Digital Muscle’s Performance Driven Lead Generation to Conversion

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Enhance your customer’s online experience by activating a performance-driven campaign for business lead generation.

Digital Muscle's focus for all our customers countrywide is driving traffic but most importantly traffic that has a higher percentage chance of converting into business. It is a simple fact that the majority of digital marketing teams have a set mindset of purely enhancing traffic and clicks whilst not entirely focusing on lead generation as a service.

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In the past, this used to be a measure of a successful campaign; however, unfortunately, this should no longer be the measuring stick by which a top-level digital marketing agency sells themselves. Lead generation is now the benchmark of which you are judged.

Our team’s sole focus is to ensure that revenue is the set end goal of how all our lead generation campaigns are constructed.

We set- up a campaign strategy and look at critical factors in your business first.

Most commonplace is we want to minimise your marketing teams time and kick-start productivity. What we implement is high-value engaging content. The new generation of internet users has morphed into people who quickly turn off and go elsewhere.

Engagement is king in lead generation marketing. We create compelling content that results in sales-qualified leads. This is likely to generate revenue and is pre-qualified bypassing your marketing department; a proven winning strategy for leads generation.

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Automation and innovation in lead generation

A team that is in the middle of their growth cycle simply do not have the resources or infrastructure to create and build high-output lead generation programs. Digital Muscle only deals with the latest innovative technologies to help with data analysis.

We give you state-of-the-art accurate insights into real-time data. That helps segment audiences and in turn, automate crucial communication with users that fit your criteria for your services/products. We strive to deliver a more personalised experience for the customer with a view for repeat business, and we seek to plug holes in your sales funnel.

Intelligent automated marketing enhances your Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) by implementing continual high-quality relevance to engage your potential clients. The platforms used by Digital Muscle such as HubSpot and Klaviyo enables us to adopt a multichannel approach that helps acquire data and insights for us to optimise your campaign in real-time.


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eCommerce strategies – end to end

Omnichannel lead generation in marketing is the smartest approach to take in this current digital economy. We look to encompass the creative usage of platforms that continue to hit multiple touchpoints. This strategy enables potential customers to travel further down the sales funnel.

At Digital Muscle, we work closely with your marketing team to empower them with digital disciplines that raise the bar, in effect we help to train your staff for you!

Our in-house team will work alongside you in areas such as content writing, with email marketing experts, senior strategists and analysts that provide an end-to-end service to deliver on our promise to increase your leads and bottom line.

It is about creating an environment to drive sales. We’ll do this through different phases such as paid ads, innovative landing pages, Electronic Data Mail (EDM) and create a high conversion site. We generalise these as 'business lead generators'.

One of the areas that most impresses our clients is that you will not need to hire more staff with special qualifications. Leave that to us to connect with your existing team and get the business lead generation rolling.

We optimise the sales journey for the customer every step of the way, tailoring search catches that snag a passer-by and lead them down the path to the conversion part of your site. ROI is our mantra, and we work tirelessly to achieve it.


Lead generation SEO services

If you optimise a prospects journey throughout their buying experience; you’ll succeed. We take our time to engage with you to decipher your goals. Then we get to work putting a lead generation campaign strategy together that will produce value for money on your lead gen and increase your revenue.

A Free SEO audit

Free SEO audits with our senior specialist are currently on offer at Digital Muscle. So, please take advantage of our analysis of everything to do with your online presence. We will also take a close look at the status of your competition. This is the starting point for a successful results-driven strategy.

Local SEO

Never has Local SEO been more vital than it is now. More and more consumers are wanting local products, goods and services to help their communities. With the global economic outlook changing, here is an opportunity to become a household name locally. We will analyse and implement local strategies to produce quality leads that take into consideration cyclical cycles in your community.

International SEO

If you want to think big Digital Muscle will help take your brand global. We will identify the right strategy to embrace countries and languages that will help increase brand awareness and increase revenue.

Enterprise SEO

Complex websites require experienced technicians. Use us to build an enterprise SEO strategy and take advantage of some of the industries finest talent in this field.

Mobile SEO

Mobile usage now accounts for over fifty per cent of global internet usage today. Statistics show this will not slow down either. Delivering a premium mobile experience is now paramount to an online businesses success. A mobile-first strategy will enable you to tap into this vast market of leads generation.

Video SEO

Visibility is everything in today’s online world. With the rise and rise of platforms such as YouTube, video SEO is a ticket to success. Use YouTube as a conduit to turn an audience into a customer.

