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Search Engine Optimization Services

To be sure that you are in the right hands when it comes to making a choice for who you choose to work with on your SEO. We have decided to publish our SEO pricing online based on being 100% transparent with our clients. Our SEO packages accommodates the needs of any business ranging from a small SME to a blue chip company. There is certainly something for everyone as our SEO packages pricing will suit anyone’s needs whilst staying affordable and realistic.

Provided that our SEO services pricing still does not work out for what you desire, we also offer bespoke and personalised SEO rates which are aimed at accommodating your company’s marketing budget whilst also meeting your expectations. You are free to avail our complete SEO price list and packaging to make a well informed decision on your SEO plan. And because we don’t believe in hidden SEO fees, once you decide on our search engine optimisation packages prices, the monthly cost will remain a constant and will never change (Unless if you decide to upgrade of course).

We understand that there many companies nowadays that do spend a large considerable amount of time deciding how much to spend on SEO service rates. Especially if they never have had any exposure to internet marketing. With the vast number of SEO providers these days, it is difficult to conduct due diligence when it comes to choosing to work with a designated partner and find a reasonable price for SEO services. Our SEO price comparison amongst our SEO packages allows you to make an informed decision about where you currently stand, how will our search engine marketing pricing fit within your budget, and exactly how we will better assist you.

SEO Pricing Packages

Check out the table below for our standard SEO pricing packages. If you require a specific type of SEO - Local SEO, Enterprise SEO, or Ecommerce SEO - click on the corresponding button to view specific pricing packages.

Monthly SEO Price $795 $1495 $2495 $3495
Package description Easy Plan For Startups If you are new to SEO this is the one for you The Best Value For Money The most popular SEO package chosen by our clientele For Serious SEO Power Try this to turn up the volume on your SEO campaign The ULTIMATE SEO Package Demolish your Search Engine Ranking competition
Target keywords 8-10 13-15 20-25 30-35
Thorough Website analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backlink audit Yes Yes Yes Yes
Insertion of Heatmap Yes Yes Yes Yes
Onsite optimisation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Profile creation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Guest posts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corporate blog submission No Yes Yes Yes
Citations within local business Yes Yes Yes Yes
Homepage content provided Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ranking Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Infographic Submissions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dead links No Yes Yes Yes
Article submission Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content aggregation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blog submission Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bookmarking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content curation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Forum contribution Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Youtube videos No Yes Yes Yes
Video sharing No Yes Yes Yes
24/7 support No Yes Yes Yes
Social Media optimisation No Yes Yes Yes
Google Maps Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Price $795 /Monthly $1495 /Monthly $2495 /Monthly $3495 /Monthly
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A brief look at our SEO process that has driven over 1 million leads for Digital Muscle customers


Right on the get-go of a SEO campaign, we begin by firstly conducting due diligence on your company, find out about what your company moto is, your website, your online competitors and your industry. Our in-house SEO team dig deeper into your website analytics in order to produce a well thought out plan for your website.

  • Due diligence
  • In-depth Competitor Analysis
  • Site & Server Analysis
  • Analyze All On-Site SEO Factors

From a coding and design perspective, we make constant changes to your website to better help Google understand what your business is about. We put the WOW factor into everything that we do

  • Attention-grabbing titles & meta descriptions
  • Improve usability
  • Update Site Architecture for the latest best practise with Google

Although content is king and we often hear this phrase when it comes to SEO, content is what users count on to help educate and guide them throughout your entire website. Whether you are discussing your company’s uniqueness or providing start up tips and content through a simple blog post, our in-house copywriters will provide topic suggestions and copy which is compelling for your readers

  • Website Copy That Converts
  • Content That Is Well Informed
  • Informative Blog Posts That Create A Call To Action

Our detailed keyword research process is what defines your success later on in the SERPs. A well thought out SEO campaign should encompass keywords which will help you define your audience thereby driving valuable traffic to your website

  • Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword List Report
  • Initial ranking report to show benchmark

Our SEO team will conduct a whole heap of outreaching to webmasters in your industry in order to ask if we can produce a piece of content which will benefit their users and in return, a backlink back to your targeted page with the appropriate target keyword that you are looking to rank for

  • Content Promotion
  • Mentions From Blogs/Press/Guest posts
  • Viral social media likes

Receiving a fair amount of search traffic to your website is just the beginning. We consult with you to try and understand where the bulk of the traffic is coming from. If a weak traffic source is identified at the time, we’ll work closely with you to expand on receiving more traffic from such sources. Here at Digital Muscle we believe in testing everything and making continual improvements to each campaigns

  • Traffic source Analysis
  • Call-to-action Improvements
  • Continual Improvements Via ROI Tracking

ROI – and what it means when you embark on our SEO services

We’ve always been big believers that without a positive return on your investment, any marketing campaign, whether online or off is simply futile. However at Digital Muscle, we always plan so that your ROI is at the forefront of our minds and is your main marketing objective. This is why we have thousands of satisfied SEO clients who have left us positive reviews online. We understand and have been in your shoes before, that’s why no matter what SEO rate you are paying monthly, we expect results for every dollar spent.

