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From startup to bluechip companies, we brainstorm as a collaborative group to bring forth new ideas and concepts to further enhance your website's presence on Google. We are a tested and trialed website design and digital marketing agency in Australia with over a decade's worth of experience in many sectors. Our harmonious and helpful team will happily assist you along the journey to ensure that your business captivates your online audience in as little as a second.

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How Willship International Generated 101.95% More Unique Visitors Over 6 Months

The Challenge

Willship International is an Australian and New Zealand based automotive and freight business that has been in operation for a successful 40 years. Their ability to offer a supreme service to all their customers speaks volumes as they boast about having the ability to track at all given times…

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Cutting-Edge Web Design and Digital Media Services

A well-founded reputation for developing accurate and innovative online marketing solutions to start your search engines and drive your business forward at top speed

Why Hire An SEO Company Australia?

There are many reasons why businesses hire SEO specialists. Hiring a Search Engine optimisation company with experienced SEO experts is the first step towards your online success. The top spots on Google are covered by many businesses so working closely together we help you to hit the fast lane and wave your competition goodbye

  • You need leads that can bring in more sales
  • Your website is outdated and requires an upgrade
  • Your sales are not enough to keep your company afloat
  • Your website is sitting idle and hardly has any organic traffic

Australia’s Premier SEO Company

Specialists In Growing Your Business

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the organic search visibility of a website and optimise web page to users of a web search engines. Our SEO services start with understanding your business goals. What are you looking to achieve? What short-term results and long-term goals are you looking for?

In this highly competitive marketplace - Our SEO Experts focus on keyword research, Quality content, website optimisation, social media marketing, link building and online advertising combined are the key to revving your search engines results.Once we have an understanding of these, we go to work to provide you with clear SEO strategies and bring your Sales, traffic and keep your business will grow.Our SEO expert follow white hat eathical SEO strategies.

When choosing an SEO company to work with, they have to understand your goals.In Australia, many SEO companies make bold predictions and promises of substantial short-term search engine results. This is the sign of a bad mechanic. Who knows what your engine will look like when they have finished with it!At Digital Muscle we work to build overall brand awareness and online reputation in addition to organic search engine results.We implement ethical search engine optimisation on every client SEO campaign, ensuring continual premium SEO results on first page of google with the focus on converting visitors into paying customers.

Result Driven SEO Services Sydney

Finding top-quality digital marketing and SEO services in Sydney at affordable prices is no easy task. It's the equivalent of buying an expensive car and then realising how much it's going to cost to run every month!Sydney has become one of the most expensive cities in Australia and Search engine optimisation services reflect this, with prices in the city up to double the price of other digital marketing services around the country.

SEO campaign prices are related to the size of your website and what services you offer in what niche or industry you are in.To be competitive your online presence needs to be in good shape - Digital Muscle is your equivalent of a personal trainer, together we work to strengthen your online presence anet get the first page result in search engine.

Look at our SEO packages for proof that a top quality digital marketing and search engine optimisation service with affordable prices does still exist! Our comprehensive Digital marketing solutions need not pressurise your budget.Working with us will change the way your business operates and get the value for money you deserve to grow.

Firstly, we walk together then walk together and then your business motors ahead and you will get rank on first page.

Solutions-Based SEO Service

There is always room for improvement with digital marketing services.

There’s an old saying – ‘If you look then you will find!’

Analysis and evaluation are our primary focus, on closer inspection, we usually find problems such as – insufficient web traffic, website updates are a necessity, strong competition for keywords and a lack of social media visibility are commonplace, however at Digital Muscle we understand different business models require different solutions to similar problems.

‘One size fits all’ Is not in our vocabulary.

This is where our service differs from standard SEO service. Some websites need a complete overhaul with a new concept or repackaged branding while others simply need to work on their existing brand, grow their online presence and get the first page of google ranking.

Years of experience as an SEO agency tells us there is no one-size-fits-all solution to successful SEO. Taking the time initially to fully understand the need for your products and services enables us to build and expand your brand identity and create a competitive edge.

Our process as a team is to gather data and assess what issues are holding you back. We then formulate bespoke solutions to directly address your business needs. Our team thrives in a collaborative setting, forming a close working relationship with our clients has always led to clear strategies and fast implementation.

How many times have you heard ‘It’s all about teamwork?’ Well, guess what – IT IS!

Close collaboration brings a deeper understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses are and helps us to work toward generating better leads and more impactful conversion rates.

Our philosophy and proven to help our client’s businesses get some DIGITAL MUSCLE!


To arrive at pragmatic and realistic solutions, our team carefully assesses the problems compounding your company. We then formulate customised solutions that directly address the needs of your business. Since the team thrives well in a collaborative setting, we always work closely with our clients. This gives us a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and possible opportunities and threats.

We have also discovered that meeting our clients half-way and focusing on solutions that work generate better leads and long-term results. Over the years, we have stuck to this philosophy and have seen our clients grow from strength to strength and increse organic search first page of google ranking.

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Time-Tested Strategies- Real Outcomes

ROI – SEO companies like to talk about it a lot, but talk is cheap!

‘The mailman always delivers’ – Not necessarily with SEO companies, it can be the opposite!

More than being just an SEO company in Australia, Digital Muscle takes pride in our constant ability to generate leads, with the right collaboration between us and our clients at the beginning of our business relationship, we improve conversion rates and subsequently - ROI.

Our strategies across many industries stand the test of time as we conduct a thorough analysis of every campaign and base our strategy on real, verifiable statistics.