Reseller services

Use Digital Muscle to discover and unlock new revenue streams with no need to upscale staff or invest in specialist training. Simply use our white label SEO services.

Content writing

At Digital Muscle, we have some of the industry’s premier copywriters. We know the importance of engaging with your customers, keeping them engaged and driving them towards the pay-point. The search engines are now specifically designed to focus on optimised content, and we will know precisely what content is best for you.

Google penalties

f you have seen a massive drop-off in your rankings and enquiries, you may have been subjected to a Google Penalty. These can be costly and take a long time to rectify if they are not identified quickly and reversed. We have vast experience in getting companies back on track. Talk to us, and we’ll find out where it went wrong.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In Digital Marketing – What does lead generation involve?

The essence of lead generation is gathering up-to-date contact information on prospective clients for your business, specifically targeting individuals that have shown an interest in the area of your products or services that you offer. Meaning we target warm leads rather than mistakenly targeting cold prospects.

As an example, if you have created a quick survey or online questionnaire and someone has taken the time to answer questions or even downloaded an eBook with information about the arena you operate in with specific details about your company, this represents lead gen.

In this case, we class that as a lead as that person will be more open to a follow-up call, and there is a much higher percentage chance of converting them into a customer.

There are many different ways today to use lead generation as a service. At Digital Muscle we find unique ways to help attract people to take an interest in your business products and services in order for you to confidently approach them and start the sales process with the familiarity of what you are selling.

We strive to generate inspiring content and graphics that are memorable and engaging, meaning when you approach leads, there is a degree of familiarity that takes away the cold call element. We call it the sales funnel. Leads generation marketing is an art, and this part of the process is to help gain trust and familiarity to help push the customer down the sales funnel towards conversion.

Can you guarantee a certain amount of leads on each campaign?

We are a responsible digital marketing agency, so in this respect, we are unable to guarantee a set amount of leads generation per campaign. In reality, if any agency says ‘yes’ to that question – run a mile in the opposite direction!

Our guarantee to you is the level of expertise we have in our team at Digital Muscle, some of the best business lead generators in the industry today. We will devise a strategy, implement and optimise it throughout the course of the campaign. Your ROI is always at the top of our priority list.

We continue to push, adjust and enhance all our client's projects until both sides are happy that a healthy number of lead generation is being achieved. We also need to ensure your team can handle the number of inbound leads that we are generating so leads are not going cold or looking elsewhere.

One of the main factors we have to consider at the start is what is the optimal amount of leads your team can effectively handle. When we set a target amount of lead gen, we must factor in your industry, your sales cycle, the demographic of your average client, previous conversion rates, plus several other factors that we discuss with you thoroughly at the assessment stage.

In the beginning, we will assign one of our leading strategists to you who will thoroughly assess your goals and also your capabilities.

Your leads generation strategist will be there for you throughout the course of the campaign, not just to answer questions but also make suggestions, and continuously look to tweak and adjust the lead gen campaign by your side to help improve numbers and quality.

B2B and B2C lead generation – What are the differences between the two?

In today's digital marketing environment, a ‘one solution fit’s all’ mindset no longer works and has not for some time. We need to analyse each industry and business to offer a bespoke service. A business lead generation campaign that works for one company (albeit in the same industry) may not work as well for another due to different characteristics.

That’s why we approach B2B leads generation campaigns differently to that of B2C lead gen campaigns.

Here we’ll take a look at why:

The sales cycle

As a rule-of-thumb, marketing to businesses is generally more complex than directly to an individual consumer as usually much more information is typically required, such as points of contact and so forth. With this comes a longer sales cycle with B2B lead generation as businesses tend to take longer with important and expensive contracts that an individual with a one-off purchase.

Finding the right audience

There can be a stark contrast between businesses and individuals as to where they tend to hang out online in social media circles. This greatly influences where our efforts go into lead generation on your behalf. For example, LinkedIn is a favourite for B2B to focus on as Facebook is ideal for B2C, having said that this is not always the best way to go about a campaign but purely a general example of the difference of online behaviour between the two.

What quality assurances do you have with each lead you generate?

Digital Muscle’s priority lies very much in quality over quantity. Agencies that focus solely on creating bunches of leads that are more than your sales team can comfortably handle are likely to be generating sub-standard non-qualified leads. It’s the same with SEO, an agency focusing solely on increasing only ‘clicks’ isn’t necessarily focused on sales.

These kind of situations end up becoming not just a waste of time, but more importantly, a waste of money as your sales team will end up speaking to non-qualified clients and effectively cold-calling.

We use a set of tried and tested methods and tactics to improve the quality of your leads.

