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Organic SEO services should be transparent and informative.

We do not disappear and hide behind boring statistics. We act as your digital marketing partner, and as in any relationship, if we are faithful to each other we have the tools to succeed.

Relationships can have bumps in the road but understanding each other from day one will mean there’s no messy break-up in our working relationship.

Our affordable SEO packages cover start-ups, young companies, small to medium-size businesses (SMB’s), and blue-chip companies.

When you start with affordable, REALISTIC prices for an SEO campaign it acts as a solid platform to collaborate and engage. Give us the information to analyse and we will come back with a roadmap to success.

Don’t Believe The Hype

Digital Muscle Keep It Real

Have you heard ‘We will get you to page 1 of Google in double-quick time and drastically increased searches of your business?’ – Sure it may sound great, and almost every SEO company in Australia says it, however, this is a challenging time and you need professionals who are not offering a quick-fix solution, if a company has said that to you be wary and contact us first!

Depending on your industry’s level of competition, how could an SEO agency say that without conducting thorough analysis? It may be nowhere near as simple as changing a tyre!

Here at Digital Muscle, we look to transcend rankings. Of course, rankings are important to build your brand, but a real SEO company works on leads and conversion rates as that’s where your ROI is.

When you buy clothes they need not just to look right, they need to feel good and most importantly FIT! You need to do your research to find the right fitting SEO company to partner with.

Digital Muscle keeps things real by taking time with you to ensure the end product fits both your budget and aspirations. Our campaigns are ethical but comprehensive for the best outcome.

