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Location-Tailored SEO With Geo Target

Geo-Targeting is used to deliver tailored content to a user based on their location. Giving you a close connection with your audience results in better interaction. We help you to cater customised content to your target audience with Geo-targeting providing them with a personal touch that leads to business and referrals, the key to an improved bottom line.

Steps to Ranking

Our 8-Step Guide For Geo-Targeted SEO
Using A ccTLD
Local Language Content
Google Search Console
Server Location
Attract The Right Link Profile
Local Contact Information
Lang Meta Tag
Google My Business Listing

We work closely with you to understand the business needs of your organisation and know that the importance of personal touch. Our experts will help you get geo-targeting right which will have a significant impact on the international SEO campaign of your organisation.

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Here’s How We Handle Your Geo-Targeted SEO

Geo-Targeted SEO is complex. However, Digital Muscle assumes all the planning and implementing of the project.

We Use Google’s Favourite ccTLD

Google prefers ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) for delivering localised content. Fact is the average users view ccTLD as trustworthy and relevant, resulting in higher rankings and higher CTR (Click-Through Rate).

We Prefer Catering Local Language

We at Digital Muscle recognise the significance of relevant content and communication. We believe that feeding the user with local language increases trust which in return increases interaction.

We Make Use Of Google Search Console

Geographic targets work for subdomains and subdirectories in the Google Search Console. This way without using the ccTLD route we will set geographic location for localised content.

Server Location

A browser's server location helps to pinpoint the location of the user, and this enables you to serve your user the localised content. Accordingly, this will also increase the link value of your website.

We Prefer Including Local Contact Information

We understand the relevance of your contact information for local SEO, and to get listed in various business listings we prefer to use your local contact details.

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