What we do:

  • Focus on your ideal customer’s persona
  • Capture crucial pieces of information on forms to further qualify a lead
  • Use automation software this tracks potential customers behavioural patterns and their intentions
  • Use informative data to help drive each individual campaign
  • Professionally nurture leads
  • Ensure all content is relevant, informative and comprehensive. Meaning leads become aware your services and products match their respective needs
  • Understand the engine room and dynamics of each different industry and tailor accordingly our lead generation efforts
In a common lead generation campaign, how many channels do you use?

In today’s digital marketing world, a multichannel approach is a must. Each campaign will vary to determine how many channels will be required; we take into consideration as many factors as are available to us to assess our approach. Channels such as social media, emails, or whatever information you feel as to what your customers have been known to interact with will help us to devise the overall approach.

We will ask you a series of questions to help us determine what channels are best to start the campaign; naturally, we can tweak these as we go along:

  1. What are you looking to achieve from the campaign - and how do you want it to be measured?
  2. Who is your audience?
  3. How will you utilise inbound leads and what content do you want to be created?
  4. What do you class as a ‘lead’ and what criteria does a lead have to have before it's passed over to the sales team?

If a potential lead sees your company profile in more than one marketing channel, it makes for a solid lead. Tailoring the right strategy is everything, so us getting to know from day one the criteria your sales team will be comfortable, and more importantly, CONFIDENT in their approach is the key to success. A multichannel approach will help to nurture a lead quicker down the sales funnel than a simple direct approach.

So what do you consider a quality, qualified lead?

Each business has its own definition of what constitutes a quality lead. The industry you are in combined with the products and services you are promoting always affects how you measure lead quality with every campaign. The likelihood of conversion is how we measure a qualified lead.

Here are a few ways in which we identify a qualified lead:

  • A prospect downloads some of your content (eBooks, whitepapers etc.)
  • A prospect fills out forms on your website and requests contact
  • A prospect makes an inbound call to your sales team
  • A prospect opens your emails
  • A prospect browses more than your homepage on your website (we track all visits to your website through Google Analytics and other monitoring tools we use)

In the digital marketing arena, if we see any of the behavioural patterns mentioned above, then a lead is more likely to become a potential sale. We call this a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). Our strategist takes the time with you during our assessment process to know what kind of buyer you want. We take into consideration factors such as demographics, behavioural patterns and online activities, these all help us to close in on more MQLs.

What is a lead generation form?

The purpose of a lead generation campaign is capturing the user’s patterns of interest.

By doing this, it helps to offer them a directed service, product or provide helpful information through a consultation. The form is designed to create and convert as much traffic as possible and is used through social media, email marketing, search engine optimisation and other various channels.

How much does a lead generation campaign cost?

How long is a piece of string?

There is a variable cost spread for different campaigns as there is a vast disparity between companies that approach us and their requirements.

In general, there is an ongoing management fee charged for each campaign and an execution fee.

Every company within their respective industry is unique. Some marketing and sales teams are under ten people; another could total more than 50. So the demands of a campaign to satisfy 50 sales staff are considerably larger than five. Thus meaning we must put a more extensive team together to meet those requirements.

The best way to start is to contact Digital Muscle today and let's get you in front of one of our strategists, to show you the best lead generation Sydney has to offer. Then we’ll begin to gather the right information to get you an accurate idea of timeframes and costs.

So, lead generation is what exactly and how does the process work?

Let’s start at the beginning.

Lead generation starts with finding people who are interested in your products and services and driving them into what we call ‘the sales funnel’. People are out there who need you; we help to drive them to you and assist in the sales process.

However, you still need to help with the conversions!

The way the internet works today, statistically buyers will now click and search online over three related options before you could even publish one. So, the internet is your best friend if you work with Digital Muscle on a professional lead generation campaign.

Digital channels have become proliferated in recent times and have changed the lead generation horizon beyond recognition; let us guide you through the process.

How is digital marketing a more effective way of generating leads?

Digital marketing is a more cost-effective and (if executed correctly) a more effective way of marketing. Digital Muscle help a business by accruing interest through various means like completing forms, getting likes and downloads of free apps or brochures this leaves your destiny in your own hands as opposed to hoping someone may call you.

With the right company working by your side on lead gen you are then in pole position to instigate a conversation and move them further down the sales funnel to becoming a client.

Do you consider lead generation to be sales or more like marketing?

