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Ecommerce SEO is the powerhouse of business in Sydney; let us show you how.

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Local SEO

Never has localised business been so strong find out how we do it.

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Lead Generation SEO

Convert, Convert, Convert. Leads are essential but converting them is what counts, we will show you how.

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Enterprise SEO

Let Digital Muscle provide a strategic approach to search engine optimisation. We will evaluate your current capabilities and evolutionary trajectory.


10 Ways to take off with the best SEO agency in Sydney

  • Be consistent with your branding
  • Let us optimise your website
  • Quality content is where it’s at – Leave it to us
  • KYC – Know your client – Engage your potential customers BLOG BLOGBLOG – Keep yourself current and relevant – Engage your website visitors
  • After Blogging, you have a following – KEEP THEM – INFORM THEM
  • Brand recognition – Once you have your following push your brand – ENGAGE.
  • Social media – Sounds Easy – It isn’t – We will show you how to get followers and spread the news
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – Leave it to us, you carry on doing what you do best
  • Partnership – We are your partner – Let’s work together to get you the results you desire

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is rapidly changing. You need to be continually updating to engage and get the results you desire; clean content delivery is the key to success.

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Keyword Research

Engagement is not only about your potential customers, but us too. Keywords are the gateway to getting traffic and attention, but we need each other’s attention to enable planning that takes you to the next level.

Technical Optimisation

Technical optimisation involves strategies whereby re-designing your website to align with best practises the latest trends that the search engines like and subsequently rank higher. So a combination of web design, keywords, and working on backlinks help to increase your authority and relevancy, and we help you get results.

Off-site Optimisation

Off-site optimisation is the process of promoting your website across the web. The purpose is to build brand awareness, improve rankings in search engines and attract visitors from 3rd party websites.

Contact companies and bloggers with relevant (but non-competing) websites. We help you to promote your website across the internet. Building brand awareness is everything. It creates ranking improvements and attracts 3rd party visitors and assists in the process of promoting your website across the web.

The purpose is to build brand awareness, improve rankings in search engines and attract visitors from 3rd party websites.

Tracking and Evolving

Using known Google standards will keep you relevant. Being a reliable and factual resource will stand you in good stead moving forward. We know what to say and what to print. People are looking for reliable resources in this current climate, and we will advise you how to be that trustworthy source.

Think Bigger. Perform Better

SEO is our strength We focus on your brand and make your message clear to potential clients. We focus on building content, credibility and awareness by working behind the scenes on backlinks to accompany your hard work on the front line.


We say to everyone if you type Digital Muscle Australia into Google, and we are not on the 1st page of Google – Why would you engage with us?


Our holistic approach equates to results. Our customers become customers for life. Organic SEO takes time, but if you want to cement your place at the top of the rankings, work with us, engage with us, be honest with us and we will get the job done. When it comes to SEO companies in Sydney, you won’t find better.


Transparency is everything. We are SEO professionals. We work together and collaborate with you every step of the way.

We give you advice, but we consider your opinions too, this is what a successful business relationship is built upon. SEO companies in Sydney need to communicate with their customers on a day-to-day basis. This is how we win.


ROI – ROI - ROI – Return on Investment – It’s easy to say but difficult to deliver. Not for Digital Muscle.

We are tried and tested and deliver for our customers, look us up. Transparency, communication and results are what make us the best SEO agency in Sydney.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a reliable SEO company?

Organic SEO is an ever-changing landscape. To become an expert at SEO takes time. Execution is everything in today’s marketplace. As a rule of thumb, when hiring an SEO company, do the research yourself by typing in simple search terms in the search engines. Why listen to search engine optimisation experts who say they can get you to the top of Google if they are not there themselves.

Look for case studies and ensure they are not from two or three years ago, ideally look to find how the company benefitted from the service. Client confidentiality may come into play, but the best SEO service experts should have plenty of case studies in and around your business.

How to hire an SEO agency?

Contact us today. We, unlike other agencies, designate an SEO specialist to analyse your industry and draw up a plan that we can execute effectively. We engage directly with you; that’s why we are the best SEO company in Sydney.

Is your SEO work report transparent?

We provide weekly and monthly work reports showing every single piece of work we are doing to build your online presence. We leave no stone unturned in a multitude of areas that help to promote your business. Our team have a wide range of ideas that many other SEO companies ignore to help support the main link building. Off-page SEO is vital for external ranking factors that enhance your ranking on Google. So pin-point off-page SEO is just as important as guest posting and on-page SEO.

Does the Agency talk about UX/UI in their SEO Process?

Never have search engines concentrated on UX and UI so intensely for ranking purposes as they are currently. 30% of the success of SEO campaigns are presently determined by user experience and user interface. The architecture of your site is critical to your rankings. Part of Digital Muscle’s service is taking a holistic look at your website. We check everything and ensure any non-compliant Google issues are cleaned up to enhance your rankings and implement schema onto your website.

What link building practises does your SEO agency use?

Digital Muscle only uses ethical SEO techniques. After performing technical analysis, we optimise your content for CTR. We then work on internal link optimisation while completing link audits and analysis.

Our philosophy is creating an effective strategy will be the starting block to bigger and better things for your business and help to improve your online presence. Once we implement, we continually assess the strategy to ensure we are ahead of the curve, to grow your business organically.

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