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Starting Your Digital Strategy

Think about that satisfying grin on your face when you overtake your competition, that’s what we help you to do.

Our team works closely with you to define your goals and objectives to build an effective strategy to put you on the road to success.

There’s no reverse gear with Digital Muscle, once we’ve identified your strengths and current weaknesses, we start the SEO engine and go through the gears with your foot firmly on the peddle and no-looking back.

Our professional team focuses on your core objectives while you continue to drive your business and we’ll be in your engine room with our toolkit building your brand.

When you hire Digital Muscle we enter into a constructive collaboration we become a motorbike and sidecar as we work together. We immerse ourselves in your industry and work with you to understand both your short and long-term goals and drive them forward.

Our collaborative working relationship starts with openly share ideas. Organic Digital Marketing is a long road, with the key to our successful relationship being evaluation to establish what keywords will compete and overtake your competition, keeping you in the fast lane and looking at them in your rear view mirror.

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The 4 Step Guide to Leaving Others Behind

Getting in the Fast Lane to Success

Our primary goal is identifying the perfect strategy to kick-start your campaign engine


We put our overalls on and get our hands dirty looking at the mechanics of what can be given a boost to create a plan based upon your goals and ideas then sync it with our white hat, ethical SEO practices


Given the recent global economic downturn this IS NOW A RACE! - Timeframes are everything for our clients so accurate assessment is the next step to implementation. We look at your content and website design to assess its SEO readiness, find the problems, consult with you, fix them and start your engine


Once we are happy the strategy will work to your timeframe and budget then buckle up as we go LIVE!


Using our advanced analytical tools, after only a week we will deliver accurate and informative updates on what is your engine, your website's and its performance

Our digital marketing experts can identify the right online marketing strategies for your business. First, we review your goals and ideas to create a plan. Next, we define a timeline for the project. Once we agree on the plan and the timeline, we will launch and execute the campaign.

Digital Muscle adheres to ethical and white hat SEO practices. All campaigns start with a thorough and transparent SEO audit. Using advanced tools, we analyse your website from the design to the content and assess its SEO readiness. We will commence the optimisation process after we secure the necessary web analytics. A week after a campaign kicks off, you will regularly receive updates on your website’s


Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Our digital marketing strategies are tried and tested. We offer custom options so that our clients can meet their short-term and long-term objectives.

Defining And Driving Your Goals

As a team, the first thing we look at is your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This is what creates a clear mission to get you back on the road. A thorough website audit is the key; we will present you with areas to improve to ensure the search engines become our friends from the start of this new race.

Past Campaigns Can Be OUR Indicators

Our SEO service looks into your previous SEO campaigns (if any), to quickly identify areas that could have made the difference between success or ending up at the back of the field. We discuss and ensure we don’t go down that same road. As local and global search trends quickly change we always openly discuss targeting new keywords to enhance link-building resources, this enables us to update and refresh issues to speed up a process that previously was the same as driving with a flat tyre.

Understanding An Ever-Changing Target Audience

Digital marketing strategies can leave you playing catch-up due to some of the basics being overlooked from the start leading to targeting the wrong audience. Our SEO service starts with us getting under the **hood/bonnet of the industry you operate in to understand clearly who is likely to benefit from your products and services. This may sound obvious but is vital to starting a campaign on the front foot, and if you are a start-up it is the foundation to get you geared up for success from day one.

Delivering Value For Money

When you choose Digital Muscle you are choosing an SEO agency who understands it is essential to work together on what budget can be allocated to achieve results to enhance your business and equally justify our SEO services. We will sharpen your competitive edge to overtake your rivals and keep the chasing pack………………. Well Chasing!


Why is Digital Muscle at the top of so many searches in Australia?

As the saying goes ‘You can’t beat experience’.

The internet isn't old enough for a walking stick yet, but we’ve assembled a team that in digital marketing terms, are as old as most grandparents! However, we have a vibrant mix of youth, experience and ‘Yes’ a few that for this industry are considered veterans.

We have a team that understands delegation is the key to ensure we allocate the right areas of your requirements to the right people.

Google algorithms are ever-changing and you need to be on-point to keep everything moving forward.

We have a question for you:

Why would you hire an SEO company that is not at least on the 1st page of Google, if not, in position 1, 2 or 3 for their keywords?


As you will see on our site, we have case studies and reviews that epitomise our attention to detail and results, we use innovative approaches and your goals are always kept at the forefront of our work.