Let’s be honest it’s no mean feat running either team and for both it’s easy to lay blame on each other for failed conversion rates. It happens every single day! Tension is rife when leads are not being converted. Digital Muscle’s lead generation as a service works to show each side of your business transparency, helping marketing become more efficient and increase the sales teams STRIKE RATE.

The motivational factor for a productive sales force is to ensure they are dealing with quality leads. We work closely in tandem with you to produce the best lead generation marketing system and continuously analyse and monitor all aspects to innovate and push the percentages.

What is the difference between lead gen & demand gen?

You provide a service and or sell products. However, what is the use if people don’t know about you.

Demand gen brings a new dynamic and changes everything in business lead generation. It creates attention, using engagement tactics and gets potential clients excited in what your selling.

Then in comes lead gen on the back of it. People who weren’t as far down the sales funnel to spend money but were somewhat interested gives them the ability to get more involved when they feel more engaged and informed.

Never lose sight of the marketing effort. In many cases, what you would consider is right for demand generation doesn’t always equate to excellent lead generation, and the other way around. Driving traffic to a website is one thing – converting it into money is another story altogether.

Business lead generation is an art, that’s why you need Digital Muscle; otherwise, everyone would be doing it right?

Beware of company’s whose primary focus is merely driving traffic, as this can cause you more problems with your sales team if the traffic is low-quality. ROI and conversions are everything to us to help your businesses success.

I’m a start-up, what a sales funnel?

Lead generation is to a start-up your life-blood. It is the foundation upon where your success or failure lies. In simplistic terms - no leads, equals no customers, equals no revenue, and unfortunately signals the end of your business.

Let’s start with lead generation in marketing.

As you will have seen throughout our FAQ’s we talk about the ‘sales funnel’ regularly, but to someone who has never used business lead generators before this may seem like trying to understand Latin.

Try to visualise the generation of leads being the start of the marketing funnel journey. As you know, all funnels are wide at the top and filter down. It’s the filtering down that a structured lead generation campaign should focus on.

How does the structure of lead gen work?

Evaluation is the key to success. Once you have gained a lead from someone who has dropped you an email or downloaded some of your company’s information, the next step is to evaluate the potential worth to your business.

So, here is where the qualification process comes into play and the synergy between marketing and sales is of utmost importance.

Qualifying the interest whether it be through your landing page, or a download makes no difference it’s all about the qualification process now. Getting to understand the prospect is essential. However, you would be foolish to waste money on someone in the middle of your marketing and sales team doing this if you didn’t have to right?


Our business lead generation is constructed around snagging as much information from the prospect to enable the qualification process to already be done. Subsequently, we increase solid leads with plentiful information that is vital to you already knowing they are your target market before being put in front of your sales team.

So, what does lead gen metrics mean, and how do they benefit me?

Analytics is the only way of knowing conclusively if your lead gen campaign is working effectively. However, don’t mistake analytics as only counting clicks on your website; that’s child's-play for Digital Muscle.

You need to keep constant attention on everything that starts at the top of the sales funnel. By monitoring and seeing where potential leads are slipping out of the funnel will help us tighten up your lead generation campaign.

Remember, no sales force on earth has a 100% conversion rate, so don’t think a lead generation campaign is going to do that for you. Every sales funnel has leaks, Digital muscle is here to ensure the cracks are as minimal as possible, and if another one arises, block it immediately.

When it comes to lead generation in marketing, we will always be up-front with you in the assessment process and ask you three questions before we throw both of us into a lead generation campaign:

  • What will we be measuring?
  • When will we be measuring?
  • How will we be measuring?

So that will lead us to the following lead gen analysis and metrics:

  • What will the marketing percentage contribute to the sales pipeline?
  • What percentage of revenue that is now in my sales pipeline organically originated from the lead gen efforts?
  • What marketing percentage was realised as closed revenue?
  • What is the daily, weekly, monthly amount of Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)?
  • What is the number of SQLs getting through to the sales team on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?
  • What is the dropout rate from the SQLs at the sales stage?
  • What is the percentage of leads not being rejected by the sales team on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?
  • How does this equate to the cost per enquiry?
  • What is the total amount of leads cost divided by the enquiries received over the said periods?
  • What is the total cost of the lead generation campaign divided by the number of leads generated that entered the sales funnel?

Then there are subsequent metrics we break down frequently throughout any lead gen campaign:

  • What are the number of enquiries that become a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)?
  • What are the conversion rates of an initial enquiry to an MQL?

All of the above and more are where you find potential fall-out’s that are stopping you from reaching your full potential and potentially at the beginning of a lead generation campaign needing to tweak and adjust.

How do you define what a lead generation campaign is?

