culture allows us to communicate on the same level as you. We would never make bold predictions and promises of substantial short-term results. We outline the digital strategic goals and financial results and we simply go for it.

Result Driven SEO Services Australia

Digital Muscle is a leading digital marketing agency based in Sydney, strategically known for delivering comprehensive digital marketing and SEO Services strategies and search marketing solutions for our clients across Australia.

Achieve insane boosts to your organic traffic. Double, triple or even quadruple your enquiries and sales. This is our primary focus when it comes to executing our SEO strategies. Our team members have happily satisfied huge amounts of clients once they witness how effective our SEO solution for them is.

There are also countless numbers of cases where our current clients have had a bad experience with other ‘SEO specialists’ in the industry.

That’s not the case with us. We don’t give out empty promises and under deliver. It’s true digital marketing and SEO can help you gain an edge over yourcompetitors and to widen exposure to your website, but our core focus is to allow you to outperform your competitors and to create new revenue streams giving you the chance to work on the business, and not in the business.

SEO that increases revenue and not only rankings

Can SEO really deliver lots of qualified organic leads, traffic and big leaps in revenue? Yes it can. And that’s exactly what our SEO experts will do, with proper execution of our SEO strategies, we will promise month on month of constant improvement.

The right SEO agency provides proper executed search engine optimisation services to businesses to increase their online visibility. It’s really an easy concept to understand. To make your website more appealing to search engines, you make modifications to it.

Analysis and constant evaluation are our primary focus, on closer inspection, we usually find problems such as – insufficient web traffic, mobile and desktop speeds are a necessity, strong competition for keywords and a lack of social media visibility are commonplace, however at Digital Muscle we understand different business models require different solutions to similar problems.

SEO is more complicated when it comes to execution. Our SEO services add real value to this area.

Our process as your digital marketing agency is to gather data and assess what issues are holding you back. We then formulate bespoke solutions to directly address your business needs.

Close collaboration brings a deeper understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses are and helps us to work toward generating better leads and more impactful conversion rates.


To arrive at pragmatic and realistic solutions, our team carefully assesses the problems compounding your company. We then formulate customised solutions that directly address the needs of your business. Since the team thrives well in a collaborative setting, we always work closely with our clients. This gives us a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and possible opportunities and threats.

We have also discovered that meeting our clients half-way and focusing on solutions that work generate better leads and long-term results. Over the years, we have stuck to this philosophy and have seen our clients grow from strength to strength and increase organic search first page of google ranking.

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Time-Tested Strategies- Real Outcomes

ROI - Return on investment. Why this should be the focal point of any conversation regarding an SEO campaign.

‘The mailman always delivers’ – Not necessarily with SEO companies, it can be the opposite!

Digital Muscle isn’t your average SEO company in Australia. We take complete pride in our ability to generate business leads and with the right collaboration between us and our clients from the get go, we can then improve conversion rates and subsequently - ROI.

Our strategies across many industries stand the test of time as we conduct a thorough analysis of every campaign and base our strategy on real, verifiable statistics.

Using popular web tools supported by other SEO’s in the industry, we gather accurate and relevant SEO (Search engine optimisation) data to benefit your business. We are committed to providing the right SEO strategy to all our clients.

Rather than adopting a complicated formula or by-passing algorithm updates, we simply choose the most efficient and productive strategies for our clients.

SEO requires hard work and dedication and we know the hard work pays off. As a leading digital marketing agency and SEO company in Australia our full-service digital marketing strategies will enhance your online presence and increase lead acquisition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the competitive world of digital marketing services finding the right SEO company to work with can be time-consuming when time is not on your side. There are many aspects when conducting due diligence that will assist you in finding an SEO company who has your best interest at heart.

Start with looking at case studies, these can be relevant to you in your decision-making process to find the right digital marketing agency and SEO company for you.

A professional digital marketing Agency offering SEO should spend time asking thorough and engaging questions about every aspect of your business and your goals to define a pinpoint SEO strategy to push you forward.

Why is link building important?

Link building is the process of building hyperlinks from other websites in the same industry back to your own. The aim of link building is to encourage high quality sites that users will want to use, share and visit. It’s an important part of SEO services because it helps search engines discover new web pages.

Building a link for the sake of building a link is commonplace and easy, truly understanding the intrinsic value of that link is completely different.

Whenever we are building a link, our focus is to create great content that users will want to engage with and share, simply because it’s a natural part of link building.

Is link building natural?

Yes. Our copywriters will write engaging content to attract social shares, leading to more inbound links over time.

Will the link placement attract other users to click and share on other platforms?

Our team always strives to have a goal in mind and that is they look to entice webmasters in engaging ways. In the case of a directory submission we look to build a link if, and only if it offers value to the consumer if so, that is a valid link. We’d rather focus on the engagement and social shares that particular backlink generates rather than building the links in volume.

