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You Want The Best SEO?

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We are renowned for executing valid working strategies focused on results and enquiries.

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Our greatest pride is our satisfied customers and our incredible portfolio. If you take a look at what we have achieved for other companies, we assure you that you will not want to work with any other agency. Although we warn you, we do not intend to obtain the same results with you ... we want to overcome them!

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Why Should You Work With Digital Muscle square logo Digital Muscle?

There are three reasons why we proudly differentiate ourselves from the rest of the marketing agencies.

First, we consider you a partner, not a client. We believe that the success of a marketing agency lies more in client retention than in acquiring new ones, and that if your business is doing well, so are we. This philosophy is what allows us to establish lasting relationships, and that companies feel happy to recommend us.

Because we are interested in results, we will not burden you with "vanity metrics" that do not contribute to the real growth of your business, nor will we try to confuse you with hundreds of irrelevant data as so many other agencies do. We simply want what you invest in Marketing to come back multiplied in sales. In other words, we believe that Marketing is simply about making money, and we want to help you do that.

Secondly, we are backed by our extensive experience. Our years of building relationships and hiring the best professionals make us stand out in the efficiency of our results. If you want maximum return on investment, we are your agency.

Third, we guarantee results. When it comes to marketing, it's hard to make promises. But that doesn't stop us from making a commitment to you and telling you what we think we can get for your website. You don't have to risk an agency that doesn't want to commit to any kind of results. When you know what you are doing, you don't have to fear targets. If you want to know ambitious but realistic objectives for your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

How BossAttachments Generated over 200% More unique visitors Over 12 Months

Our client specialises in excavator buckets, machinery and attachments for every application right across New South Wales and also interstate around Australia. BossAttachments has been in business for over 50 years, solid. When it comes to reputation, they are in good standing amongst their clients and also with partners based in Canada. Their only concern was trying to find light, given the ever-growing presence of their competitors, competing for the same space.

Read more about BossAttachments case

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What is
and why is it important?

SEO is the process of making your website attract more users through increased visibility in search engines. It is essential because if you are not in the top searches, your business does not exist. Therefore, the right SEO strategy will increase traffic to your site, allowing you to reach more customers and, therefore, more sales.

What is our SEO process?

Our SEO strategy consists of different stages. The first is research. We must know how your brand is positioned in search engines, your main competitors, and your potential customers. Our SEO specialists have professional tools to detect keyword opportunities, that is, what users look for when they search for a service like yours.

Once these results are obtained, we proceed to build a strategy according to your needs. Within the SEO services we include, we focus on generating quality content for your brand. This will allow more users to access your page and search engines to position it better and better. We also focus on attracting inbound links to the website and generating a more significant presence on social networks.

After these two main steps, it's time for execution. We rely on the most reliant SEO tools from recommended industry professionals coupled together with our own past experience to execute. We use safe industry techniques (known as white hat techniques) and deliver an excellent quality product.

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Are all strategies the same?

At Digital Muscle, we carry out personalised work focused on the needs of each client. Our SEO company is constantly improving in such a competitive market to provide work in line with current trends.

Depending on the needs of each client, we focus on different areas. Some of them are content analysis, web design, image SEO, voice SEO, youtube SEO, infographics submission, CSS submission, podcasts submission and mobile speed optimisation. We cover all the key aspects that will make your SEO campaign a success.

Can SEO increase revenue in addition to rankings?

Of course! Think of it this way: if you double your traffic while maintaining your conversion rate, then you will double your sales as well.

Notice that we have said, "while maintaining your conversion rate". At Digital Muscle we emphasize an aspect that many seem to ignore. The keywords in which you want to position must generate conversions! It is useless to appear first in queries that will not generate sales.

So, we will not only try to increase your traffic but also your conversion rate and therefore your sales.

Not only do we believe that SEO can make a profit, we believe it is the best way to achieve it.

Organic traffic is by far the largest source of traffic for almost all businesses even though (a) More than 90% of websites almost do not appear on the first page of search results, and (b), it leads longer than other marketing channels. If like us, you believe in the efficiency of the market, you know that this can only happen if it is a marketing channel with a return on investment superior to the others.

If you still have doubts about the importance of SEO, just research the traffic sources of your main competitors, and you will be surprised. If you want to overcome them, it is not about investing more money than they do in SEO, it is about investing it better. And for that, you have us!

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A strategy that lasts over time

Many agencies use strategies that only deliver results in the short term, and once they get paid, they disappear.

At Digital Muscle we are constantly updated on trends, tools and changes in search engine algorithms. But above all, our results are long-lasting. You can sleep easy, because we won't do anything dodgy that will get your website penalised as soon as the search engines discover it.

Be wary of anyone who promises great results in a very short time. We will tell you that SEO results take time, however, the good part is that it is a cumulative investment. Once your website reaches the top positions, you will earn a largely passive income.

