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Across the Western world, online consumer behaviour has skyrocketed to unimaginable heights.

The only way is up, and in the coming years, we will likely see online consumerism take off into another stratosphere. As a premium eCommerce marketing agency, our job is to assess what you do best and how your competition is going about their SEO for eCommerce strategies. Then we better them.

You want a slice of that pie, and now the pie is considerably bigger, but let’s not fool ourselves, the competition is also immense.

In an ever-evolving SEO eCommerce market, you need to be one step ahead, but you cannot do this by yourself. If you are a start-up or an emerging brand, you need support.

With people spending more time online than ever before it’s not just about your products, it’s about engagement and playing to the tune of the search engines to favour you.

Let us show you how to not only gain attention but convert browsers into buyers.

For your competition, this is the biggest hurdle to overcome.

Australia is fast becoming a cut-throat microcosm for online retailers, but with a premium e-commerce marketing agency like Digital Muscle by your side, you’ll get results and CONVERSIONS.

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How to Create an eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Digital Muscle’s Rocket Strategies Propel you to Success

The success behind eCommerce SEO is not only getting visitors to your site, but it’s getting them to buy.

It is no use having fantastic products when your front-of-house is not appealing. You always have to bear in mind there’s someone else just a click away that stocks similar products or provides a similar service to you, but between us, we ensure the only click the visitor makes is to your online shopping cart.

UserExperience (UX) is more crucial than ever. Your visitor should be able to navigate around your site quickly and be fully informed during the process, and if we can make it fun, it’s a WIN-WIN.

The first step is assessment.

Using our talented crew and the latest technology available, alongside quality e-commerce SEO, we construct a spider’s web of engaging landing pages. We use platforms such as Magento and WordPress, getting your visitor to the end goal of purchasing.

If you use Shopify, we’ll show you a few moves and shakes we know to enhance your profile and snag the passers-by.

We Deliver Results

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Digital Muscle Are Experts in eCommerce Marketing

We pride ourselves with taking start-up’s past development stage into becoming recognised as an up and coming brand and turning up and coming brands into household names in Australia and around the world.

While you are engrossed in work, we provide an experts eye from the outside looking in, assessing how to unlock your business’s potential, in many cases, potential that has been overlooked. It’s what we do; provide premium SEO for eCommerce and become the silent business partner you never had.

Our team offer top-level customer service, assessment and unique eCommerce SEO implementation techniques that put you at the forefront of internet searches with an appealing, easy-to-navigate online presence.

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Set Your Goals by Making your Visitor’s Achieve Theirs

Sometimes keeping things simple is the most straightforward pathway to e-commerce digital marketing success.

It’s a tried and tested formula. Enabling your visitors to achieve their goals will equate to you, achieving yours. Devising how to do this is the string in our bow.

Consumer feedback and constant analysis are essential. Devising a flexible e-commerce digital marketing strategy is uncommon with many SEO companies. With Digital Muscle flexibility is the protein that feeds the muscle.

With continual analysis, we can stay one step ahead of your competition that has simply gone down a path of ‘let's assess it at the end of the year.

Consumer insights and trends are everything in this continually changing global environment. Of course, during the period of an SEO e-commerce campaign, you will have passers-by and window shoppers, it’s converting them into buyers that give you lift-off.

We make your site engaging, so even if they do click-off and go to another site, we ensure they come back!

We are not just an e-commerce marketing agency. We are your eyes and ears, taking the weight off your shoulders, engaging your visitors to help you reach for the previously unseen stars.


SEO and eCommerce Strategies

All successful strategies begin with data.

A successful e-commerce digital marketing strategy focuses on audience research and data analysis, leading us to a quick understanding of what triggers a browser into a buyer.

We conduct extensive research on your industry and your competitors. We then assess whether we can create a niche area to gain extra traffic and present you with a comprehensive e-commerce SEO plan.

We concentrate on organic, long-lasting SEO. We increase your traffic and more importantly – CONVERSION RATES.


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In the world of SEO for e-commerce, you have to be proactive, not reactive.

They won’t come to you; you need to grab them by the shirt collars and drag them in.

We make your store interesting, fun and engaging. These are all part of the visitor’s online experience and subsequent recommendations, positive ratings and online reviews.