Is SEO in-house or outsourcing right for my business?

Outsourcing SEO often blow in-house teams out of the water. Because SEO agencies often have more business exposure to a vast array of industries and niches than an in-house team would. In our case, our small team of digital marketing gurus have helped thousands of clients to achieve the right results.

And that’s not just saying it without actually proving anything. Ask any of us for client testimonials or verbal references. You can bet that we will be the first to learn about any changes in Google’s algorithm simply because we have tabs opened in online forums and news. An in-house team will be more focused on specific outcomes in your website whilst often neglecting other external factors which have a direct impact on your search rankings.

Another factor which you have to consider also is budget. Hiring an in-house SEO specialist will cost you at least $70,000 per annum, not including superannuation and other benefits. But if you're a small to medium sized business with a limited marketing budget then outsourcing your SEO will make sense. You can get more done for a fraction of the cost.

Talk to us today about your options. Let’s discuss.

How long does SEO take?

There’s no secret formula to this as it can take Google several months to recognise and trust your website. But don’t expect to have your website at the top of the search results in a short matter of time, especially for competitive terms.

Here's the good news. Digital Muscle is a top-notch SEO company. This means we are attentive to achieving weekly objectives in your campaign. The very fact that we have a lot of experience in multiple industries tells us we can never be complacent about our SEO work.

Having a thorough understanding of your top competitors will tell you how fast you can achieve your goals. It is much easier to win against 10 than against 100 competitors on the search results. For the smaller mums and dad’s businesses it is a necessity to rank higher in the local area than it is in global searches. Be realistic about your goals.

Budget also makes a difference in how fast you reach certain goals with SEO. The more budget that is available, the more resources we can utilise to steam ahead of your competitors. This comes in the form of allocating more team members to work on your campaign, which will accelerate your organic traffic levels.

In all honesty, SEO should always be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. The results obtained should be progressive month upon month, year upon year. You need to always stay abreast of your industry and that is to always look to overcome your competitors as they too, will be running SEO themselves as well.

Are you the cheapest SEO agency?

No we are not. And we don’t intend to be anytime soon. This is because we focus on producing quality content and backlinks generating an everlasting source of revenue for your business. There are many SEO agencies who scream out cheap and produce poor results. This unfortunately takes years of work to undo, costing you thousands and thousands of dollars. Our team members have seen it all in the past decade of running the business. That is why we are dedicated to helping you succeed in the long term so that you can increase your revenue stream through high-quality SEO results.

The danger lies in the word ‘cheap’. There are some obvious signs that your SEO campaign holds little to no value and it all starts off with their techniques. Or in some cases, there is no discernible technique that you can follow, worst disguised as a matter of confidentiality. Have you ever come across a lengthy blog post that doesn’t make much sense and appears to be very spammy in nature? That’s an immediate sign that you're dealing with a nonsense SEO company.

You also need to be aware that Google constantly changes and updates their core algorithm. What may work well last month may not work well this month. This is why Digital Muscle does not offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or a full refund if we don’t achieve certain results because we understand that it is impossible to place a guarantee on results if Google is constantly changing their search results. But we stay abreast of the situation and follow the right guidelines that they have set out to ensure you benefit from the expertise of a trusted agency.

What to ask an SEO agency?

Here are some of the most common questions you should ask your SEO company.

How can you improve your rankings? This question alone can reveal a lot about the SEO company you are talking to and how they go about solving issues. Each website has its own issues. Always make sure to hire a company that does a thorough audit of your site alongside a proper working strategy.

Are there any case studies that you can share? Conduct due diligence! Read their case studies, call their presented clients and find out exactly what that particular SEO agency did to benefit their business.

Are you familiar with similar projects? Having prior experience in your industry will always be the key factor in executing the right strategy for your business. Just ask that SEO whether they have been working with someone in your industry and what type of results did they achieve?

How did you overcome the greatest challenges in these projects? A crucial question in understanding how your SEO was able to deal with challenges in certain scenarios. This often paves the way in how they might deal with your website.

What are the key metrics you consider when it comes to SEO? Hiring the right SEO agency for your business and being able to rely on them to constantly deliver and work on refinements to your campaign is hugely important and it all starts with whether they are willing to measure results from the beginning. Constant adjustments need to be made to ensure you are moving in the right, upwards direction. Failure to do so will bring upon a sense of disappointment and distrust on where the marketing budget has been utilised.

What is the best time to start seeing results? It’s difficult to set an exact time frame. All an SEO agency can provide is an estimate of what they realistically can expect over a set period of time based on your current SEO budget.

Can you assure me that I will rank on Google's first page? No. As indicated above, Google makes a million adjustments to their algorithm every year so it is never in the SEO hands as to when exactly you may rank on the first page of Google. Having realistic expectations is key from the start to ensure you have complete transparency with the SEO company you are talking to.

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