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Get more business leads with social media marketing

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Not popular on social media? Don't worry, some of our staff aren't either, but don't tell them we said that! - The great news is we are talking about business!

Get more business leads with social media marketing!

Through well-researched social media marketing we create online business pages and social media profiles for your company to attract new customers. We share quality curated content on various social platforms to generate leads and enquiries.

Stay on top of your competition by starting an SMM campaign, and we'll give you a 5-star makeover to start strutting your stuff on the social media catwalk!

Setting up Social Media Profiles

Let's talk. Let us find out how you want to brand yourself on social media to attract your target audience, and we will devise a plan.
Once we agree, we set up different social media profiles and get you trending ASAP!

Creating Graphics

We have in-house graphic designers who are wizards! We get them to work on creating visual magic with high-quality images and graphics to put a spell on your target audience. If you already have imagery, GREAT send it to us, and we'll put it to use.

Scheduling Posts

One of the tricks of the trade is knowing WHEN to post content for a successful social media marketing push. We will let you in on the secret! We analyse the best time window(s) to publish posts for higher social engagement.

Social Media Marketing Plans

30 iG posts per month
Optimised posting times
SEO coordination
Integrated hashtag strategies
Daily engagement to grow followers
30 animated iG posts per month
30 FB posts per month
Optimised posting times
SEO coordination
Integrated hashtag strategies
Daily engagement to grow followers
30 animated iG posts per month
30 FB posts per month
30 linkedin posts per month
Optimised posting times
Full research into your competitors
SEO coordination
Integrated hashtag strategies
Daily engagement to grow followers

Why social media marketing for my business?

The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

We all know there are right and wrong ways to conduct social media, but it doesn't matter if no-one is looking anyway!
Social media marketing is now more useful than ever. People are spending more and more time online every year. Through engaging, compelling posts, we can get you the attention you are looking for and the reason they should be doing business with you!

Discuss Your Project

What We Deliver With Our Social Media Marketing Services

Research is the key to success. We work as a team with you to understand your business, your goals and therefore understand your target audience. We then implement our social media optimisation to grab people's attention and convert them. We can often customise posts, hashtags and images to produce the best outcomes.

Your Social Media Competitiveness

Why not look at what the competition is doing first? You don't always have to be an entrepreneur. We look at successful strategies as a benchmark. Then we use social media optimisation and customisation to help you supersede the competition and build the brand.

Social Media Brand Reputation Analysis

If you have previously been running social media marketing activities, we will analyse why they are not gaining a bigger audience. Once the analysis is complete, we start writing and scheduling posts.
Every online review is analysed, so you can be sure we have your back and will constantly adjust accordingly.

Dedicated Social Media Marketing Specialist

Don't get passed from pillar to post, getting no answers! At Digital Muscle, you get allocated an experienced social media manager to supervise your campaign. Instructions and questions go through this individual. At the same time, your Social Media Marketing specialist will take charge of formulating strategies and monitoring your results.

Daily Monitoring of Your Social Media Platforms

We keep on top of your campaign at ALL times! Regular monitoring serves of your Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, and other platforms are constant at Digital Muscle. We ensure posts appear as scheduled and comply with the rules. Your Social Media Marketing Manager will keep track of all your social media activities and corresponding statistics. And if you need anything else, just ASK!

Let Us Structure And Manage Your Social Media Campaigns

Launching and conducting a successful online social media campaign is not easy. There are several steps and processes involved, and handling it yourself can be overwhelming, resulting in your social media results being underwhelming! Why not let Digital Muscle handle your social media from today onwards. Our experienced team knows what's trending and what's not. So send us a message through the contact form below or call +61 2 8003 5090! to get your social media marketing VISIBLE AND SUCCESSFUL!

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