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We are a one-stop marketing company that delivers you a high-end website, SEO, and social media marketing services.

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  • Ryan Au
    Ryan Au
    China Campaign Manager
  • Andrey T
    Andrey T
    Senior developer
  • Peerapak Lerdsuwan
    Peerapak Lerdsuwan
    Senior developer
  • Fah (Passion Asasu)
    Fah (Passion Asasu)
    Web Designer
  • Christine Gabales
    Christine Gabales
  • David Sedillo
    David Sedillo
  • Arthur C
    Arthur C
    Snr Web Strategist
  • Sawittri Puttanapun
    Sawittri Puttanapun
    Thailand Marketing Manager
  • Ben Miranda
    Ben Miranda
    Digital Strategist
  • Vinay Kup
    Vinay Kup
    Technical SEO
  • Adrian Cruce
    Adrian Cruce
  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones

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Services We Offer

Our Packages Are Geared To Bring You Success

PPC Marketing and Media Buying

PPC Marketing and Media Buying

Our PPC knowledge enables you to reach your target market and boost your exposure on the SERPs

Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Digital Muscle designs search engine and user-friendly websites to attract potential customers and convert them into business

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency

Our SEO specialists work with you to jump out of the block from day one with the right strategy

Premier Services We Deliver

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Digital Muscle gets straight to the point with you - What is your goal as a business? What do you need to achieve now and where do we need to take you? Together we establish how much it is going to cost to grow your business. We will help you strategize and form a long term solution which will supersede your expectations on ROI.

Our Objectives Are

Digital Muscle ensures every client experiences modern and innovative web design. What many people fail to realise is it has to be search engine conducive combined with practical and results-driven SEO and digital marketing, at very affordable prices. We believe every business, whether large or small, deserves the opportunity to grow and reach its full potential.

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Affordable Services

We first ascertain and provide digital marketing and web design solutions to maximise your budget

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Help Your Company Grow

Discover our website and Rocket_______ Let’s make things happen!

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Implement Strategies

Discover our website and Rocket_______ Let’s make things happen!

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Achieve Goals

Achieve your business goals and supersede your completion

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Results-driven SEO

We deliver tangible results, create traffic and leads for your business

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Quality Work

Quality over quantity is what you want when it comes to backlinks – We conduct quality organic SEO

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SEO Audit

Results-Driven SEO Company Australia

Many SEO companies in Australia promise to increase your search engine rankings within a short time drastically, but Digital Muscle believes that SEO should go beyond rankings. While rankings are essential for building your brand and generating leads, the real goal is to convert your website visitors into paying customers.

Business Growth

SEO is the lifeblood of digital businesses everywhere. With search engines algorithms developing, optimising websites, creating engaging quality content, social media marketing, local searches, online advertising, and link-building becomes essential.

We are a leading SEO company in Australia. We engage with you to understand what you want to achieve and what your budget is for growing your business, we will help you strategise and form long term solutions that ensure premium return on investment.

When considering the right SEO company, you need to assess whether they match your business needs. However, finding top SEO companies to partner with can be frustrating. Ethical search engine optimisation is what we do for each client campaign to ensure continual results.

Digital Muscle Services Include

  • Google Penalty Removal Services (manual, partial or thin content penalties)
  • Web Design (Premium UX/UI for your customers enabling higher search engine rankings)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing) / SNS Scheduling & Management
  • Website Analysis & Optimisation
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  • GEO-Targeted SEO (SEO for a local audience or set for a specific geographic location)
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Digital Strategy (A uniformed 360-degree approach to your online marketing plan)
  • Holistic Digital Marketing
  • Advertising (Google AdWords PPC, Gmail Remarketing, Instagram ads, Facebook ads and posts).

Our Company

We collaborate with you to fully understand how your business works, analyse your industry, your competition and consider your goals and aspirations. Through our initial research, we identify marketing strategies that generate the best results and, at the same time, build a relationship based on mutual trust and development with you.

We Work Towards

+61 2 8003 5090

Once we understand your business and objectives, we get straight to work analysing your competitors, look at why you are not ranking as high as some and how we can create convertible traffic to your site and increase brand awareness. Get on-board with us today.


Digital Muscle is at the forefront of digital marketing, not just in Australia. We are growing as an international brand, which if your business can, get on-board and we will take you with us.

We deliver high-end websites, high-end SEO tactics, and social media marketing services. We treat our clients like family, talk to us today and we will grow your business as we are growing ours.

+61 2 8003 5090
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If you're looking for an affordable digital marketing agency and SEO company to work closely with you to get more traffic and sales, you can trust us!

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