Find And Tap Into Your Target Audience
When we enter into a business relationship, we must let you know there is an important third-party you have to deal with – Don’t worry it’s not the in-laws
The support of loyal customers will help your business grow, but some businesses are not in a position to accommodate everyone.
We help identify your target audience and convert the leads into sales, enabling you to start considering the next step toward expanding and eventually if it is your aim – GO GLOBAL – You may be thinking REALLY, GLOBAL? – YES – Take a look at our case file below
Bear in mind, the best business plans in the world will fail if they don’t find the right audience for their applicable services or products.
Attracting the right audience may require us to tweak and change things such as, improving your website content, looking at targeting more dynamic and higher searched for keywords, plus ensuring your website is up to the specification that the latest search engine upgrades now look for, like, and rank higher.
Between us, it’s not a marriage of convenience, we constantly engage with you to understand how we promote the best out of what you deliver to clients and make you clearly visible to stand-out in today’s online world.
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Always Results-Driven
If you’ve been shopping around all-day and not found value for money normally your feet would be hurting but in this case, it’s your fingers and eyes!
Time to relax - You’ve found the best-priced SEO packages Australia.
The prices below are standard SEO packages.
If you are not sure exactly what would suit your goals then contact us today and let us know if you need a specific SEO campaign such as local SEO, enterprise SEO or eCommerce SEO plus any other questions or areas you are uncertain about and we will assess and recommend the best package for your journey.
SEO Monthly Packages
Monthly Management Includes
● Briefing / onboarding
● Google Analytics setup & goal configuration
● Google Search Console setup
● Keyword research & recommendations
● Page title, meta description, H1 heading and on-page copy optimization suggestions
● SEO technical audit & recommendations
● Basic local SEO support - map listing optimization, geo-link acquisition
● Ongoing quality link building strategies
● Content creation for link building activities
● Comprehensive monthly report; includes ranking and traffic analysis
Local SEO Packages
More than 10 locations? Get in touch for a custom quote.
Management Includes
● Google My Business creation / update / optimization
● Bing Places creation / update / optimization
● Conversion tracking
● Schema markup implementation
● GMB post - creation and submission
● Image geo-tagging
● Geo-specific directory listings
● Industry specific directory listings
● Optimize existing directory links
● Comprehensive monthly reports
● Landing page design & development
● Banner design
One-Off Tasks
Keyword Research,
Recommendations &
SEO Technical
Audit Report
SEO Audit
Recommendations Report
One-Off Tasks
Google Analytics
Starting from $30/ hour
Analytics Scope of Work
● GA & GTM Account setup
● Implementation of standard platform specific tracking scripts like
Google ads conversion script, Facebook pixel, LinkedIn Insight tag etc.
● Setting up custom event scripts to capture instances like
add to cart, initiate checkout, Phone call etc.
● Creating the data layer code for e-commerce tracking
● Creating Goals in analytics to track macro and micro conversions
● Setting up custom data dashboard
● Scheduling custom reports - Daily/Weekly/Monthly.
● Custom Data Studio Report Creation
● Annotation setup for maintaining change history
● Setting up different view and IP filter/Exclusion
Dedicated Resource
SEO Experts
Technical Proficiency - SEO
Full Suite SEO
Local SEO
Technical Audits
On Page
Off Page
Google Analytics Configuration
Link Building
Content Support
● Google Search Console setup
● Keyword research & recommendations
● Page title, meta description, H1 heading and
on-page copy optimization suggestions
● SEO technical audit & recommendations
● Map listing optimization, geo-link acquisition
● Ongoing link building strategies
● Google My Business creation / update / optimization
● Conversion tracking
● Directory Listings - Geo-specific & industry specific
● Comprehensive monthly report; includes ranking and traffic analysis
● Lead, Manage & Drive content and website changes
*Content & Website changes will be managed through the resource, with the help of content writer and developer which needs to be provided by the client.
Pricing Guide
● Our indicative pricing allows to estimate the projects and campaigns.
● The final quote varies depending upon specific requirement, industry, demography, complexity and efforts.
● Australian local support is available on request at additional rate.
● The turnaround time for projects are provided keeping in mind holidays, weekends, current availability and workload.
● Payment terms are different for different services, which can be shared upon request.
What We Do
Website Development
HTML | WordPress | ModX | SquareSpace | Magento 2.0 | OsCommerce
Full Suite SEO | Local SEO | Technical Audits | Google Analytics Configuration | Link Building | Content Support
Paid Media
Google Ads | Facebook Ads | Instagram Ads | LinkedIn Ads | Twitter Ads | Microsoft Ads
Email Marketing
Template Design & Development | Campaign Management | Email Automation
Design Services
Website | Landing Pages | Infographics | Email Template | Banners | PPT
Display Banners
GIFs | Images | HTML5
Landing Pages
