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Not appearing in online searches?
Rankings dropping?
Suddenly no traffic?
Lead generation dried up?

Let's get one thing straight – Penalties are harsh in business and sport! When you put your heart and soul into a marketing campaign, and at the last minute the referee suddenly blows the whistle on you, it's tough.

A Google Penalty can leave you deflated. However, this is not the time to panic!

Contact Digital Muscle today, and we can save you the same as we have saved multiple websites in the past!


So what is a Google penalty, and how damaging is it?

Google issue penalties when they believe your SEO strategy is OFFSIDE; in other words, their algorithm thinks you are cheating the system!

Here are a few examples that come under the guise of ‘Black Hat SEO’ and are punishable.

Directory links - An online directory accepting EVERY link – Bit spammy right?

Bookmarking sites - Too many that produce little value to readers Google doesn’t like

Low-quality articles - Some sites are set up purposely for spinning articles to build heavy volume. Still, too many low-quality backlinks and the referee will brandish a yellow card, and you’re in the sin-bin for a while.

Google regularly updates their algorithm, and unless you have the time to study the updates, you may not even realise you are now on getting penalised.

There are many small updates throughout the year but where a professional SEO company and SEO specialists earn their place in the team is by assessing and understanding the significant updates.

Significant updates from the past were:

How do the penalties work?

Manual Penalty

To understand the issues, we need to collaborate and have access to your Google Webmaster tools. We can then determine if your website has a manual penalty or a partial/content penalty. We draw up new strategies based on how Google has penalised your website. Once we can come to a reasonable conclusion, then we will run this past you before we begin the work.

Algorithmic Penalty

There are currently to date, two different types of penalties of which are either Panda or Penguin. Determining which you were affected by will determine the overall course in clearing it.

Content Analysis

Thin and spammy content will now land you in hot water. Google’s focus is on engaging and informative content that's easy to read. We analyse the existing content on your website, share our thoughts and get busy writing.

Identifying Toxic Backlinks

Going through backlinks from a previous campaign is a nuisance and a headache, but it's what we have to do. The perks of our service are transparency, so we identify low/toxic quality backlinks and send it to you for your feedback. We then proceed to remove the backlinks by approaching the webmaster responsible for hosting that link. It is time-consuming but essential to getting you back on the front foot.

Request for Removal of Bad Links

Communicating with webmasters is a must part of this Google penalty removal service. You are in good hands as Digital Muscle has many contacts within the industry to speed up this process. It is of vital importance that the offending links be removed/taken down by the webmaster if we are going to have a chance at clearing this issue.

Disavow Toxic Backlinks

Links which we were not able to remove manually will need to be disavowed. Our philosophy is to ensure that our clients obtain backlinks the right way. And one of the methods is writing and producing quality content which engages with your audience. By doing so will allow websites to link back to you without you doing the outreaching!

Do Search Engines Deem SEO Made Links Unnatural?

Not everyone in SEO deliberately implements the wrong tactics as the search engines continuously evolve whereby mistakes may have been made or corners have been cut.

Digital Muscle is not interested in how this came about; we focus on identifying it and cleaning it up. We focus on obtaining natural backlinks and produce new, engaging content that acts as a domino effect allowing other websites to link back to you.

In recent times many SEO campaigns have been link-centric, so we usually find now this kind of link building is against Google’s quality guidelines. The Penguin algorithm is a prime example of how you may have been penalised. Below are some examples of unnatural links:

Directory links

Many online directories offer a haven for webmasters to register their website with a backlink from the directory. However, imagine an online directory accepting every single website registration. That’s a bit spammy right?

Bookmarking sites

Certain bookmarking sites function the same way as online directories. They mass accept website registrations and in turn, produce little value to readers, something that Google focuses on intensely now.

Low quality article syndication sites

These websites are set up for the purpose of accepting and perhaps spinning articles and content for the purpose of higher ranking. Googles algorithm has evolved and this won’t help your cause.

Guest posting campaigns

Most guest post outreach campaigns often result in total failure as it was either paid for or most link anchors are of a do-follow attribute. This means that you are requesting Google to read the anchor and credit the site with that particular keyword.