At Digital Muscle, we start by saying lets starting thinking about how we engage our potential customer’s instead of just creating a generic lead generation campaign!

There are WAY too many digital marketing firms out there who simply focus on offers and building basic digital marketing campaigns and do not understand the core of what lead generation as a service is.

When you are dealing with Digital Muscle, you are working with a firm who build everything around a multichannel format.

A multichannel format is what works in the online world today; you can’t rely on one form of marketing to get results. If you are dealing with a lead gen firm who solely concentrate on product-centric offers with a go-to the customer approach, you will, unfortunately, be swimming upstream for some time.

Be wary of anyone who tells you to ‘be aggressive’. That’s the old way of conducting lead generation in marketing. The new way is to be attentive, attractive and available! These are the keys to success in the current online world.

Do you have some off the shelf lead generation ideas?

It’s all in the channels that you use.

Lead generation in marketing only works when you are courting the right audience, and judging what channels you use to achieve this is everything.

So when we look at the leading players in the market, such as:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

And then consider the basics such as:

  • Apps
  • Searches
  • Chat
  • Email

We then need to assess what value each of these would potentially have to your specific audience in lead gen.

Once you can confidently understand the intrinsic value that each of these channels can deliver to your potential customers, then you have the basis for building your sales funnel.

Realistically there’s a combination that you can use:

  • Call to Action (CTA): This usually involves getting them engaged enough to ask for information or enter their information.
  • The Landing Page: This is where they enter the sales funnel. But don’t expect a bland page to do the job in today’s environment. You need to give them plenty of reasons to engage with you at this stage, but be careful not to oversell, keep it informative, directive but not too pitchy.
  • Call to Action (CTA): This usually involves getting them engaged enough to ask for information or enter their information.
  • Call to Action (CTA): This usually involves getting them engaged enough to ask for information or enter their information.
  • The Form: This is what captures all the information that your team requires to begin the sales process and assess if this is a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). At Digital Muscle, we look at an email address, their business info, and two or three relevant questions related to your services or product(s).
Can you give me some examples of lead generation?

At Digital Muscle, we thrive on adaptation and innovation. We treat the lead generation business seriously! We find ways of gaining your business attention that you would not have thought of before.

Here are a few examples of taking your business to new heights of recognition:

Get more creative than just using PDF’s, think about how to get your services across to someone. It’s the difference between pub grub and fine dining, the menu speaks volumes, and the food looks fantastic.

Other ideas such as offering a free course, giving demonstrations and coupons are also winners.

The internet is being used more and more, and so are platforms such as Zoom for webinars. Webinars are an excellent way to engage a new audience, and they don’t feel like you are directly selling them, although through a webinar, subliminally YOU ARE!

What is the secret to lead generation for business?

Unbeknown to many, there is not such a wide gap between B2B lead gen and B2C lead gen.

Never forget behind every lead is a person! However, when you consider a business, their interests are slightly different. So at Digital Muscle, we adjust your B2B strategy accordingly to deliver as business lead generators.

These are areas that we take into consideration when structuring a plan:

  • We look at LinkedIn group targeting
  • Also targeting LinkedIn job titles
  • Using a webinar upgrade
  • Using Facebook for lead capture
  • Analysing your competitor’s interested audience

All of those areas are what we will analyse, but remember every industry and business is different, and this plays a pivotal role in how we suggest you start with a leads generation campaign.

So at the end of the day, are lead generation companies worth the outlay?

We will be the first to tell you NO - not in the long run.

It’s easy to overpay for your leads and if you get involved with a company that does not pay full attention to your sales funnel, your industry and the right demographics you can find yourself trapped and spending money you can ill afford.

Too many lead gen companies out there believe a lead is a lead. It’s the same with digital marketing companies that sell you extended SEO campaigns just to generate ‘clicks’. It sounds good, and they may well achieve it, however, does it generate the money you are looking for?

More often than not, the answer is ‘NO’.

At Digital Muscle, we categorise ourselves as a ‘Growth Company’. We immerse ourselves in your sales funnel from the very top to the bottom.

We assist you in identifying where your weaknesses lay and adapting techniques to continue achieving results. We have been known to help companies identify weaknesses in their sales teams too!

If you need to take your lead generation to the next level, then contact us today as you can never base your entire marketing strategy around someone clicking on an ad or browsing your site. It’s about a full-funnel strategy that engages potential people to contact you, and in-turn makes it easy to engage them and make the sales cycle smooth.

Contact us today, and we’ll start assessing how we can get you to the next level!

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