Using authentic web tools supported by Google and other major search engines, we gather accurate and relevant SEO (Search engine optimistion) data to benefit your business. We are committed to providing ethical and holistic SEO for all clients.

Rather than adopting a complicated formula or by-passing algorithm updates, we simply choose the most efficient and productive strategies for our clients.

We update our systems frequently and are constantly evolving and embracing new digital marketing trends.

Over the years we have taken on many clients who have come of the back of an SEO Agencies that offered SEO service loaded with false promises such as, number 1 ranking for your main keywords, instant leads and a guaranteed immediate surge in traffic to your website with substantial backlinks in a short space of time.

This is the epitome of ‘Too good to be true’ – If you think it is ‘Too good to be true’ Let’s talk.

Google’s algorithm is extremely complex and intelligent, these techniques are called ‘black hat SEO’ Google will inevitably pinpoint these techniques and penalise your website.

SEO requires hard work and dedication and we know the hard work pays off. As a leading digital marketing agency and SEO company in Australia our full-service internet marketing strategies will enhance your online presence and increase lead acquisition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions To Ask Yourself

In the competitive world of digital marketing services finding the right SEO company to work with can be time-consuming when time is not on your side. There are many aspects when conducting due diligence that will assist you in finding an SEO company who has your best interest at heart.

Start with looking at case studies, these can be relevant to you in your decision-making process to find the right digital marketing agency and SEO company for you.

A professional digital marketing Agency offering SEO should spend time asking thorough and engaging questions about every aspect of your business and your goals to define a pinpoint SEO strategy to push you forward.

Did my SEO company ask me multiple questions?

When an SEO company proclaims they will get you to page 1 of Google in a short time, lace up your running shoes and run away, it’s better to get a sweat on doing that now than a serious sweat on when results are not happening.

Google’s algorithm has regular updates, no-one can predict when this will occur and how it will affect rankings. When a company talks like this take a step back and continue searching.

Has the agency taken time with you to understand your industry and what part you play in it?

Have they conducted full analysis on your website?

Have they talked to you about website metrics which involve analysing your bounce and click-through rates?

‘Interrogation and investigation’ are words that clarify what we feel is needed to be implemented to achieve tangible, long-lasting SEO campaign results.

Is my SEO work report transparent?

How can you work the front-of-house in a restaurant with a menu in your hand, not even knowing if the chef is working with the right ingredients and even more importantly can cook them?

Are you receiving timely and informative work reports?

A work report should detail all the work the SEO company is doing behind the scenes. A ranking report and information simply detailing Google Analytics is insufficient feedback to know where your budget is being spent.

That is taking food away from your table!

The groundwork to a well-planned SEO strategy begins with many hours working to establish connections with webmasters and industry experts in your field. Every interaction with different websites should be documented, if your SEO company is not providing you with in-depth reports, it’s time to look for professional SEO services.

It’s time to employ a new Head Chef! - Digital Muscle

An in-depth work report should be almost too much to read in one sitting and is something that gives you lots of information on completed work and work-in-progress to look at over the course of a week, so bear that in mind if you are only getting a few pages on a report, it is not a good sign, the behind-the-scenes work must be transparent.

We will provide you starters, entrée’s and the result will be a much sweeter dessert without a huge bill and then expect a tip at the end! – Just putting us in contact with someone you know in business that needs help is a good enough of a tip for us!

Has the agency talked about my UX/UI in their strategy?

Most of us like to dress up and hit the town looking good but guess what?

You also need to look good when you wake up in the morning, every morning consistently! SEO is not about just looking good for a weekend; this is about long-term consistency.

When SEO companies who made promises of quick leads and high conversion rates fall short of expectations this is usually a result of neglecting to fix underlying UX and UI issues which may be the reason previous campaigns also didn’t live up to your expectations.

Over recent years Google has made UX and UI paramount to ranking results. Now to be able to reach the top 3 on Google for any of your search terms, your website may well require tweaks and updates to accommodate an influx of organic traffic to your website and search results.

Your site needs to look FANTASTIC to visitors, it needs to be the business equivalent of a PARIS CATWALK – Eye-catching and engaging!

Many of the clients that have come across to us due to little or no progress being made with another SEO company often say to us that UX and UI were not talked about in the consultation or the SEO company’s strategy to enhance their rankings and improve your search results.

That’s the same as asking your mum to dress you as an adult for a night out! Unless she’s involved in the fashion industry - Trust us WE HAVE BETTER IDEAS!

Rest assured, if your UX and UI is not in-line with what Google favours, then even doubling the link building effort behind the scenes is highly unlikely to lead to you being on Page 1 of Google search results for your keywords, let alone P1, 2 or 3 of Page 1!

And you’ll be the one left slouched over the bar at closing time only to find everyone else has moved on.

What link building practises is my SEO agency using?

Link building is like scaffolding if you hire inexperience – You and your workers will fall, and that’s just the beginning of your problems!

Building a link for the sake of building a link is commonplace and easy, truly understanding the intrinsic value of that link is completely different.

Digital Muscle uses metric softwares that determines if the domain in question is worth placing a link for your company on.

Is it natural?
Will the link placement attract other users to click and share on other platforms?

The difference between Digital Muscle and other companies is we work towards true ethical link building SEO campaigns that entice webmasters in engaging ways. In the case of a directory submission we look to build a link if, and only if it offers value to the consumer if so, that is a valid link.

If you are using a company that concentrates only on link volume rather than the value of engagement and sharing, then you won’t progress quickly.

Look at it as a building job done by professionals as opposed to cowboys who end up costing you more time and money.

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