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Signs You’re Not Working With The Right Web Design Company

As do-it-yourself design templates and web builders grow in numbers, anyone can design websites these days. However, if you want to build a professional-looking and highly functional website, hiring a reputable web design company is your best recourse. Unfortunately, the Internet is rife with shady individuals and companies claiming to offer quality web design services.

Years of experience in the SEO and web design and development industries have taught us to be vigilant. Not all companies and individual service providers claiming to be reputable can deliver what you ask of them. These signs will tell you to avoid certain types of web design companies.

Too-Good-To-Be-True Web Design Prices

People usually can’t say “no” to cheap rates – especially those who badly need websites but are totally clueless about the way things work. When a web design company offers extremely low rates, they jump at the opportunity without a moment’s hesitation.

But cheap web design rates are cheap for a reason. Your web design will barely give you what you’re looking for: traffic and leads. The reality of today’s world is that quality means MORE. You have to pay more in order to get more. Spending less money on your website means you’re likely to get less than what you expected.

It fairs to do some research about fair professional web design rates. Better yet, ask around for recommendations.

Pay Upfront, Pay in Full

There is something fishy about web design service providers that insist you pay in full upfront for a website they are yet to build.

Authentic web design companies have flexible payment systems. They may ask you for a deposit or propose a set of terms and agreements that you can both agree on. The goal is to come up with a mutually beneficial payment plan that will continue until the website is live. Any web design company that forces you to pay in advance is not worth your time.

They Confuse You with Jargon

Not everyone who wants a website knows about web design and development. It’s because of this lack of technical knowledge that they’re looking for professional web design companies, to begin with.

Some designers and design firms take advantage of this. When presenting a proposal to the client, they spew technical terms to give the impression that they know what they’re doing. Though not completely understanding what was said to them, some clients end up agreeing and pay for web design services anyway.

The point is not to dazzle the clients with jargon but to offer web design solutions that work.

Non-Responsive Web Design

The moment your chosen web design company fails to mention “responsiveness” in the roster of web solutions they’re offering, you have to think twice before signing that contract. Now that the world has shifted to mobile search – with smartphone and tablet users exceeding the number of desktop users – mobile responsiveness is a given.

It’s going to be problematic if your website fails to display properly on any device. Avoid companies that are not aware of, much less offer responsive web design services.


Most of the signs enumerated above tend to be subtle, so not every client can detect them. If you do see – even glimpse hints – of these signs when dealing with a potential web design company, turn them down nicely. Find the ones who can give you the opposite of the qualities mentioned above.

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