That's why it's crucial that your business invests a fixed and permanent budget in quality SEO. Don't leave it for later stages of your business, because the earlier you rank for certain keywords, the harder it will be for your competitors to knock you off the top spot.

Reach Customers

Reach your customers wherever they are. Use:

When looking for SEO companies in Australia, there are several things to consider. There are many offers out there but few have the experience and expertise to do the marketing.

One of the most effective ways to find out if an agency offers reliable SEO services is to look at examples of previous work. Case studies will allow you to see what work was done and what was achieved.

It is expected that you do not understand the importance or significance of some processes within an SEO campaign, so we provide you with answers to those questions:


What is link building? Is it essential for my business?

Link building is the process of getting relevant sites to link to yours. It allows you to reach a much wider audience and improves your page's performance in search results. In addition, having important sites link to your content is a sign of trust and authority.

.Another reason why link building is a great online marketing tool is because of your brand's exposure. When this is achieved through trustworthy and natural techniques, search engine algorithms will detect the authority of your page and give you more visibility.

How do you get pages related to my industry to link to my content?
One of the strategies we use as an agency is the generation of attractive content. When you offer something of quality to users, it is almost inevitable that they will want to share it on their platforms.
Are the pages you are trying to outreach trustworthy?
Yes, we use industry-proven techniques to choose trustworthy pages and techniques that will not be penalised by search engines.

Is in-house SEO or outsourcing right for my business?

By hiring an outsourcing service, you guarantee to have the best professionals in different areas do a specific job at a specific time. It will be like having everything in one: copywriters, publicists, web developers, etc. In addition, this will allow you to save a lot of money to invest in other areas of your company.

One of the main fears is the disconnection from the work team. They are not physically present in your company, and you cannot know how they are working. This will depend purely and exclusively on the type of company you choose. At Digital Muscle, we focus on generating a communicative bond with our clients to achieve the best goals together.

Another benefit of outsourcing to an SEO agency is that you will benefit from the previous work. They will be an experienced team who will face the challenges that arise, taking into account the results obtained with other companies.

Also, you are assured of knowing what you will be able to achieve with the money invested. Serious companies will provide you with examples or case studies so that you can see the results obtained, as well as a strategy with clear objectives.

How long does SEO take?

There is no set time. It all depends on the results obtained in the first stage: research. Stay away from those who offer you quick results without having done thorough research about your business.

It all depends on the type of business you have. For example, a website with many links can achieve quicker results than a smaller one just starting.

The number of your competitors will also be a factor. It is not the same to achieve a relevant ranking in an industry with few options to do so in the midst of large sites.

In addition to the work done by specialists, some times depend solely on search engines. Many of them take weeks or months to recognise the changes made and trust your site to give you a better position.

We can guarantee that even if it takes time, SEO is the best strategy to achieve visibility and traffic to your site.

Are you the cheapest SEO agency?

No, we are not. The SEO industry takes time and money. It is an investment that may be costly for many, but it guarantees a long term return on investment.

Many companies offer services at lower costs but cannot guarantee quality work. Today many options promise great results in a short time but use dubious techniques. As soon as the search engine algorithms detect this, they penalise your website. This involves a considerable amount of money; as often, these are pages that will never achieve a good ranking again.

At Digital Muscle, we can guarantee a customised quote depending on the scope required and the results you want to achieve. Our transparency and efficiency have made us the best SEO company in Australia.

What to ask an SEO agency?

When choosing the company that will carry out your SEO campaign, you can ask them for this information:

How can you improve your ranking?
There are no magic recipes that work for all companies at all times. So make sure they have researched your company and come up with a customised strategy that meets your needs.
Are there case studies you can share?
There is no better advertisement than the customers themselves. So always ask them to show you examples of previous work. This will give you a good indication of whether they can deliver.
Are you familiar with similar projects?
An agency with prior experience in your industry is crucial in executing the right strategy for your business. Don't believe anyone who claims that SEO works the same in every niche and always ask if they have done SEO for someone in your industry and what kind of results they got.
How did they overcome the biggest challenges in these projects?
Ask them how they overcame any obstacles that may have arisen. How they react to eventual setbacks, what to do if a strategy doesn't work, etc. This will help you avoid misunderstandings.
What are the key metrics you consider when it comes to SEO?
When hiring an SEO company, it is always good to leave guidelines in place. For example, ask them what metrics they use to evaluate the extent of the results and how you as a client will know that their work is on track.
When is the best time to start seeing results?
In SEO, it is practically impossible to establish exact times because there are external factors to the company, such as search engine timing. What can be defined are milestones where the agency shows you the work done so far.
Can you guarantee that I will rank on the first page of Google?
No. No one can provide this assurance. Google not only has hundreds of algorithms to define the order within their search engines, but they are constantly updating them. We can assure you that we will do everything in our power to get your business to the highest possible position.
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