Get Back To Winning Ways Today
Get Back To Winning Ways Today
Get Back To Winning Ways Today
Get Back To Winning Ways Today
Get Back To Winning Ways Today
Get Back To Winning Ways Today
Get Back To Winning Ways Today
Get Back To Winning Ways Today

Get Back To Winning Ways Today

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Google Page #1 Ranking

Basic package


Briefing:This particular client approached us back in 2012 on the Basic package of $495 per month. We targeted an initial 10 keywords and 5 months into the SEO campaign, they were already found within the top positions of Google search.

Approach: After what is only 5 months of SEO work, the website has seen some significant improvement from where we started off with – At “not in 100”. We conducted ample onsite optimisation together with our offsite optimisation strategy, the client witness results week upon week. Our strategy complies with Google’s Panda and Penguin guidelines and nothing was deemed excessive.

Result:5 main target keywords in the top 5 positions of Google within 5 months, whilst the rest of the keywords are slowly making progress towards the first page. Client now wishes to maintain their rankings by paying monthly on the basic package.

Basic +1


Briefing: The client wanted page one rankings for the bulk of his competitive keywords as the Whitsundays industry been competitive enough as it is, saw enquiry levels drop as a major competitor took the number one spot for the most competitive keyword phrases. After many online consultations and many hours and months of SEO work invested, our client finally saw results.

Approach: An initial backlink analysis was conducted as the client had come off a recent SEO campaign with an Indian (unnamed) company, producing thousands of backlinks within days which proved detrimental to their rankings. After days of sifting through backlink data, a log file of links was recorded and submitted to Google for disavow. At this time, the team put in countless amount of hours correcting all onsite issues and implementing the appropriate page titles, H1 headers, meta descriptions to accommodate the client’s target keywords. A new method of link building was introduced, at the time a concept – now a reality – which has gained Google’s trust once again to rank this website in the very top positions of Google. Needless to say, the client is now a regular client of Digital Muscle and is now seeking top advice from our team as to what to do next.

Result: The bulk of their keywords is now ranking on the first page of Google, with each keyword generating at least 1000+ searches per month. Outside the scope of the original target keywords, another 30-40 keyword variations are also ranking on the first page of Google. The Basic +1 package is the perfect suit for this company and the results are paying dividends. ROI was accomplished and now the company is profiting as a result of increased sales and enquiries.

Advanced package


Briefing: Another separate client in the Whitsunday islands with a different business owner, the client’s main focus is to see a column of greens when it came to ranking reports. The client did not want to go into detail about what the process involved, apart from the fact that he is willing to pay if he sees results – Walla – Say no more! Let’s skip to the chase as we will cover the strategy in the Approach section, but the client is now enjoying his days on a Yacht minding his own business as his business went from a one man show to an automated keyturn operation. The only call he takes is a phone call from us explaining the results and continuing on a year by year basis as the client has worked with us since 2013.

Approach: The initial phone consultation proved to be a little awkward as the client was highly sceptical about seeking SEO services from a company that had no reviews on Google and was not recommended by anyone at the time. As the client’s paranoia levels were quite high at the time, the client embarked with us on the most Basic package first ($495 p/m) for work on 10 keywords, saw results rather quickly as a direct result of our link building programme, felt rather convinced that this is the position he wants to be moving in after witnessing results and felt the need to upgrade to our Advanced package for work on 30 keywords on a monthly basis. Onsite optimisation was conducted in a way where each page had relevant and ample content containing the target keywords that the client wanted to rank for with a careful focus on all Alt text descriptions. As a result, the client can be found on page 1 for virtually every keyword relating to Whitsundays diving.

Result: A sea of green normally makes any client happy. So as long as the rankings are on page one, the client is willing to invest on a yearly basis which they have been doing since 2013. Not only did it used to be a one man business – now a company with a real office and staff, busy picking up phone calls and responding back to e-mail enquiries. The organic traffic grew in the first year of starting and now the traffic is at a level where it is business healthy. The SEO campaign produced results which was dollar productive and measured by the number of enquiries that they had received from the Google search.

