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  • Survey Shows that Spending $500/Month and Working with SEO Companies Generate Higher Client Satisfaction Rates

    By Christine Hazel 19 Jul 2019

    To acquire a better understanding of the present SEO industry, Backlinko recently interviewed about 1,200 business owners. The report’s main focus is on people’s SEO expenditure, why they prefer SEO companies over independent agencies or freelancers, and their average spending. What did the finding say? We have provided a summary below. Ideal SEO Spending Threshold - At Least $500/Month Most small businesses do not hesitate to spend $497.16 monthly for quality SEO services. There are, however, cases of large scale SEO spending. According to Backlinko’s survey, 50 per cent of…

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  • Why It’s Important to Work with a Professional Web Design Company

    By Christine Hazel 18 Jul 2019

    Whether you are a start-up business or an established one, it pays to have a solid online presence while working with a professional web design company. The strength of your online presence can contribute to your company’s overall access. And did you know that you leave a mark on the world wide web with every high-quality website you put out? In this rapidly expanding digital landscape, there are so many websites vying for first place positions on various search engine results pages (SERPs). From close to 900 million websites in…

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  • What Kind of Brand Would You Like to Be?

    By Christine Hazel 12 Jul 2019

    Brands usually adopt specific themes that not only give more impact to their story but also strengthens their appeal. In the aspect of promotion, brands take their cue from “archetypes” or images that help create mutually beneficial relationships with existing and potential customers. For start-ups and newbies in a saturated industry, following archetypes can leave a lasting impression than creating something from scratch. What are brand themes or archetypes? Just imagine. Would we have known Spiderman, Captain America or Iron Man so well had it not been for the superhero…

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  • Cheap SEO Solutions = Cheap Results

    By Christine Hazel 05 Jul 2019

    An interesting study by Backlinko shows that companies opting for cheap SEO solutions tend to be dissatisfied with their results and customer service. We can clearly understand where such dissatisfaction comes from. It's 2019 and so many things have changed since SEO first started. Time to step up and leave old mindsets and stagnant traditions to where they belong: the past. Affordable versus Cheap People think that "cheap" and "affordable" are interchangeable terms and one cannot exist without the other. The truth is that affordable SEO does not have the…

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  • Crucial Mistakes You Must Avoid to Grow and Sustain Your E-commerce Business

    By Christine Hazel 28 Jun 2019

    The e-commerce industry has expanded rapidly in the last ten years and it shows no signs of slowing down. In 2020, the international online retail market will reach peak earnings of 4.9 billion USD – an amount that’s more than double of its value three years ago. Why is e-commerce so popular can be attributed to the fact that you do not need much to start an online business. With just a few clicks, you can become an online entrepreneur yourself. But though anyone, regardless of background, can own an…

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