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Building a digital marketing strategy not only defines the goals and objectives of your business, but it also gives it a clear direction. Professionals like us are here to help you focus on your core business functions. While you deal with frontline concerns, we will efficiently run your SEO campaign in the background.

To help you achieve your desired results, let us know your specific requests. We work in a collaborative setting and we are open to communication. It is important for us to share our knowledge but we also value your preferences. Do you have a specific design in mind? Do you prefer to use a particular set of keywords than the ones we’re suggesting? Then let us know! We will meet you half-way.

Choosing the right keywords and the right link building to help achieve the desired results is our strength.

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Our Work Methodology

Our 4-Step Guide To Execute your Digital Marketing Strategy





Our SEO experts can identify the right digital marketing strategies for your business. First, we review your goals and ideas to create a plan. Next, we define a timeline for the project. Once we agree on the plan and the timeline, we will launch and execute the campaign.

Digital Muscle adheres to ethical and white hat SEO practices. All campaigns start with a thorough and transparent SEO audit. Using advanced tools, we analyse your website from the design to the content and assess its SEO readiness. We will commence the optimisation process after we secure the necessary web analytics. A week after a campaign kicks off, you will regularly receive updates on your website’s performance.

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How We Execute Your
Digital Marketing Strategy

Our digital marketing strategies are tried and tested. We offer custom options so that our clients can meet their short-term and long-term objectives.

Setting The Objective

We help you identify your business’ main mission and your business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Through an in-depth website audit, we will list down areas of improvement requiring your immediate attention.

Analysing Your Past Campaigns

Digital Muscle looks into your previous SEO campaigns (if any), identify what went wrong and formulate a new set of strategies (i.e. target new keywords, acquire more link-building resources). We will then provide updated solutions and implement unique strategies that directly address your most pressing web marketing or design concerns.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Many digital marketing strategies fail because they target the wrong audience. Our campaigns, from identifying KPIs to writing guest posts, are always conducted with your potential customers in mind. We pay attention to the nature of your business, the industry you operate in and the individuals and groups you normally transact business with. From time to time, we help clients – especially startups – identify their target markets for a smooth-sailing campaign.

Finding Your Budget

Choose us and we will help you understand your competition, sharpen your competitive edge, and allocate a comfortable budget that we believe will enable you to achieve your desired results.

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