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  • Top 8 Factors to Keep in Mind While Performing A Content Audit

    By Vinay Upadhyay 21 Feb 2018

    The uninterrupted availability of unique, SEO-optimised, and meaningful content is the basis of the web-based business. It allows SEO professionals to perform different digital marketing activities smoothly to boost the ranking of websites on all leading search engines, get in touch with millions of existing/potential customers/clients, and sell out products/services. A website, which is loaded with high-quality and user-centric content can easily make a big jump in the SERP of different search engines and bring more business opportunities to its owners. So, there is a huge demand for high-quality content.…

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  • The Truth About Antivirus Software

    By Christine Gabales 21 Feb 2018

    Antivirus software does not only detect the presence of viruses, but it also quarantines and removes malicious programs, ensuring your computer and the files in it are in tip-top shape. SEO specialists believe that having the right antivirus software protects websites from any kind of threat. However, the growing number of cybercrimes including hacking, phishing, piracy and identity theft has given the impression that antivirus software alone is not enough. Some claims even go so far as to say that antivirus only takes up storage space and is not doing…

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  • Top 5 Effective Tips to Stop Keyword Cannibalization and Boost Your Website Traffic

    By Vinay Upadhyay 20 Feb 2018

    Anyone who owns and operates a web-based business aims to increase the visibility of his/her site on the web, contact a large number of visitors, and generate leads one after another. For this, digital marketing professionals place appropriate keywords in the content they publish on websites. This helps search engines to easily understand the website content and display them in search results upon user's request. There is cut-throat competition in the web-based business. Every website owner wants to see his /her website on the first page of all prominent search…

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  • How to cope with increasing Personal Search In E-commerce and boost Your Sales?

    By Vinay Upadhyay 19 Feb 2018

    A large number of tech-savvy people around the world buy the required products/services online on a daily basis. In general, the transaction made over the online platform is termed as E-commerce. Due to the rapid development of mobile and internet technology, the use of the Internet is increasing every day. The E-commerce business is also booming with each passing year. So, a good number of business firms, companies and entrepreneurs enter into the E-commerce world every year to reach out a large number of online shoppers, sell their products/services, and…

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  • Top 5 Alternative Search Engines & How to Optimise Your Website for Maximum Results

    By Vinay Upadhyay 17 Feb 2018

    It is true that Google enjoys supremacy in the search engine world. It is a global search engine which is used prominently (69.97%) all across the world. So, most website design and development companies create & optimise websites as per Google's guidelines. It helps them to reach out a large number of potential customers through Google search results, sell their products/services, and generate handsome revenues every day. Since 2012, Google has been updating its algorithm regularly to crackdown blackhat SEO practices and allow genuine SEO professionals to compete fairly for…

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