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  • Cost-Saving Hacks for Startups & SMEs

    By Christine Hazel 20 Sep 2019

    So you just started a business and your biggest challenge to date is to keep operational costs to a minimum while still efficiently running things. The sooner startups manage their costs, the sooner they get to save. Some businesses adopt the "flexible expenses" approach prior to reaching o even during breakeven. Some startup owners make the mistake of cutting their marketing and advertising costs first when this isn't necessary. Every business needs sufficient promotion (online or offline) to earn revenue. Cutting off your marketing efforts may result in profit loss.…

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  • Organic Search Still the Main Driver of Website Traffic

    By Christine Hazel 19 Sep 2019

    Although zero-click results are on the rise, the latest research from BrightEdge asserts that both paid and organic traffic are valuable to websites than other means (i.e. display ads, social media marketing). According to the study, paid and organic search contributes around 68 per cent of quantifiable website traffic.   The Growth of Organic Traffic   In the last 5 years since BrightEdge commenced this study, web traffic generated from organic search has considerably grown. 2014 data shows how organic search contributed 51 per cent to overall web traffic. This…

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  • Lessons from the World’s Richest Man

    By Christine Hazel 16 Sep 2019

    Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man to date, shared a glimpse of his mindset every time he undertook a new project. In the 3rd quarter of 2018, Amazon’s estimated value reached 1 trillion USD. A first for an e-commerce store. The founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, and Washington Post’s current owner has come a long way from where he started. Undeniable, however, is his skill in spotting and cultivating breakthrough ideas and turning them into reality. Coming Up with Ideas n the matter of idea generation, Bezos said: "We…

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  • Ranking Loss During a Core Algorithm Update is Not a Penalty

    By Christine Hazel 06 Sep 2019

    So you heard from the grapevine, and Google later confirmed, that a core algorithm update has recently rolled out. But alas, despite consistent and ethical SEO efforts, your rankings for various keywords dropped. You panic. You think something must have caused ranking losses. John Mueller assures us, however, that it is normal for websites to lose rankings during a core update. Google is not penalising you. It just happens. If this is the case, why do websites lose rankings? Mueller explains that every time there is an algorithm update, Google…

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  • Purposeful Selling: Meeting Customers’ Expectations

    By Christine Hazel 05 Sep 2019

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and programs may have changed the game for the sales industry, but failure rates are still prevalent. Nowadays, customers are not only well-informed and Internet-savvy, they know what kind of product or service they want. This level of exposure raises their expectations, making them more demanding and meticulous. This new breed of customers in the digital era has been a bane for old generation sales teams. Many of them continue to implement outdated sales practices without clear metrics for success, much less understand what customers…

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