Unbounce | Marketo | Pardot | LeadPages | Salesforce | Instapage
Dedicated Resources
Search & Email Experts | Team leads & Managers | Developers | Designers
Mobile App Development
IOS | Android | Microsoft | React- Native | Flutter | PhoneGap | Cordova | Sencha
Browse Our SEO Case Studies
Google Page #1 Ranking
Willship Case Study
Willship International is an Australian and New Zealand based automotive and freight business that has been in operation for a successful 40 years. Their ability to offer a supreme service to all their customers speaks volumes as they boast about having the ability to track at all given times, the location of their vehicle or freight item. Their online quotation system is effective in giving customers an accurate price to get their vehicle or freight from place A to place B, or to C. Apart from their guaranteed same day response, Willship International is constantly looking at ways to deliver a far better service and website to all customers globally.
Read More
Digital Muscle ROCKET
They say ‘No-one can hear you in space!’ – Without the right SEO Specialists ‘No one can see you online!’
Take a look at what lead generation already had lift-off! – 1 million leads and counting for Digital Muscle customers – Here’s how we can do it for you!
Rocket Research
Before we buckle up and think about heading into space we need to check every piece of equipment is in good working order.
The start of a solid SEO campaign is due diligence, that’s our launchpad.
We intricately study your industry, business, core values, goals and your website while scrutinising your closest competitors.
Our in-house SEO team will come back to you if we find any mechanical faults that need fixing and get our tool-kit out. We look at the strengths of your website, weaknesses, opportunities and possible threats before drafting up a comprehensive blueprint to address, discuss and fix these issues to get you going.
Rocket Optimise
From a coding and design perspective, this is our flight deck, and our tech is top-notch.
For take-off we make constant changes to your website to better help Google understand what your business is about. We put the WOW factor into everything that we do particularly when designing your website and/or increasing your online presence.
Rocket Content
It’s all very well if a visitor lands on the moon, they won’t find anything useful if they don’t go anywhere!
Content is more prevalent now than it has ever been. Engaging, informative, educational content is what search engines are looking for and what our team gives them. Content helps to drive visitors THROUGH your website not just land on your home page and blast off again!
Our in-house copywriters provide topic suggestions and copy which is compelling for your readers.
Quality, engaging content is the fuel for any SEO campaign, and let’ s be honest – You’re not taking off without it!
Rocket Keywords
Now it’s time to punch in the launch code for take-off!
Our detailed keyword research process defines your success later on in the SERPs. A well thought out SEO campaign researches heavy data to recommend and focus on keywords that are trending in the search engines to help define your audience, thereby driving CONVERTIBLE traffic to your website.
If an SEO company cannot define the right keywords, there will be NO LIFTOFF!
Rocket Testing
Once we have lift-off the journey has begun, constant communication between us from now on is essential.
Receiving increased search traffic to your website is just the beginning. Constant communication between us will help the results of analytics we continuously conduct identify where the bulk of the traffic is coming from. If we find a weakness in any area, we’ll work closely with you to get it on-track.
Here at Digital Muscle, we believe in testing everything and making continual improvements to each campaign. If you have worked with an SEO company before, set out a plan and sat on it for 3-6-9-12 months, contact us TODAY that is NOT feasible in today’s SEO world.
Not every journey is plain sailing, adjustments need to be made but rest assured you have a control centre that is monitoring the well-being of your campaign at all times, if
Rocket Earned Media & Links
Our team gets down to work on proactive outreach to webmasters who can provide valuable and well-respected links within your industry.
Search engine criteria has changed to a point where heavy link building can reflect negatively on your rankings if it is not high quality. With our well-established network of webmasters, we provide high-quality backlinks targeting trending keywords that are part of your campaign, get you ranked and push onwards and upwards.
The sky’s the limit? – We beg to differ, our clients have gone further, see below.
Once you’ve worked with us you’ll realise you can reach for the stars, AT FIRST we keep your feet on the ground but through thorough analysis with both parties being open and sharing information – Lift-off is never far away – It’s all about teamwork.
SEO Case Studies
Our pricing plans come with a guarantee – Don’t be shocked! In SEO there are no guarantees so don’t believe anyone that gives them, however, we are different
If you are not completely satisfied with your results on Google within the timeframes we agree on at the start, our team will work free of charge until we reach them. If that doesn’t show commitment to the cause, we don’t know what will!
We trust in our ability to give you value for money and succeed – Why wouldn’t we? We have helped many companies to reach their goals before – Give us a try and contact us today.
What does ROI mean with regards to SEO services?

