You have seen a lot of articles on SEO trends 2018. In a nutshell, they all tell you to keep an eye on competitors and the way your target audience search queries. Also, how social media will be responsible for your increased traffic. When 2018 arrived, everyone is looking for new approaches in the realm of digital marketing. This is the reason, why Digital Muscle is bringing a new blog series, where we will provide market insights to inspire you with all the latest and important information for your digital marketing strategies. What We Have Got For You In This Post? From this post, you will learn all the necessary info about the latest digital marketing trends that will help you to grow your business. Just like Michael Buffer, “Let’s get ready to rumble”. Before you go any further, you must know that digital marketing is not just limited to SEO (Believe me, that is a bummer for many!!!). SEO is just a part of Digital marketing. Let’s have a look at the other tenets of digital marketing, These four tenets combine to give you digital marketing phenomenon. We will discuss the trends of each tenet separately so that there will be no room for any type of confusion. In addition to that, we will also give some expert’s opinions to show why this is becoming a trend. So, are you ready to for a whacking journey of digital marketing trends? Let’s get you started then! In this section, you will learn about the latest SEO trends that will rock the floor of digital marketing in 2018. Without further ado, let’s get you started...

Comprehensive And Value-Based Content Will Be The Priority

This trend is basically forecasted by Senior SEO Manager of Screaming Frog, Mark Porter. Not just him, but many other SEO experts believe that lengthy content will become a priority in the coming days. The standard of content is always expected to increase every year. To get the right type of exposure, you need to generate good content. And it is not just the quality and structure of content. The idea itself which drives the content must be unique and imaginative and relatable. Storytelling is one of the newer approaches to writing content. A strong story behind the content is paramount. You need to understand that with the passage of time engagement is inevitable if interest is there. Now, there is a catch!!! Don’t try too hard to make a content interactive just for sake of it. It will make your content funny and a victim of memes (Next time you will see your content trending will be on Instagram under the section of blooper!!!). Seek to add value to the content and make that piece a masterpiece.

 Skyscraper Technique Will Be A Common Practice

Globally famous blogger and my personal favourite, Brian Dean invented a technique which he coined, “Skyscraper Technique”. Just imagine you are visiting Dubai and some guide of yours shows you the tallest building of the city (You know the name!!!). Will you ask him that Is this the best building of the city? That question will be ridiculous right? So, skyscraper technique is basically identifying the best content in your target niche and then building a better content (take it as building a 5 floor taller building). Why are we doing all this? To get a quality backlink. In 2018, quality backlink will be even harder to get. The competition in the line will increase. The way out will be skyscraper technique. If you want to be #1, you will have to earn it as well. And for that, you need to put extra effort to create out of box content that can provide value to your viewers. A robust strategy is the only way out of this. So, if You Want More Traffic, Use Skyscraper Technique in 2018.

RankBrain Is Going To Be Common And Well Accepted

Last year Google introduced their AI RankBrain and it changed the SEO forever. Many of the SEO personalities weren’t able to comprehend set of actions they need to take to go according to this Artificial Intelligent Algorithm of Google. RankBrain simply measures how your user interacts with your website and then rank them according to it. In a nutshell, RankBrain take these two factors into account, This not only shows how sophisticated RankBrain is but also how crucial a quality content is. That simply shows how important the first trend in which we mentioned above.

You Need To Get Ready For Mobile-First Index

Last year, Google stressed a lot on mobile-driven websites. They introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages. They also coined the term, “Mobile-First Index”. Towards the end of 2017, we have seen mobile searches increase up to 60% of total Google searches. So, you need to be prepared. You need to prepare your content to be consistent across the mobile and desktop. That doesn’t mean that you need a mobile version. Google itself recommended that you should switch to responsive design. Test your website for mobile usage and give it a final go. According to Ed Leake of Midas Media, PPC trends will shake the marketers with the tremors of extraordinary changes. In this section, you will learn about the pay per click trends that will guide you in your marketing campaign for 2018.