Every website and business objective is different. Digital Muscle understands what works best for one company may not suit another. We recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of your company compared to others. We will always work to make your company great, at least on the SERPs.

Your company’s uniqueness is an area that we pay particular attention to. Our SEO pricing plans contains a vast array of different criterias, but the intent is to enhance your brand, making it more visible and distinguishable on the internet. We want you to stand out amongst your competitors, no matter the industry, so you can receive the customers that you want. And as we progress further, we will justify the cost of SEO several times over so you know where your money has been spent on.

We structure your SEO campaign to bring it to new heights that previously, have never been reached. We enjoy being challenged, so please go ahead and set your expectations high. We attribute our success to your success, and we don’t settle for anything less than great results.

With our SEO pricing options, you are also receiving the 100% success rate within search engines. Our track record is reputable, with 100% of our clients enjoying positive results from their set SEO campaigns. We’ve even had clients achieve and enjoy a 700% positive change in their organic search engine traffic over the span of 12 months. You can read our testimonials at the link provided to learn how we can make you happy.

How much should you spend on SEO services?

Successful SEO campaigns with realistic results typically range from between $1000 to upwards of $50,000. In addition, you can expect to pay a monthly retainer fee for web design services which can range from $500 to $5000 depending on your requirements.
The amount you pay for SEO services will depend on the size and nature of your business in conjunction with the amount of web services you require. While SEO costs vary from company to company, it is important to take note that you often get what you pay for when it comes to SEO services. Do not compromise your business by choosing to work with a “cheap” SEO company for fear of reckless SEO activities which could end up doing your website more harm than good.

How is SEO Pricing Determined in this day and age?

This year of 2017 and leading onto 2018, our SEO pricing is based on a variety of scenarios. Digital Muscle has broken down the SEO pricing into 4 main options for your convenience and easy choosing. Apart from that, we also have our own algorithm to determine the monthly cost for each keyword at each position. This is taking into consideration the competition, the amount of monthly searches and amount of resources it will take us to get you found.
There are never any hidden fees with us. All our clients deserve to know upfront what they are receiving for each of our SEO pricing plans. This will assist you to make a well informed decision and know what to consider when comparing the value of any SEO services package available out there on the market place. By comparing SEO package price with other services gives you the upper hand as it can also assist you by choosing the right SEO specialists that will help grow your business.

At Digital Muscle we’re passionate with what we do. We stay informed on the ever-changing industry on a daily basis, attend webinars and local SEO events to learn about practices which would benefit our customers. So you can rest assured that no matter what package you choose from, you will also have access to some of the brightest minds in organic search engine optimisation.

The formula for our SEO pricing begins with the number of keywords used to optimise your site and the number of first page Google results we will guaranteed. It also tells us internally how much resources we need to utilise and also the type of resource needed to gain you traction on the SERPs. While all of our SEO plans encompass site and server cleanup without any shortcuts, the plans differ by the extent of additional services provided, from regular consultations to link building and SEO copywriting services to social media marketing in search.

Why Does SEO Pricing Vary?

Unfortunately there is no market value for SEO prices. This implies that any company or agency can claim they conduct ethical SEO and charge whatever SEO price they desire. This makes your decision harder when you are left to assess what SEO company to work with as each pricing range is different. This fact only furthers the importance of understanding what you are getting exactly for your dollars.
Through working with many successful clients both in the past and present, our experiences tell us that your decision should be based on the overall, long-term value of the SEO services included.

Long-term SEO planning is included into all of our SEO service packages by default so you can rest assured that we think long term, not short term. We generally recommend staying with us for at least 6 months to see how the SEO campaign pans out to be. The longer the SEO campaign, the better the results will be.

As newer marketing channels are made available, the definition of “SEO” becomes even broader. To date, common SEO plans include services such as conversion analysis, content marketing and social media marketing. Be sure to ask the right questions! Conduct due diligence to make sure that your campaign manager is well-versed in a variety of tactics that can make a huge improvement to your campaign.

It is your priority to make sure that your SEO company includes multiple services in their professional SEO packages so you can be sure you’re working with a clued up service provider. If an agency does not offer a particular service, they could be very well stagnant in their SEO strategies which would have a detrimental effect on your website and business.

What Should I Look for When Determining the Cost of SEO Services?

SEO pricing is a grey-area topic which is far more difficult to determine than your average web design price. SEO service rates are different right across the globe, so learning what they offer and what you will get for every dollar spent is crucial for your understanding in how it could impact your business and also making the right choice for your business.
The entire process behind a solid SEO campaign includes a heap of methods and ethical strategies with SEO as a process is constantly being refined and changed to suit the search engine algorithmic updates. It would be in your best interest to partner with a suitable SEO company who is proactive in these updates, is well informed, and has a positive outlook for the best SEO practices.