With online consumerism on the march, you cannot afford to present a complicated, boring or sloppy online experience. Conversion is everything and will be for years to come.

Use Digital Muscle’s advanced data analysis for your e-commerce SEO. We work towards low pay-per-click rates and ensure it’s not a wasted click for your visitor. Your ROI is the most important factor across all our services.

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Ecommerce SEO - Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Digital Muscle, we welcome your frequently asked questions and by answering them ensure the search engines respond as we do to our clients - POSITIVELY.
Use our FAQ page to get yourself informed.

FAQ pages are here to help you make an informed decision but also get a feel for us as a company. Your questions in the past have helped us create this FAQ page.
We want you to find as many answers to questions as possible. We look to cover things such as keywords, content, site tips, Google answers and page questions.
A search engine is a complex tool that defines your ranking. If you are a start-up, our goal is to make you rank on results pages and help your business move forward.
Bear in mind if your questions are not answered on here, you can use our online assistant and ask as many questions as you like. Use our assistant frequently and as many times as you want. If for some reason our on-site assistant can't answer a question, send your question and email address to us. We will get one of our SEO specialists to answer you and start helping you, your business and your online site.
Why not create a FAQ list, it gives you something to tick off one at a time on your SEO journey to ranking higher on Google.

Let's start!

Why is SEO necessary for my eCommerce website?

Never before has the internet been used as much as it has in 2020 and will be in 2021. The competition is now intense. You cannot underestimate your digital presence as it is everything in achieving visibility on search results that equals sales. Nothing can supersede SEO in achieving this for you.

Regardless of the size of your business, SEO is the engine in the car that will drive you up the search engines. The search engines algorithms are becoming more fine-tuned to searches and want the perfect fit for their customers. SEO will help them find you and increase your search results and click-through rate.

So, what are eCommerce SEO strategies? How do they work?

The goal behind an eCommerce SEO strategy is to get your business to rank higher on the SERPs.

When an internet user types in a particular search term into Google, Digital Muscle will have conducted keyword research and implemented a strategy to ensure your online shop is visible for that specific search.

We get your website up in the search engine results for specific search terms that apply directly to the services and products you are supplying. Therefore, we make sure we increase your website traffic, potential customers and of course, your sales volume.

Increasing brand awareness is everything, and we work around an entire package of connecting your social media, posting regular blogs and other strategies to achieve this.

We also look at not just more traffic, but work on your online shop's conversion rates. Putting together the whole package is what we call 'putting together a strategy'.

How can Digital Muscle make an impact on my eCommerce marketing?

Our strategies are well thought out and quickly gain momentum, leading you to make your move up the search engines steadily. Initial auditing of your website will give us a clear idea of what needs optimising to make you more attractive to the search engines algorithms.

What we look to do at the beginning is to prioritise what needs actioning first, second, third and so on, setting priorities from the start is the key to success. Our in-house team of SEO experts will keep you informed every step of the way of what we are doing. All of our customers like the fact they get full work reports on everything we touch and implement for their project.

Digital marketing is our specialty. There is no facet of the industry that our team does not cover to enable you to gain more customers to your shopping cart and help your conversion rates. It is labour intensive work due to the competition out there, but it is what we do! With Digital Muscle, you will be in good hands.

What is the difference between eCommerce SEO and traditional SEO?

In fact, SEO and eCommerce SEO are quite similar in many ways. However, with eCommerce SEO, certain elements come with higher importance. At the end of the day, it still comes down to keyword strategy, but there is more emphasis on exactly what is being sold online. The same characteristics apply as a typical website.

Still, with a typical website, you are looking for someone to hit your landing page or call you. Then you still have the whole marketing process to conduct and need your sales team or yourself to close the deal ultimately.

With eCommerce SEO, your keyword strategy is driving someone to your website. Your website has to create an image and have every element of your sales and marketing team to drive people to your shopping cart and buy there and then. This is a different dynamic that needs eCommerce SEO experts, that's the difference!

How simply can I improve my eCommerce sales?

When you are looking at the need to increase online sales and your overall eCommerce performance, your website is the place to start.