Rising CPC Pressure

Pressure is always expected from CPC (Cost per Click, you know that right?). As the competition is rising, the pressure on CPC will increase. Everyone is switching to digital advertising. The bids will be tricky with the increasing competition. You can expect a sleek change or I better say, an increase in the number of ads in the Google searches. There is a shift in which marketers switch from traditional advertising platforms to PPC. It always proves to have better reach than any of the other advertising media. They are cost effective too which makes the marketers fell in love with them.

Behavioural Targeting Game

Like the Game of Thrones, this is also a big complicated game where you need to understand what people want (I am a diehard fan of GOT bytheway). As Google has taken a step further in analysing people’s behavioral targeting, you must cope up with that or you are doomed for the rest of the year. That is not funny (I am serious when there is a dire need!), so you must get a better understanding of your target audience.

The Cost Will Rise As Always

The cost in all the three areas of PPC namely, Bidding, Devices, and Destination expects to increase significantly. All these areas will experience the rise in cost. I reckon you to observe at least 50 conversions per month to have an optimum amount of data for auto bidding to work. Remember that analytics is always your friend. Run an aggressive desktop bid if your mobile is not converting and run mobile bid if desktop isn’t converting. Test and optimise constantly.

Content Marketing Trends For 2018

Content Marketers in the house, attention! There are few trends on which you must have a peek in 2018. Let’s see what are those,

You Must Create Data-Driven and Original Content

In 2017, an in-detail and comprehensive content were prefered. That trend will modify in 2018. The content must be comprehensive but also backed up with robust stats to support the claims. Viewers and readers want fresh content every time and if they find your content in Google which is similar to others, you are doomed. You need to make sure that the visualization and the structure of content are also unique. Don’t just paraphrase other’s findings. You must make sure that you provide a unique insight and value to your readers. The visual content must also follow the same breadcrumbs. You need to personalize the content. Bolstering your organization is no longer required. If your organization is worthy enough, you must reflect it by sharing valuable and interactive content. Selling pitch is old school and it doesn’t work now.

Influencer-Driven Content Will Be Appreciated

Content with value is good. Stats for supporting is great. Reference to the influencer is awesome. How so? It’s simple, influencers are the one, who have loads of followers behind their back. They don’t need to market their content anymore. Mentioning their ideas and counteracting on their points to create a unique viewpoint is the new trend. Visitors will appreciate it and tend to read your findings with interest. That is the exact thing you want aye? So, make sure to use influencer-driven content and create a new insight. This will help you in establishing yourself and your organization in the minds of your readers.

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018

The social media is a very noisy and busy platform. You can see the number of posts by marketers trying hard to get the traffic from the platform to their websites. Sometimes, it makes me laugh but sometimes it makes me feel wow. Trends that you need to follow in social media marketing are given below,

Awesome Content With Personalized Stories Are Paramount

As always if you want to connect with the viewer you need to cater good, no great content. Content-based on personal experience will help you in building relationships with your reader. Fascinating stories are always loved by readers. It makes them connect themselves with the story (Same that happens to you while watching Dexter; Everybody wants to be a serial killer!!!!). It gives you maximum shares and increases traffic on your website.

Instagram Stories Will Trend Unexpectedly

According to TechCrunch, Instagram stories are reaching around 200 million people each month. That is an astounding figure not just for Instagram, but also for digital marketers. With these figures in hand, Everyone can estimate that Instagram stories will trend in 2018. Mastering this strategy will be great for small businesses. They will be the major bonafide of this growing platform.

 Messenger Marketing Will Be More Frequent Than Ever

With a whopping reach of 2.5 Billion people across the globe, Facebook Messenger is the new way to connect with your prospects. It doesn’t matter if you are associated with a small business or an enterprise, you can leverage Messenger via plugins such as Customer Chat Plugin and then it will be like conquering the world with a single super-sword.

Concluding It Finally

Now, you know what trends you need to emphasize on for the betterment of your business. These trends will simply add value to your business. I do hope that you like this post. Did I miss something? Mention those things in comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Till then, have a good one mate. Reference:


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