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Without any social media presence online, your website is a lost cause. You can quickly amplify on your brand and products online by allowing your customers to share the word through their own social media profiles. Digital Muscle puts you in a position to allow viral content to be generated and shared so you also pick up enquiries through social media. Stay relevant or be lost amongst your competitors utilising social media marketing services..

Setup Of Social Media Profiles

Consult with our team and run through with us on your business goals. We’ll then help you by setting up the relevant social media profiles to create some online activity.

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Creation of banners and graphics

Our in-house graphic designers will work with you in creating the right graphics to use for your social media campaign. Or if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear it also!

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Setting the right times to post

Knowing the right times to post relevant content is important. We will discuss with you in detail when would be the most desired time to post on a particular topic in order to get the maximum number of engagement.

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Steps to Social media marketing

Why we should factor social media as part of our marketing program?

The simplest answer is absolutely, you must factor in social media as part of any online marketing program. Research shows that the average user spend at least 4-5 hours daily on social media with the figure increasing year upon year. Take advantage of our social media remarketing program to re-engage with your customers who once expressed interest in your services or product..

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Social media marketing strategy

Before everything comes to fruition, a well thought out strategy must be planned and executed at a high level before it becomes a success. Our qualified team members will liaise with you in determining your best selling points and the message to portray to your customers..

Social media competitive analysis

Our qualified marketing team will analyse your online competitors and determine what steps they are taking to increase brand awareness. We’ll then custom fine tune it so that we can do the same thing for your social marketing campaign.

Social Media brand reputation analysis

Reputation analysis must be conducted prior to posting live content. We’ll work out your
existing or past social media reputation, be it positive or negative reviews and work diligently to address past issues. Positive acknowledgement to a bad review is key as it shows that your company is genuine in addressing issues.

Dedicated Account representative

Digital Muscle will allocate you with an account manager who will only take care of your social media marketing campaign(s). Instead of trying to talk to all of us, you would only instead talk with one person. This makes communication a lot more effective and getting work done should be simple.

Daily monitoring of included social assets

Regular monitoring is key in determine peaks and lows when it comes to social media posts. There, we can adjust accordingly to make sure that your post is hitting the right audience at the right

Let us manage your social media campaigns

Launching a successful online social media campaign is not easy. There are a lot of steps and process involved, and a lot of it is trial and error. A&B testing must be conducted in order to know which and which is successful. As there are so many elements to a successful and viral social media campaign, rather than handling it yourself, why not let Digital Muscle do all the hard work? Our friendly team has many years of experience.. We know what works and what doesn’t? Call 1300 720 085 and ask straight away…

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