It is advisable to always be vigilant and avoid companies which are expensive in price with no flexibility to move around. We understand each business has unique needs, and that’s why Digital Muscle offers four different plans and if these plans don’t suit you, then we also have a bespoke solution for your business.

Digital Muscle has been conducting SEO for eight years and has hired some of the best internet marketers in this field. Given our history and expert team of SEO Expert, we have created a fair approach to SEO pricing. All of our SEO packages is affordable and realistic.

When you pay for SEO services from us, understand that you are also receiving well informed advice on the spot. We’ve seen it all over the past years, of campaigns which hasn’t quite worked out to campaigns receiving over 800% increase in online traffic. We know how much effort goes into a successful SEO campaign, and that is why when we roll out our SEO package, we’ve carefully considered the outcomes that it may generate for your business.


All our SEO pricing plans come with a guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your results on Google, then we will stop billing you and work free of charge until you are satisfied.

This shows you just how serious we are about our SEO performance. We are 100% confident in our abilities to help you succeed but in the event, if it backfires, we’ll work for free until you are once again satisfied. We are committed to you every step of the journey as we have been in your position before.


Digital Muscle offers several monthly SEO pricing packages aimed at suiting your business goals. By taking advantage of our monthly SEO packages, we can offer you monthly advice and make appropriate changes to your website to accommodate the latest algorithmic update. Here’s a summary of what each of our SEO service rates can get you.

Basic SEO package: This basic plan gives you a taste of our SEO abilities. It allows keyword targeting of up to 10 per month. This package provides up to ongoing website updates, fortnightly reporting and constant competitor analysis to see what they are doing different.
Basic +1 SEO package: Our Basic +1 SEO package is designed for small businesses who want to target up to 20 keywords and variations. This package will give you high quality guest post links built pointing to your site, Google+ stream updates, and 1 Youtube video created about your business. The Basic +1 plan also utilises high end link building resources and we provide monthly work reports at the end of each month coupled together with fortnight ranking reports.

Advanced SEO package: For businesses who want to both target a large number of keywords and launch a content marketing program, this plan may be best suited for you. In this Advanced SEO package, we will target up to 30 keywords per month, which will see your website earn high quality DA links, receive more content for your inner pages in addition with constant support on the fly.

Advanced +1 SEO package: If your needs go beyond the first three plans listed above, our Advanced +1 SEO package may be for you. With this plan, we’ll work with you to target up to 50 keywords per month. This plan will allow you to choose the number of keywords to target, the number of links built each semester and how much content we will write for you. This plan is most suited for medium to big businesses who strive to overcome the smaller SME’s who are ranking well for their money keywords.

Bespoke SEO package: Can’t find a SEO package to work with? We’ll custom write a bespoke SEO package for you. If you provide us with the number of keywords to target, we’ll plan it all out for you, create a proposal which suits your goals and objectives and custom pricing. Have any KPI’s that you would like for us to include into the proposal? Please let us know and we’ll research and let you know if these KPI’s are feasible for this purpose.

With each of our SEO pricing plans, you will get allocated a dedicated Digital Muscle SEO specialists who will guide and assist you every step of your campaign. You’ll also receive fortnightly keyword reporting, as well as monthly reports of work – where your links have been placed, from whom is linking to whom. No matter the SEO pricing plan that you choose to go with, your always on the receiving end of our industry-leading website optimisation. We strive to be clued up so we can give your business that ultimate edge when it comes to overcoming your competitors on the SERPs.

For small businesses in non-competitive niches, Digital Muscle may need to bespoke your SEO plan so that it is well affordable. However, we do recommend starting with the Basic SEO package and figuring out (based on results) what to do from there.

Basic SEO Packages

If your business serves a very small localised area and operates in a non-competitive industry, conduct work in a very specific niche, or simply needs to maintain it’s presence on Google, our basic SEO options are a very good fit for you. Our Basic SEO packages are affordable, making them ideal for smaller businesses who work in very special niches. Our campaign managers will assist you by researching and optimising your website for up to 10-20 keywords based on the monthly package that you choose. All basic SEO packages come with link building services by default, so you can expect to receive high quality links upon starting out with Digital Muscle.

Partnering up with Digital Muscle as Your SEO Provider

Obviously it’s difficult to choose a SEO services package as there are many factors to take into consideration. At Digital Muscle, we’re happy to let you know what exactly you will get for every investment dollar you spend with us. We strive to always remain 100% transparent with our clientele and we’re definitely confident in our ability to deliver monthly.

If you want to know more about our packages and search engine optimisation cost, please feel free to give us a call on 02-8488-0932 for additional information on our SEO services pricing.