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  • Google Expands Its College Discovery Tool

    By Christine Hazel 16 Aug 2019

    Google will now cover more colleges and universities in their search features. Though the college discovery tool project was first launched in 2018, the search engine giant's recent updates offer a wider variety of schools and programs. In this new update, users will be able to search for two-year colleges and colleges offering certificate and associate programs. This new college discovery engine that Google invented is designed to help students find colleges and programs that match their interests. What you can expect from this upgraded Google feature? Check out the…

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  • Some Cracks in Google’s Link Valuation System

    By Christine Hazel 15 Aug 2019

    Google’s Gary Illyes recently tweeted something that seem to imply paid links originally have value unless Google catches them. Apparently, an anonymous complainant submitted 700 domains that made a business out of paid links. Gary then tweeted that his team “made sure” that the list of paid links becomes “worthless.” The implication of this tweet is that those sites selling paid links used to have value. However, after the Google caught them trying to outwit their algorithms, they were immediately undervalued. This may not be the case. Gary did not…

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  • Google Recently Faced a Temporary Indexing Issue

    By Christine Hazel 09 Aug 2019

    Google is recently experiencing some indexing issues as reported by Search Engie Land. If we see repetitive content on the Internet today or content not appearing search results, then it means Google has yet to address this matter. As evident in Google News’ Top Stories, many of the stories on the feed have not been updated even though more recent news are visible on the feed. When the Indexing Problem Occured On Thursday, at 4:28 AM Eastern Time, Google confirmed that there are indeed indexing issues and they have seen…

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  • Google Unveils a New Image Search Preview Box & Results Page Interface

    By Christine Hazel 08 Aug 2019

    Google has finally unveiled a new interface for its image search results pages after a month or so of testing. The new interface displays images in bigger boxes, with corresponding details and relevant images. The search bar also shows related terms or keywords searched alongside the keyword you used. Users need not scroll through the details to see more images. The new system keeps image previews to the right side and remain there as you scroll. How the new interface appears. As you can see on the featured image above,…

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  • Google to Webmasters: Remove Noindex From Robots.txt Files

    By Christine Hazel 04 Aug 2019

    The search engine giant wants website owners and webmasters clean up all “noindex” commands in your robots.txt file. Everyone handling an SEO campaign must have already heard from Google. Digital marketers, SEO specialists and basically every individual who has access to Google Search Console were notified by Google to start removing noindex directives from robots.txt files. Effective September 1, 2019, all noindex directives must have already been taken out. Google already declared this upcoming change back in July. If you have not heard from them yet, then let this article…

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