Advantage +1 package


Briefing: A fairly massive company to start off with, they had an existing huge clientele base with plenty of orders each minute although the only thing which was lacking from their business was an online strategy to achieve better rankings via Google. The website had never been optimised before and keyword results was definitely not ranking on the first page. 4 years down the track they’re now in a position to grow even more and as a direct result of continued SEO investment, they will begin a franchise in the USA.

Approach: The owner came to us with initially a simple request – Please get me results and I will open up my marketing budget to you. An assessment of their onsite structure and pages was conducted in an attempt to fix all outstanding issues – new content was written by our copywriters inhouse and placed on every relevant inner page to improve authority and relevance. Each product page had to rank for their own keywords and this was achieved successfully by means of thorough onsite optimisation as well as link building from relevant and credible websites. Obtaining citations and optimising on citation profiles was conducted in a way where the client would still receive enquiries through third party sites. The homepage had to rank for competitive phrases first before the rest of the internal pages would follow suit and start ranking. Of all, the site only receives quality inbound themed links – none of which is artificial and all of which is endorsed by the webmaster of their respective sites. This paved the way for success on Google and proved to be the blueprint for effective SEO.

Result: After success on Google, the client told us that they require our assistance in setting up a third and fourth website overseas as they are starting a global franchise. Up until now, we are in the midst of developing the sites of which a huge substantial amount of budget is allocated towards each project with the marketing campaign about to start on launch of the respective sites. The sea of greens proved to be the benchmark for all the other sites and the expectation was clear; that all other sites had to rank also. As the Advanced+1 package was used for this particular site, the client felt the need to upgrade to a bespoke package which focuses on multiple sites and not just the one site. Overall, the team is fairly impressed with the results achieved and needless to say, the client has signed a 2 year contract to remain with us, and to be reviewed every 2 years.

Bespoke (Custom) package


Briefing: A fairly huge property website, we received this business through word of mouth. The marketing manager was fairly simple to deal with, and position #1 rankings is a must and that their business won’t be looking at any other rankings apart from this. To their credit, they had an established in-house SEO team however due to the difficulty and technicality in obtaining certain backlinks, they came to us knowing full well we were well equipped with resources able to transform their existing page one results into position ones.

Approach: Everyone in this day and age surely should know how difficult the task is when it comes to obtaining position #1 rankings on Google.. Sure getting to page #1 is an achievement, however that’s only half the battle. The other half is ranking predominantly within the top #3 positions. The road to success certainly isn’t easy, and the monthly SEO budget for these results had to be significant, significant enough that it would make an impact on Google search results. A customised solution was devised and presented to the marketing team of which it was quickly approved. Following this the team got together and conducted firstly, an audit of incoming links and secondly, put together a solid strategy to conduct outreaching in an overall effort to obtain resourceful and beneficial links. It was a strategy which took over 6 months to see results but the client’s huge monthly budget opened up a heap of options when it came to offsite optimisation. Weekly audit of the links was carried out so that the link profile looked natural in the eyes of Google.

Result: With huge investment in SEO comes great results. It was only at the 6 month mark of the SEO campaign that the website went from mid-bottom results to #1 and #2. The keyword report presented is actually just a snapshot of all their target keywords as their target keywords on a monthly basis exceeded 1000 keywords. By this point, over 128,000+ keywords are found in the top #3 positions of Google and the company was thrilled enough to have signed a further 12 month contract knowing full well that this investment and (pain) in the process yielded excellent results.

Start Climbing the Rankings Today

Our experienced team understand how to start you on the road to recovery. We must begin the recovery process immediately, the longer you leave it, the more of your competition will leave you in their wake.

We start by assessing what penalty applies, then work to a strict plan of action to get it removed. We also devise a strategy ensuring you are not caught offside again and get another penalty. We act as the video referee to get the on-field decision reversed and get you back on track to winning ways.

No need to panic our SEO specialists will:

Assess what penalty has been imposed.

Work on a strict plan of action to get the penalty removed.

Devise a strategy that ensures you are not caught offside and get another penalty.

This is why you need an SEO company like Digital Muscle as we thrive in a challenge and will act as the video referee to get the on-field decision reversed and get you back on track to winning ways.

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