Never before has User Experience (UX) been so necessary, not just to the visitor to your website but the search engines that determine your page ranking. Building and maintaining a great UX across all devices and keeping on top of regular stress testing of your checkout process is the key.

By doing this, your traffic and conversion rates are bound to increase. Once this starts to happen, you can then focus more intensely on increasing your options of what you want to offer the new incoming visitors to your eCommerce site.

At this stage, with sales increasing it allows you to perhaps try a different strategy by using another platform. As an example, Instagram has become increasingly popular and a superb driver for clothing companies. By executing a solid eCommerce SEO strategy with Digital Muscle, we will give you the freedom to try new arenas to help you expand your business and get noticed more by Google.

What impact can social media have for my eCommerce website?

If conducted by an experienced professional team such as Digital Muscle social media can have an enormous impact on your eCommerce business!

For example, we can implement social shares into your website. Therefore, we encourage users to share information about each of your products through their social channels.

That is just one example of the power that social media has attained in recent years. Now all the major players have 'buy' features on their social media platforms too. That was not the case years ago, as they were simply social channels!

How we conduct a strategy for your business is to leverage social media to help build natural organic backlinks that in-turn help improve your rankings in tandem with people shopping and sharing. A great way to do this is by using blog posts rather than using paid search.

A regular blog post creates a following. This will find more followers and in-turn continues to grow and help in building backlinks. Let's be honest if you find, and are following someone's blog post you are usually interested in what they have to offer or will help recommend them to a friend, right?

Google reacts to this in a very positive manner and will rank you higher and higher as this momentum builds.

With eCommerce URL structures – what are the best practices?

Ecommerce URLs are structured to be more specific than a regular website URL. It is designed to understand a specific structure.

As an example of the difference take:

It would look like:

In effect, it is creating a direct connection with the product and the relevant categories associated with it.

Why am I finding it so hard to get attention to my eCommerce website?

OK – the reality is that eCommerce competition has become fiercer than ever before due to COVID-19.

Around the world, people have become dependent on the internet for purchasing all kind of goods. For many companies, this is excellent news, especially if they are already well-placed on the search engines with a healthy number of organic backlinks showcasing their web pages.

For SME's or start-ups, this may not be great news as you will need a smarter strategy to get noticed in amongst all the competition.

This is where Digital Muscle really help. We can analyse keywords and find where there are searches that apply to your products and services but do not have an insane amount of competition for those keywords, whereby, it would take too much of your time and budget to make an impact.

The main goal is to find a way to get you found on the SERPs. To supercharge your eCommerce site, we need to build natural and organic visitors fast and work on your on-page SEO and off-page SEO. We link-up with a strong social media presence and optimise your website immediately.

Converting visitors into buyers is the key to success. So, optimising your website's UX and ensuring your images are optimised with the right amount of data feed to support them is paramount. Everything must flow all the way to the shopping cart and the point of sale.

Why Choose Digital Muscle for my eCommerce SEO?

Digital Muscle is a team of highly skilled digital marketing specialists with years of experience. We bring in new up and coming people to our team all the time. Our specialists study Google’s algorithm daily and are masters at keeping up with its ever-changing fast-paced updates.

We have storied results over the years and high-level customer satisfaction that comes from a unique approach to eCommerce SEO. At Digital Muscle, we refrain from making false promises. Full consultation at the beginning is everything. The search engine is complex and needs to be treated as such.

We closely analyse you, your particular business, your industry and your competition. We will quickly see how far behind you are, how much their monthly spend is and how many backlinks they already have in place on organic search results. We conduct keyword research to judge the search engine and decide a suitable course of action.

Therefore, from the start, we have a clear idea and mandate of how long and what work we have to do in playing catch-up and plan on how we can supersede them.

We will suggest a strategy to build traffic and search results, to hit your target market and give you factual timeframes and costs. Therefore, you are under no illusion what you need to do from the start, and you can commit other funds and time to other parts of your business.

Knowing where you stand on what is required to be successful with your digital marketing campaign from day one is crucial.

With increased website traffic, what is the real impact it could have on my eCommerce results?

Driving potential customers to your website is the first significant step forward for any company selling online. This can be achieved through building organic backlinks from several sources, including social media and blog posts, as just a quick example.

