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  • How to Make Sure Your Robots.Txt File Isn’t Indexed by Google

    By Christine Hazel 08 Nov 2019

    Months ago, Google announced some new indexing rules for robots.txt and sitemap files. One new rule prevents website owners and webmasters from hiding web pages through the robots.txt file. Every URL placed on said sections of your site can now be read and indexed by Google. If you have not been able to keep up with Google algorithm updates as of late, this new crawl system may overwhelm you. However, Google’s John Mueller recently shared some indexing hacks. He presented methods for blocking robots.txt and sitemap appearing of Google's search…

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  • Signs You’re Not Working with the Right Web Design Company

    By Christine Hazel 07 Nov 2019

    As do-it-yourself design templates and web builders grow in numbers, anyone can design websites these days. However, if you want to build a professional-looking and highly functional website, hiring a reputable web design company is your best recourse. Unfortunately, the Internet is rife with shady individuals and companies claiming to offer quality web design services. Years of experience in the SEO and web design and development industries have taught us to be vigilant. Not all companies and individual service providers claiming to be reputable can deliver what you ask of…

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  • Google Admits Placing Baby Algorithms on Various Topics

    By Christine Hazel 01 Nov 2019

    We live in an era where many things are man-made. If we want to know more about processes, beginnings and results, quick research online immediately brings forth the answers we seek. And so it is with Google algorithm. The Thing About Algorithms Everyone knows what algorithms are, their purpose and why search engines like Google use them. But our knowledge can only go so far. SEO has been in existence for several decades now. Since it became a reality for digital marketers, various theories about how search engine algorithms work…

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  • Newly Updated Google Assistant Becomes More Personalised

    By Christine Hazel 31 Oct 2019

    Much like a throwback of Google Now, Google Assistant’s “Updates” feed visually summarises your day-to-day. Android is currently testing a whole new design that organizes information in chronological order. One user from Latin America accessed Assistant Updates to find a new version or format of the feed. Similar to the present design, there is a customisable greeting on the upper section and a smaller section on the right for your profile avatar. How the Google Assistant Feed Improved  Cards are arranged according to dates - this is what makes the…

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  • 3 Simple but Often Forgotten Ways to Optimise Your Website

    By Christine Hazel 25 Oct 2019

    There is more to building a website than meets the eye. While some businessmen think it’s enough to look visually appealing, Google has its own rules for allocating value to different websites. This means that a nice-looking website may not necessarily rank better than a website Google favours. Algorithm updates are also unpredictable and the search engine giant hardly discloses detailed information about how they allocate rankings. If you are quite concerned with the state of your website, there is no need for you to go down the “complex” route.…

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