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  • How Important is Accessibility in Website Design?

    By Christine Hazel 26 Jun 2018

    The Internet's power is currently at its peak. Like a labyrinth with no end in sight, its breads and depths and heights are almost immeasurable. There is no knowing how far you can access the web. Indeed, having this information superhighway has made a huge difference in our day to day. And this brings us to our main point: the importance of web accessibility. Talking about the Internet is like introducing yourself no holds bar. We can see the benefits of cyberspace and easily accessible information on one hand and…

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  • Does Content Length Matter for SEO?

    By Christine Hazel 16 Jun 2018

    Saying that long-form content and lengthy blog posts are a thing of the past would be too presumptuous. True, attention spans have drastically declined. But does that mean you have to reduce your content length just to resolve attention span issues? Present technological innovations are a reflection of today's "I want it now" generation. Decades ago everyone went out of their way to find information. But the status quo has changed since then. Now the Internet spoon-feeds answers to almost anything. Wait. So no one reads in-depth articles anymore? Could…

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  • How to Optimise for Voice Search: Targeting Local Customers with Direct Queries

    By Christine Hazel 06 Jun 2018

    SEO is evolving for the better. Now that the narrative has shifted from desktop to mobile search results, everyone is looking forward to new innovative ventures. Any guesses where digital innovation is heading to next? Google and Apple already laid out the foundations. Tech gurus say this technology will “shape the future”. That it will change the way you do search engine optimisation and the like. Mobile-first index has paved the way for voice search technology. In fact, voice search accounts for 20 percent of mobile searches as per recent…

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  • Why Google AdWords is a Low ROI Solution

    By Christine Hazel 30 May 2018

    AdWords is a popular online advertising tool that websites use to drastically increase their customer base or web traffic. This service was first developed by Google in 2000, approximately 17 years in the making. Cookies and keywords make up the bulk of the AdWords system. Advertisers can choose keywords related to their business niche or industry, while Google matches such data with users' search behaviour. Advertising copies will then appear on relevant pages and websites where your ad appeared receive a portion of the revenue. Be forewarned: just because AdWords…

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  • Stick to Your Shores: Why You Should Not Outsource Web Design or SEO Work Elsewhere

    By Christine Hazel 23 May 2018

    Outsourcing pertains to the allocation of jobs or business processes, mostly back office work, to third party specialists. Either a service provider or a skilled freelancer performs work your company cannot or would not deal with on your behalf. Service providers carry out specific tasks requested by your company within a given time frame. Some outsourcing partnerships can extend indefinitely for as long both parties are in agreement. Your chosen provider may ask you to pay a setup fee. In most cases, you will only pay for services rendered. Everything…

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