Traffic, however, is just the beginning. Many websites get traffic once they have an effective SEO campaign in place. Still, if you are working with a company that doesn't understand engagement and on-site flow, or on-site user experience (UX), then traffic can be deceptive. For eCommerce, everything is about conversion rates.

So, once you have an optimised website and shopping experience, with engaging content and fantastic imagery on your site, THEN traffic becomes EVERYTHING!

This then opens the floodgates to more customers, more sales and more referrals. In-turn with the way the algorithms on Google works, this will exponentially increase your ranking, leading to more sales and the natural expansion of your company.

We offer a FREE consultation to all businesses at the beginning to look to tailor a bespoke service to fulfil precisely this and drive relevant traffic directly to your shopping cart.

I've heard eCommerce SEO strategies can take ages to show me results?

Well, let us be clear from the start before we do anything, we conduct a full consultation and research your industry to see the level of your competition. This enables us to set timeframes.

We will be able to tell you after extensive research into your competitors how far behind you are with your SEO strategy and backlink building. We look into your online presence to give you accurate timeframes and costings you will be looking at to achieve the goals you set out in our consultation.

Beware of ANY company offering overnight solutions, especially if they like to tie you into a contract! Question it, as SCAM companies only do things like this.

Google's algorithm has evolved immensely over the past decade resulting in no 'quick-fixes'. Unless you are working in a unique niche area where some strategies could see quick results, there is no magic wand to be waved. Even if you are in a niche area, only some aspects may see quick results while others take time. Plus, there are no shortcuts anymore; we must conduct ethical, white hat SEO.

To achieve lead generation and traffic to your site means building natural organic backlinks, and this needs a dedicated team working on your campaign daily. Be assured we will give you ballpark timeframes and figures based upon factual research on you, your industry, your competition and how far ahead of you they actually are.

We will also look to give you alternative keyword research that applies to what you are selling. In doing this, we can attract traffic and not have to compete directly with companies who have considerably larger budgets and way more backlinks.

I've heard about data feed, what impact does that have on eCommerce performance?

Data feed optimisation plays a significant role in improving the effectiveness of eCommerce sales. It essentially is an online digital product catalogue for your business.

You are cataloguing all the essential and specific information regarding your individual products. The internet today is hungry for information. Google is hungry for information, and shoppers are hungry for information.

Put those three points together, and data feed is your best friend. Look to provide as much information in your data feed as possible. The relevance to the user is the key when they are searching for products and services online.

What level of customer service will I get from Digital Muscle?

We are not shy in saying – The Best!

We are not a company to put a strategy in place and then ignore our customers for months and HOPE that it works!

We have a team working on your campaign daily, but we make a point of assigning a campaign manager to each of our clients.

We have found over the years this is the most effective way of communication. Suppose you were to call a company about your campaign and end up speaking to a different person every time! Each of them dealing with various aspects of your campaign, they might not have the full picture.

With eCommerce SEO, our left hand ALWAYS knows what our right hand is doing. By assigning you to a campaign manager, they can quickly get a team response to any of your questions.

Also, don't forget you can chat with us online and ask us a question and your campaign manager will be back to you with the answer.

Is it possible to build my eCommerce website while my other website is still working?

Absolutely! If you decide to use Digital Muscle, we will enact a 3rd level domain that we use while we help build your new eCommerce website.

When everything is ready to go live and host the new site, we can help change your DNS settings. Therefore, it will automatically point your existing domain to your new eCommerce web pages.

What is an FAQ page?

FAQ pages are a driving force between us connecting with you in regards to questions about content marketing, keyword research, page SEO, your search results and so on. Questions about anchor text, content creation, keywords and so forth are vital to us engaging with you.

As are questions about Google, content use, your site, keywords, links, your page, SEO, the search engine, the web, your business and ranking. We want people to find answers to the questions you asked yourself.

Frequently asked questions allow you to take advantage of seeing what our every day clients ask and are concerned about before doing business with us or any other SEO company. Hopefully, they serve to answer what the best keywords are you would like to use and what content you think would support them. Content marketing is part of our search engine optimization packages we offer.

Let Digital Muscle give you a FREE consultation today, and we will analyse the best way in which to get attention to your eCommerce website.

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