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SEO Tip 5 – High Quality Content = Steroids For Ranking Growth

We love to joke and say that Digital Muscle is like steroids for SEO rankings and a huge part of the reason behind this “joke” is that we understand the importance of high-quality content. Whenever you talk with a professional that has a lot of experience, you will be told that content is the most important part of SEO.

The reason why this is the case is really simple: search engines rely on analyzing text in order to understand what a page is all about. They do not see the pictures, Flash animations or YouTube videos. Too many site owners remain focused on how their site looks like and completely forget to put effort into the content that is offered.

Obviously, the appearance of a site counts. The visitor is not a Google robot. He/she is a human being that wants to see something that is engaging and that would capture attention. Even so, you have to start with the content that you offer in written form and then move on towards graphics and other ways to create something really special.

Although you may have heard this before, here are some simple recommendations that you should always remember:

  1. Use headlines to let the reader know what the next part of the page is about. This helps as the robots see what keywords may be important and the visitor is also attracted.
  2. Use the appropriate Meta tags. While the keywords tag is useless, the description ant title tags are really useful. They will help the person that uses the search engine to see what the page is about and the robots will also analyze them to some extent.
  3. Never use Adobe Flash – it will make pages load slower and search engines cannot read Flash content.
  4. Use bullet lists and small paragraphs – People lose focus really fast on the internet.

High Quality Content For Site Articles

This one is obvious and most people remain focused on it. They will write the best possible content that they can and publish it on their sites. Obviously, this is something that is imperative but it is not enough.

High Quality Content For Link Building Articles

The fastest way to get great links to your site is to publish articles somewhere else. Whether you use a service that is similar to our White Label SEO packages or simply run a guest posting campaign, you will naturally think about getting as many backlinks as possible. That is completely normal.

What many forget is that everything that is associated with a website should be of really high quality. When the content that is used for articles that generate backlinks is really engaging for visitors, they will share the content and may even put a link towards it on their sites. This creates a chain reaction that can bring in tremendous benefits for your SEO campaign. In the event that the quality of the articles used for link building purposes is low, you do not gain any of these benefits.

High Quality Content For Social Media Posts

People forget about social media content and treat it in an improper way. You need to also focus on what you write when you share something on Facebook or on Twitter because of the exact reasons that were mentioned above. Also, read our really simple social media tips for startups. They do apply for most sites out there.

Take Your Content To The Gym!

Steroids are illegal and you should never use them when you go to the gym. You may believe that high-quality content is the same since we made the analogy above but that is definitely not the case. What counts is to always try to get better at everything you do, whether it is SEO, blogging or anything else. It is better to spend more time on your content and useless for SEO purposes than generate hundreds of articles of truly inferior quality. You are looking for that viral effect and that can only happen if you work on everything that you do and you get better at content writing.


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