What is an engaged follower? He/she is a person who likes you and trusts you. A successful marketer understands the importance of an engaged follower. They leverage his/her presence to fuel sales. In order to create a community of fans for your brand, engaging with the audience on social media platform is an ideal way. But it is a very cautious path to walk on. How can you increase your conversion rate with social media marketing? This is the prime focus of this post. You will learn the tried and tested methods that will give you a number of ways to engage with your prospects effectively to increase your business’s conversion rate. Let’s get started,

Understand Your Social Media Engagement With Social Analytics

Understand Your Social Media It is a tedious process to gather, analyse and report which makes analytics a very hectic task. With the right tool, you can easily understand your social media engagement. Let’s see what are the major pointers you need to understand in your social analytics tool,
  1. You must measure the success of your social message to make necessary improvements in your future social media messages.
  2. You must identify the ROI. Robust numbers are very crucial in measuring correct values.
  3. You must spot the trends with your content and social media channel. The tool must help you in understanding the audience in the right way.
  4. Take a necessary tool that can help you in comparing the performances across all of your social networks easily and conveniently.
  5. Social Media Engagement Tactics That Can Help You In Increasing Your Conversion Rate
Social media Conversion rate Social media engagement is very difficult (for a good reason though!!!), but you cannot always be at the right moment with amazing content. A good planning can be really helpful for you in order to avoid any kind of stress. Let’s see the tactics that will help you in strategizing, planning, creating and scheduling your social media campaign for enhanced conversion rates.

Share Videos & Be Part Of 100+ Million Video Hours

Share video posts Coschedule claims that alone on Facebook, over 100 million hours of videos are being watched on daily basis. Also, there is another stat by them which claims that over 82% of Twitter users prefer watching videos. Hence, it is safe to say that video sharing will definitely engage your prospects and followers. Some important pointers for you while creating and sharing videos on social media platforms.

Remember To Tag Your Guest Bloggers

Guest bloggers Everyone wants to be recognized for doing something great and amazing. It's primal human cognitive effect. So, have a look at a number of ways that can help you in tagging your fans, prospects and influencer to increase the effectiveness of the social media message. When you use a quote from a specific person, use graphics to showcase the quote. Then tag the person whom you quoted. It is very easy to find their Facebook page or Twitter handle simply by using the search option on the platform. The overall point of social media is involving people. Tag as much as relevant people to your social media message and grow your fan base.

Voraciously Share Other’s Valuable Content

Share valuable content Content Curation is one of the best ways to share valuable content in SEO. But it is not just SEO where content curation is beneficial. Social media content curation is also an awesome way to sharing valuable content that assures high-quality engagement of your audience. I would like to quote Julie Neidlinger of Coschedule, “[Your followers] trust you’ll point out the most important stuff. They trust you won’t waste their time. They trust that you’ll know them well enough that you’ll do a better job finding information that an algorithm or computer can’t quite master. Social media content curation is a lifesaver for an audience drowning in information.” Create a social mix for your audience even if it is not your content. Everyone appreciate marketing content on a social media platform. A social media content curation is one of the best ways to tag an author or an influencer. This helps you spread value among your audience and also gives you high authority level among your fans that is good for your conversion rates.

Time Your Post To Increase Effectiveness

Time to increase post frequency For all the social media platforms, there are certain time periods where the maximum users are active. Once you understand the timings, you are all set to go for glory. It is believed that on Facebook, Sunday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the best days with up to 32% of higher engagement. Best times for Facebook are 9 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM. Posting on these timings and days can give you maximum exposure. Let’s talk about Twitter, Wednesday is believed to have 16% better performance for both B2B and B2C businesses. Weekends are 16% more engaging for B2C and Weekdays are 16% more engaging for B2B communications. The best timings for Twitter are considered to be at 12 PM, 3 PM, 5 & 6 PM. You can leverage this data to earn more traffic and conversions using Twitter. Consider your audience and then get hold of the data and see your website conversion rates sky-high.

An Emotional Heading Increase Clickthroughs

Emotional Heading It is understandable that for higher conversion rates your audience must be attracted to your content. Which element of your post is the first element of the impression for your audience? Is it the introduction? No, it is the heading of your post that gives the first impression of your post to your audience. Writing emotional headings is a great asset if used correctly. You can find number of marketing research which indicates that people drawn to emotional components. When the sharing of your post is higher due to emotional headlines, the engagement of your post elevates, that gives you more chances to convert the visitors.

Increase Your Post Frequency For Enhanced Organic Traffic

Increase Your Post Frequency If the posting frequency on social media is increased by 29%, it can enhance your social media reach up to 65%. Here is an enticing study by Digital Muscle where we check the timings of Facebook and Twitter platforms alongside the frequency of posts. Let’s see what we found, In Facebook, posting at least or at most once in a day is optimum. The second question we emphasize on is When to post. Our studies showed that Posting every day one post in between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm brings you heavy organic traffic via Facebook. When concerning Twitter, 15 tweets or retweets are recommended (These findings belongs to Quick Sprout). The maximum number of tweets must be under 51. You can schedule the tweets on 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 am, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 pm. Scheduling according to these timelines can be very fruitful.

Standalone Social Media Messages To Bolster Shares

Standalone Social Media Messages Everyone wants to post social media messages that contain a backlink of your website or post. However, more fruitful results can be achieved if you post standalone posts such as an image with something funny or valued quotes or stats or facts. There are many bigger brands who are constantly trying to promote their brand by standalone social media messages. Twitter also claimed a stats on this one. They said, “Posting a standalone graphic with a quote increases retweets by 19%”. There is nothing more to add on this. Make use of standalone social media messages and increase your conversion rate by making people recognise your brand.

Over To You

So, these are some of the tips that can really help you in enhancing your conversion rate for your website. When you have a high volume of traffic, the chances of high conversion rates are probable. For your convenience, let’s have a look at a summary that will help you in understanding these tips and applying them to your social media campaign. These are not the only points to enhance your conversion rates. There are more to the fold. I would love to discuss them in the next series of this post. Till then have a great day ahead and happy social media campaigning.

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