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PPC Marketing/Media Buying

Successful paid media campaigns help you reach your relevant audience by expanding your exposure on the SERPs. Digital Muscle’s PPC marketing and media buying services will make the most out of your advertising budget by promoting your website on various platforms, thereby increasing leads, customer loyalty and growth potential.

What Can PPC Campaign & Media Buying Do For You?

Steps To Ranking

Acquisition Cost



A programmatic media buying technology can optimise your digital campaign to increase their CTRs with a maintained Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). This technology will enable you to showcase ads to your customers based on their interest, preferences, social interaction and habits. These programmatic ads will enable you to conduct effective loyalty campaigns and remarketing strategies.


To Achieve That

Digital Muscle has some of the highest quality AdWords Certified Professionals. Determining the best PPC (Pay Per Click) management cost is very crucial as it helps to target the plan that is most relevant to your needs. With the knowledge and the experience of the PPC management team at Digital Muscle, you will increase your business’s Return on Investment (ROI).

Launch A PPC & Native Ad Campaign

We will help you launch a PPC campaign on the main search engines with an advertising strategy. It will include sponsored articles on the blogs and other platforms as per your business requirements.

Make Use Of Programmatic Technology

We place ads on a variety of media platforms using a media plan we develop for you. This technology calculates the CAC (Customer Aquisition Cost) and ensures accurate targeting.

Advertising viathe Media

If the presence of a paid media resource helps to achieve your marketing goal, then we will directly deal with the relevant outlets and negotiate for your best interests.

Why Us

We combine your consumer’s data with all the other relevant data available to them which includes all the recent searches to their shopping behaviour. Based on that, the system will identify and reach the users who are just like your customers. The term for this is called ‘Scaling through audience lookalike modelling’.

This is modelled around first gathering the consumer data, then profiling, which is then scaled through to be the final target audience reach of your website.

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