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  • How to Copy A Competitor’s Google AdWords Campaigns

    Business is all about competition and competitors. Same goes with the Google Adwords Campaigns. People often get overwhelmed with Google Adwords Campaigns. Whenever you implement Google’s Adword Campaign, you’ll get ample of traffic. However, when you implement Google Adwords, traffic is not the goal. The SEO Experts understand that the real goal is sales. Driving new revenue is paramount when you start an Adwords campaign. Adword is easy to start and end. It is just like a spigot. On it when you need it, and off when you don’t. As…

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  • 3 Legitimate Ways to Kill Your Competitor’s SEO

      When the group of us first started off doing SEO back in 2011, the strategies and tactics that were employed at the time was a whole lot different than today's methods of doing SEO. Now, things are a lot more strict, guidelines are been published on a weekly basis, there's been a lot more perspectives given and shared by others on social media surrounding as to what is good ethical SEO and what is black hat. And at some point of our SEO career, it was common to practise…

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  • How to Use Schema Markup to Boost your SEO?

    There have been a number of developments that have been introduced in SEO in the recent years. A number of these developments or evolutions have not been utilized as much. Among these one such powerful new form of optimization is the schema markup. Having a command over the method and concept of the schema markup will enable SEO Specialists to escalate their website in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Schema along with the other structured markup formats have been included by only a few websites even though they have…

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  • Will virtual reality kill existing Smartphone apps?

    In this modern day and age, we are constantly faced with new technology which either raises new threats or creates opportunities for businesses., small or large. Especially when it comes to the modern era of smartphones where children from the age of 10 are already on their smartphone screens for up to 12 hours a day (or more). According to this article, virtual reality poses a real threat to today's smartphone apps and either the developer will have to adapt or lose out on the market share of users who…

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  • Google Roll Outs New Interface for Tablets Search Results

    It is known to public that search engine Google continuously seeks ways to upgrade their services. Recently, it had launched a new interface on tablet devices search results. Tablet users said that the big differences between the old layouts from the latest version are noticeable. Not likely the old integration of desktop and mobile scheme, this new view now has its own interface that exhibits card-like results with lots of white space on both left and right side of the search results and features a thinner top bar navigation. The…

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