When companies make you big promises coupled with short timeframes for the highest search engine rankings, think twice, we know this takes time.

You need evaluation first then strategy and implementation, rest assured this is not an overnight fix! We know if you come to us it is because you are not where you expected or want to be, there must be a reason.

Our first port of call is to find out why! So let us go to work and explain to you without technical terms why we need to get to work, we like to keep it simple to understand and breakdown the necessary moves to be made to be a success.

It is not just about driving traffic to your website, let’s be clear about that. It is about driving the RIGHT traffic that CONVERTS into business to your website, there’s a BIG difference.

Our drive is to ensure we attract and funnel your target audience that fit the right demographic to convert to be clients.

We pride ourselves on delivering ethical white-hat SEO and transparency at all times.

Our foundations have been built on a holistic approach and that will not change. Google understands black hat tactics very well and you are easily penalised in today’s SEO world, Digital Muscle grows your business organically.

Our motto is - Plant a seed and it will grow.

To make this philosophy a realisation we utilise advanced tools that compliment your social media strategy and boost your traffic.

How do you make keyword strategies successful?

There is nothing more frustrating than creating engaging content that doesn’t drive people to your site or when they get there - doesn't get read - Arrgghh!

Research is the key, we ensure your site is both optimised onsite and offsite.

Implementing keywords after we have analysed current search trends is vital to ensure you get noticed and your website is engaging and keeps your target market enthused to take time to consider your products and services.

The amount of keywords at the start is never set in stone, this is where our collaboration starts, we work together to agree on how we put the front foot forward based upon timeframes and budget then get to work.

We have many tools we use as a collective to give us the best overall picture of where you stand and where we feel we can gain a competitive edge. So focusing on your bread and butter keywords is easy but thinking outside the box and optimising your site will yield the best ROI. Our clients know we usually suggest a few keywords that may have been overlooked by your competition…..It’s called PROPER RESEARCH!

With SEO audits, what third party tools are used?

All tools we use to enhance your results are industry tools and adhere to industry standards.

We choose to use Siteliner, Ahrefs, Moz and, of course, Semrush just to name a few.

To know more contact our team and we’ll explain how they help us achieve a better overall picture to get you started and give you a FREE audit from our team *contact link*

Can you work with eCommerce Sites?

eCommerce is booming and INDEED WE CAN.
It is the most up and coming global sales platform, so our team embraces this arena and puts you towards the forefront of it.

We ensure the platforms we use are optimised with goto plugins such as Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento as a small example to propel your online reach.

What kind of budget do I need to make this work?

Great question!

Each campaign has its own identity so budget depends on factors from keywords, to how competitive your industry is both locally, state-wide and internationally.

Any previous SEO campaigns have to be analysed along with how conducive your website is at the start to Google and other search engines being favourable to our efforts.

If any SEO company gives you a direct answer to this, do yourself a favour and turn around 180 degrees and walk the other way.

We need to engage with you FIRST and FOREMOST to assess your goals and objectives, as every business is unique, let's get to know each other better so we can give you an HONEST appraisal……click here to start the process

Will you want to make changes to my website?

This is a very important point.

Google’s algorithm has advanced in recent years where User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are a serious ranking element, so we take this as a paramount consideration during the evaluation period.

Typically, we do not need to change the structure of websites to optimise them but analyse and update the site page by page, plus we look to tweak images to ensure your upload speed is to Google’s liking and just assess where we can spruce up your content to engage your visitors.

When we are at this stage we converse with you our ideas, the reasons behind them and work closely with you to ensure both sides are happy to implement any tweaks or changes based upon statistics that we present, but remember, you always have the final say.

Can you solve Google penalties?

If we are talking about penalties, we all know they are NOT GOOD regardless of the context.

When it comes to a Google penalty this can take a lot of work and time to fix and get back on track, months and maybe even more!

However, do not panic help is only a click away – if you have experienced and are suffering from a Google penalty, please contact us straight away and we will assess your situation and advise you on the correct course of action - Our advice is DO NOT WASTE TIME! – Please click here

How Quickly can I get my website ranked?

Once we have the required permissions for your website and we are given the green light to start our optimisation we submit your site for evaluation to the Advanced Website Ranking system and we usually get feedback within 72 hours.

We then commence work on some of the basics such as your looking at niche areas around your business, budget and other variables.

This period could take a month or even 6 to get you initially on the map with rankings.

Don’t be alarmed once we have built momentum we start to push the needle and you will see tangible results every week.

