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Why It’s Important to Work with a Professional Web Design Company

Whether you are a start-up business or an established one, it pays to have a solid online presence while working with a professional web design company. The strength of your online presence can contribute to your company’s overall access. And did you know that you leave a mark on the world wide web with every high-quality website you put out?

In this rapidly expanding digital landscape, there are so many websites vying for first place positions on various search engine results pages (SERPs). From close to 900 million websites in January 2014, Netcraft Web Server Survey reported that the Internet has already accommodated close to 2 billion websites as per recent data.

Despite this impressive development, only 1 million websites (or 1 per cent of the entire website population) are responsible for 50 per cent of worldwide web traffic.

Is there something wrong with my website?

For you to gauge your website’s competitiveness, ask experts to conduct an objective audit on your site’s performance. As a rule of thumb, websites must be user-friendly with a professional appearance and functional elements. In addition, it should be a reflection of what your business stands for and your core values.

But businesses always try to go for cheaper options. They either build their own website or enlist the services of amateurs. And they wonder why their website fails to attract the right audiences.

Why hire a professional web design company?

If you want a successful website, it is best to let a professional web design company build it for you.

Here is a list of reasons why hiring a professional web design and development firm is hands-down the most effective solution to your website performance or competitiveness problems:

1. You can customise your web design

Unlike website builder tools that work on existing templates, working with professional web designers gives you unlimited opportunities to customise your website. A custom look is not easily achieved with website templates. The overall look, the structure and functionalities are a given. Despite the custom options, you can only do so much as the template would allow.

You think you may have saved time and resources but that is not the case. DIY websites tend to look subpar and less impressive when compared to fully customised websites.

Remember that quicker and cheaper turnaround time is not worth the risk. If you want long-term results, you must take it upon yourself to invest in a professional website. Hire a tried and tested web design company with knowledge on search engine optimisation and UX web design. You will be surprised at your increased credibility and higher conversions.

2. You can access on-trend resources

One of the perks of working with professional web designers and developers is that they know the latest happenings in their field. From the latest web design tools to plug-ins to UX design, only the pros have access to crucial information that typical developers may not.

They are always a step ahead when it comes to web design and development. And whether you need a fast-loading e-commerce website or an easy-to-use business web page, these designers and developers can whip up your dream website as scheduled.

With DIY websites, the burden of keeping up with the latest tools and trends will weigh heavily on your shoulders. Give or take a few learning curves, who knows how much time will have passed before you or an accomplice will get the hang of things.

For a stress-free and smooth-sailing web design and development process, leave everything to a professional web design company. All the resources you need, they will gladly provide for you.

3. Your website will be friendly to users and search engines

These days, websites are hardly balanced. Some websites are user-friendly but perform poorly on search engine results. Others rank well on the SERPs but give their users a headache due to poor functionalities. If your goal is to grow your business online, your website should be friendly to both bots and actual visitors.

Here is where SEO compliance comes in. Along with mobile-readiness and fast loading pages, SEO compliance simply means your website is something that Google and other search engines can easily read. Moreover, your website not only contains quality content but does not in any way try to one-up indexing algorithms.

And what is really exciting about working with professional website design companies? They have in-house SEO experts who work in tandem with their in-house designers and developers. That’s basically a full team of pros behind your business!

Case in Point

If you want a quality customised web design for your business website, you don’t have to sell yourself short. And neither should you spend hundreds of dollars. Why settle for less when you can get everything under one roof?

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