SEO Services are like any other investment – You invest to get a return – We just make sure it’s not a stock market gamble!

Digital Muscle is an SEO company that creates SEO packages based around your business and your business only, with the sole focus being a positive Return On Investment.

Our marketing campaigns are structured around background research. Understanding your competition from day one sets the expectation level straight away.

We have heaps of positive reviews online from satisfied customers over the years. Imagine for one moment – We were once in your shoes! We have worked tirelessly for our business to be at the top of the search engines for heaps of keywords searches throughout Australia – IN FACT – There’s a good chance that’s how you’ve found us and we have a question for you:

Would you deal with an SEO company who weren’t??

EXACTLY – Let’s move on.

Every website and business objective is different.

Digital Muscle understands what works best for one company may not suit another. In addition, we also understand what worked well for a company in the same sector last year, may not work the same this year – SEO takes constant analysis and most importantly adaptation!

We research your company to find a niche and that’s the area we pay particular attention to. In the next 12 months, search engines will respond favourably to niche products, services and the content that accompanies it. We will focus on finding areas to improve on and get you as visible as we can while we dig in other areas to see long term results.

Our affordable SEO packages contain a vast array of different criteria, with the intent to enhance your brand, making it more visible and trending on the internet.

In today’s online world you need to stand out!

Regardless of the industry, you need to be noticed. We aim to drive traffic to you and generate convertible leads. Once we have our teeth into a campaign and have seen where we get our most success, we hone in on our target audience and justify the cost of SEO several times over so you know you’ve invested well.

Our affordable SEO packages offer 100% success rates within the search engines, our track record is proven, our work ethic likewise. When you hire Digital Muscle you are hiring SEO specialists that have achieved over a 700% positive change for clients on their organic search engine traffic in just a 12-month period!

If you don’t believe it, check out our testimonials on the link below!

How Much Should You Spend on SEO Services?

How long is a piece of string?

OK let’s start with the basics first, Digital Muscle has run successful SEO campaigns from as little as $1000 and successful SEO campaigns that cost $50,000, everything depends on us rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty and looking at the mechanics of your business and your requirements.

The cost of SEO services always comes down to the nature of your business, plus the level of competition and the range of services required to get you to the next level of your business plan.

Digital Muscle offers affordable SEO packages NOT cheap SEO – Do not compromise your business by choosing to work with a “cheap” SEO company as a reckless SEO company can get you penalised with the search engines and that is what is known as a BAD INVESTMENT.

Why Does SEO Pricing Vary?

SEO services do not come with an industry price scale. This means that SEO companies can charge whatever price they feel suitable for SEO packages – Sounds a bit strange right?

This makes your decision harder when choosing the right SEO company. This only furthers the importance of understanding exactly what you are investing in and what BANG you get for your BUCK!

Through working with many successful clients both past and present, we have also learned from OUR experiences in the digital marketing world that has led us to be where we are today on the search engines – The value of long-term SEO packages.

Long-term SEO planning is included in all of our SEO service packages by default so you can rest assured that we think long term, not short term.

As a rule of thumb, if an SEO company says ‘Give us 3 months and you’ll see great results’ it is best to forget about it. That was possible many years ago when there was little or no online competition. The time when people still did not believe in eCommerce saying ‘Do you think people would be crazy enough to buy things over the internet!!’

Times have changed so let’s be honest with each other from day one – We have to stay the course, there is no quick fix with the search engines anymore. We start with a clear understanding of timeframes to requirements and push forward. The longer the SEO campaign, the better the results will be, it’s a proven fact.

As more marketing channels emerge you have to also deal with more industry ‘jargon’. SEO comes with conversion analysis, content marketing, social media marketing plus a whole list of other terms that unless you work in the industry can leave you feeling confused.

Not many people know the right questions to ask, put our campaign managers to the test today and ask away, we assure you we will talk to you NOT OVER YOU!

With any SEO package should come multiple services, not just SEO, if you have talked to or are dealing with an agency that is sparse on services other than SEO, you may never get out of 1st gear.

What Do I Look for When Determining the Cost of SEO Services?

Here’s an experienced tip – Ask about transparent reports! Why NOT?

SEO pricing differs to web design pricing, making it difficult to set a standard rate. Bear in mind some companies are better at delivering than others and this usually depends on the team, their experience, the systems they have in place and what resources are needed for the project.

We ensure you get transparent reports showing every dollar spent. When analysis shows finances are needed to be spent in a different area we prioritise that area, constantly monitoring and adjusting accordingly.

Partner with Digital Muscle, we are an SEO company who keep you engaged with up-to-date information throughout the campaign, keeping you well informed every week! If an SEO company says they will send you a monthly report, think twice!

We deliver weekly transparent reports on every single item we have worked on – We keep you informed and that is the reason we keep our clients.

Over the years Digital Muscle has seen how the market has changed for SEO in Australia and globally, therefore we have designed our SEO packages and SEO packages prices to be affordable and realistic.

When you take us on, we engage with you from day 1. We advise you on the spot even before we dive into your project. SEO is an effort and once you have seen campaigns go over 700% increase in traffic you have a clear understanding of how much it can change someone’s business and their life – We respect your investment with us and work hard for you at ALL TIMES!