We work closely with you during this period to take you through each significant milestone we reach with transparency and detailed work reports tracking your keywords and indicating several performance factors.

Do you use and black hat tactics?

Maybe someone in the team owns a black hat! But categorically NO WE DO NOT.

Google’s algorithm had advance leaps and bounds in recent years and is extremely attentive to such tactics, we would never risk your business or our reputation for a quick-fix.

We look to roll up our sleeves and conduct good old-fashioned hard work to holistically and organically grow your business for the future.

We pursue the best practices and encourage long-term commitment to excellence in content writing and information for visitors to your business with a focus on conversion rates.

A lot of work goes into SEO these days and it is foolish to have all of that undone by cutting corners so rest assured you are in good hand with Digital Muscle.

What SEO guarantees are there?

No company should be guaranteeing page one of Google, even Googe themselves suggest it is not wise to make that kind of promise given that they regularly change their algorithm.

Instead, we focus on guaranteeing higher ranking on individual keywords, adding functionality and visibility that will improve your traffic, reaching your target audience and improving your sites overall performance.

Check our case studies here: Case Studies we get REAL results!

Is the SEO you conduct just for Australia or is it global?

This depends on our initial analysis and your requirements regarding your target audience, we put together a strategy accordingly.

If international traffic is of particular interest to you then we will cater for that and look to attract and retain the right kind of visitors.

There is a difference between targeting your local audience and using alternative languages for different countries.

What link building techniques do you use to boost rankings?

Building high-quality backlinks are always our priority but this takes time and effort as it’s a relationship-building process behind the scenes the likes of which given today's highly competitive environment it is unlikely you could achieve on your own.

So we do the work for you and this is highlighted in our work reports.

Over the years we have built excellent relationships with webmasters across multiple industries and connections to high exposure bloggers, journalists and pretty much everything in between.

Our SEO team does not just build backlinks, we pride ourselves in building HIGH-QUALITY backlinks to drive the right convertible traffic to your site.

Working with reputable websites and directories help ensure quality results without the threat of any Google penalties.

This is executed following outreach techniques unique to your particular niche to add exposure and authority to your website.

Do you conduct website audits?

Definitely YES we do.

A Free website audit is part of our initial investigation into why your traffic and conversion rates are not what you want them to be.

We strive to be honest with our clients from day one and explain what areas we know need to be improved to meet Google's standards to enhance your rankings so when people come to your site, the site helps to guide them through to the most important part......THE PAYMENT PROCESS.

It’s all about making the right tweaks at the start to get your campaign kick-started.

Will SEO increase leads and sales for my business?

That’s the name of the game! YES.

SEO is a great way to not only boost traffic and visibility of your website but with the right structure help convert leads into actual sales.

We take a holistic approach and make sure visitors are fully informed with engaging content that's easy to follow, giving instructions that help' s to hold their hand and guide them where you want them to go.

We focus on improving your ROI.

What is the difference between SEO and Pay-Per-Click?

SEO is about building long-lasting organic search engine positions that won’t disappear overnight. We strive to achieve quality organic traffic by implementing carefully thought out SEO strategies.

Pay-per-click concentrates on investing an advertising budget towards a specific website, service or product.

A pay-per-click campaign can yield quicker results ' YES' whereby organic SEO takes longer to grow. However, let's be clear that if your website is not up to scratch, where it engages your clicking visitors immediately - pay-per-click can end up being costly if conversion rates are low.

So, in tandem, they can be very effective to any marketing strategy but over time SEO has proven time and time again to be a wiser strategy to achieve better ROI for your businesses future.

Should I use SEO, I'm not sure?

The basic answer in today’s digital world is YES Absolutely!

Investing now into the long-term visibility of your website is the key to success.

SEO is a crucial marketing tool that when implemented correctly can transform ANY business in today's marketplace.

Digital Muscle implements a carefully constructed strategy that achieves much higher sustainable long-term ROI, better than through other paid search methods.

Contact us today for our team to get an expert option.

Are your content writers in-house?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency with some of the best talents in the business, not only in content writing but web designers and marketing agents who collaboratively turn peoples businesses around and kick-start startups.

Once we agree on a strategy our talented copywriters get to work to write highly engaging content which is vital in today's online world to ensure a visitor stays on your page, understand your products, and services and most importantly your message.

Engaging copywriting gets people coming back and the more this happens, guess what? Up go your rankings!

We like to keep everything in-house. This ensures the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing in any campaign and this synergy within our four walls reflects in our results.

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