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How Competition Can Work to Your Advantage

Caught up in a tough competition with everyone fighting tooth and nail for that number 1 spot on Google? Your SEO company is telling you to do this and that to your website and it's driving you nuts.

Though you sometimes wish you could bail out of the rat race, the truth is you need competition to grow your business. Consider it a barometer on your performance. Would you have known how good you are at hockey if you're playing by yourself?

Suppose you have a monopoly of your niche market, would you have bothered to keep up with SEO trends? Would customer feedback still matter to you? Do you need to change your processes or improve the quality of your products and services?

When all customers are yours anyway, why bother?

In the absence of competitors, it's easy to slack off. You become complacent and stagnant. Worse, you get stuck in the same routine and fail to move forward.

Competitors push you to do your best, adjust your methods, gain new perspective and standardise your processes to win customers. But that's just one side of the story.

The other side is that not everyone takes competition lightly. Especially businesses doing SEO. A little drop in rankings and it's like the end of the world already.

So how do you deal with competition gracefully? You may have fallen behind the pack, but there are ways to ensure competition works to your advantage:

Use Competition to Drive Innovation

Innovate your business with good SEO services

What is innovation and why do businesses need it?

Innovation is a new way of doing things, leading to breakthroughs in the development of products, services and processes. It banks on change and creativity as catalysts for growth.

Without innovation, businesses will not be able to connect with the new generation of consumers and accommodate emerging markets. Innovation makes sure your business reflects the spirit of the times and earns consistent revenue whatever the circumstances.

But innovation alone won't cut it. There must be a strong driving force behind your efforts to change the way you do things. This is where competition comes in handy.

According to Dave Lloyd from ClickZ Marketing Technology Information, an innovative SEO strategy pays attention to the following:

Data about your team, your potential clients, your competition and effective techniques Analysis and interpretation of all data sets Behaviour of everyone who benefits from your data Other markets

Use the fourth item above as a springboard for innovation. Look into other markets and avoid placing your eggs in one basket. Go where your competitors have not tread. You may have the same target customers but see what happens if you tap into markets they've neglected. See what happens if you offer a more comprehensive product or service package at a lesser rate.

Here's an example of how you can use innovation to get thousands of Facebook followers.

Be Ethical When Spying on Your Competitors

SEO company Australia adopts good SEO practices

If your business website does not have enough traffic or customers, it's hard for you to extract useful feedback. In this situation, spy on your competitors to know what their customers want. Since you share the same market, understanding the behaviour of competitors' customers will help you understand your future customers too.

Remember that spying on your competitors for innovation purposes shouldn't be . Innovation means creating something new and different out of existing ideas. In this regard the following scenarios should be avoided:

Whether you're conducting your business or doing a digital marketing campaign, honesty is always the best policy. Search engines know whether you're trying to outwit algorithms or really giving your target customers quality information. Ethical SEO or white hat SEO is beneficial in the long run. Though occasionally slow and steady, you don't have to be concerned with Google penalties when you adopt an ethical approach.

Benchmark Best Practices

Best practices for your SEO

Each competitor has a strength not present in others. If you are yet to identify your own strength as a business, it's good to study your competitor websites and understand why their offerings click. This will give you an idea of their competitive edge and what keeps them on Google's radar.

Benchmarking is the ongoing process of comparing the performance, system, methods and practices of your industry's best players to those of your own. Know what you lack that your big-time competitors have.

The benchmarking process usually looks at time, quality and cost with the end goal of creating a faster, more efficient or unique product, service or process. It is not the same as copying what your competitors already did or achieved.

SEO Benchmarking also involves:

When choosing websites to benchmark for your SEO campaign, choose the ones that display these qualities:

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