How is SEO Pricing Determined in This Day and Age?

2020 changed the dynamics of internet search trends. Local SEO has come to the fore where local communities have rallied around each other buying local products and services more than ever.

Instead of this being a scary time for your business, look at this as an opportune time to take advantage of your competition as they pull back on their marketing and get your nose in front in 2021.

We base our pricing on 4 main options, all of which have no hidden fees so you know from Day 1 where you are with our SEO pricing plans.

The basic formula for our SEO pricing begins with the number of keywords used to optimise your site and the number of first page Google results we feel we can achieve. At this stage, we understand how many resources we need to utilise in-house to gain you traction on the SERPs.

While all of our SEO plans encompass site and server clean-up without any shortcuts, plans differ with additional services which range from regular consultations to link building, SEO copywriting services and social media marketing to name a few.

If you have come this far with us online, it is for a reason. When comparing SEO services and SEO packages we believe we give you more BANG for your BUCK and with our guarantee that if we do not hit the targets we lay-out on-time we work until we do, get involved with us today so we can give you the upper hand to help grow your business.

Summarising Our SEO Packages And Pricing
Digital Muscle offers a range of affordable SEO packages for businesses of all sizes. Our monthly SEO packages are GREAT VALUE – With bi-weekly updates on your campaign coupled with a drive for results and growth. Here’s a summary of what our SEO packages can do for your business.
walk animation
SEO package
The basic plan covers a limited number of essential SEO services. You can target up to 15 keywords per month. Other features included: website updates, fortnightly reporting and regular competitor analysis.
airplane animation
SEO package
The ideal plan for businesses that want to target a large number of keywords and launch a full-scale content marketing campaign. This Advanced SEO package covers 35 keywords per month, high-quality link-building resources, custom web content for inner pages and constant support.
handshake animation
SEO package
Can’t find the right SEO package for your business? We’ll custom write a campaign for you! If you provide us with the number of keywords to target, we’ll plan it out on your behalf. We will create a proposal based on your goals and objectives and offer custom prices. Do you have any KPIs that you would like for us to include in the proposal? Please let us know and we’ll help you assess which ones are feasible and doable.
aircraft animation
Basic +1
SEO package
Our Basic +1 SEO package is designed for small businesses. With up to 25 keywords and variations, this package includes high-quality guest posts directly linked to your site, Google+ stream updates, and 1 Youtube video for your business. The Basic +1 plan also utilises high-end link building resources. You will receive regular ranking reports and work reports at the end of each month.
rocket animation
Advanced +1
SEO package
If your needs go beyond the first three plans listed above, our Advanced +1 SEO package may be what you need. This plan lets you target up to 45 keywords per month. You have the discretion to choose the number of target keywords, the number of links you want to build in a given time frame and the length of the custom content we will write for you. If you are a medium-sized or large-scale business that wants to rank well for money keywords, this plan is for you.
warning animation
More Information
With all of our SEO packages, you get dedicated Digital Muscle SEO specialists that research and assist you every step of the way. You’ll receive bi-weekly keyword reports as well as monthly work reports.
The work reports are extensive, we highlight where links have been placed, the articles that have been written and who is linking to who.
Regardless of what package you start with you will get our industry-leading website optimisation to kick-start your campaign.
If you have a small business and a niche that is in a non-competitive market we can offer you a bespoke service, so even if our affordable SEO packages are stretching your budget, we will try to find a solution that works for you.
Discuss Your Project
Partnering Up With Digital Muscle As Your SEO Provider
Obviously it’s difficult to choose a SEO services package as there are many factors to take into consideration. At Digital Muscle, we’re happy to let you know what exactly you will get for every investment dollar you spend with us. We strive to always remain 100% transparent with our clientele and we’re definitely confident in our ability to deliver monthly.
If you want to know more about our packages and search engine optimisation cost, please feel free to give us a call on 02-8488-0932 for additional information on our SEO services pricing.
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