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2020 Game-Changing SEO & Digital Marketing Trends You Shouldn't Miss

SEO trends in 2019 brought to you by SEO Specialists Sydney Moving ahead of the flock means you have to plan your SEO and digital marketing strategy before everyone else. There is no shortcut to success but you can see faster results through a combination of these two: identifying incoming trends and laying out concrete, workable plans for each. Throughout 2018 and 2019, Google upset many websites and surprised seasoned SEO strategists with the mobile-first index and its renewed focus on speed. In 2020, SEO efforts are expected to continue moving in this direction. But take note: there will be game-changers beyond the direct scope and influence of Google through which you can anchor your digital marketing. Without further adieu, let us explore and re-discuss these trends while thinking of ways to adopt them.

1. Complete Roll Out of the Mobile-First Index

Simply put, mobile-first index pertains to Google prioritising the mobile version of your homepage and web pages. Indexing and ranking for your mobile pages will take precedence over your desktop website. The first rollout began in March of last year. Google’s migrated some processes so that sites with a mobile version received indexing and ranking priority. In fact, your Search Console may have informed you about it. This is not to say that only mobile versions will be indexed in view of this indexing shift. Both mobile and desktop websites are subject to a single index. However, “mobile-first” simply means that, upon site migration, Google will utilise the mobile versions for ranking and indexing instead. Crossing our fingers you understood what we were trying to explain. Now that your mobile web pages are given priority ranking, you have every reason to transform every corner of your website into one that is mobile-friendly. Action plan? Go mobile ASAP. As it turns out, Google isn't really uber strict when it comes to mobile web pages. Any version appears to be accepted, provided Google can crawl it and understand what your website is about. Migrate your desktop site to a mobile version or at the very least a website that's compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet all at the same time. Wordpress and other similar platforms can help you build mobile-responsive pages with little to no headaches. You may also want to enlist the help of an SEO Audit Tool or to know exactly what you lack in the area of mobile-friendliness.

2. Mobile Pages That Load Fast

This year, you can expect more trends related to UX and fast websites. While desktop page loading time was a big deal in crawling and ranking websites, nowadays it's all about mobile page speed. This will ultimately give your site a competitive edge in the mobile-first era. But you can't rely on trial and error methods. Optimising your mobile for better speed may require a deeper understanding of Google metrics. Knowing which metrics to focus when evaluating for page speed can boost your SEO campaign. There will certainly be technical parameters to consider on all devices. But what changes the game is basically users' performance database reports. It's a tall order but your website must load fast from their end or fully optimised competitor will cancel you out. So plan of action? Not rocket science by any means. Just fix all issues that hinder your site from loading quickly. And for this endeavour, Google Web Tools, Search Console and even external website auditors should be your good friends. These tools will effectively show you the error of your ways.

3. Expand Your Brand Reputation

In the online world and in so far as Google is concerned, there are 2 ways to build your brand. First, mention your company and website multiple times across web pages and external content. Second, build more backlinks. On the surface, this looks like a rehash of an age-old reputation building trend. But if you look closer, recent Google trends actually support online branding and marketing strategies. The search engine simply demands that you do so honestly and professionally. Do what is necessary to build your brand through SEO and digital marketing. However, avoid spammy and aggressive strategies. On occasion is fine, but if you keep hiding your company name under a bunch of keywords and anchor texts, all Google will see is spam. So don't be afraid to build your brand honestly, focusing on quality information that can help your users. Action plan? Build backlinks on legitimate sites. Grow your network with like-minded folks who can spread the word about your brand. Engage with your clients too and they'll be glad to put in a word to people who might need your services.

Refresh Your Digital Marketing Plan While You Can

It's never too late to start your SEO campaign afresh or work with reputable SEO specialists to guide you through your rebranding efforts. Rethink your strategies or the SEO foundation you built years ago will crumble right under your nose. And don't be afraid to ask for help. There are many affordable SEO services in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia that you can approach for assistance. Click here to get a FREE SEO Report or take advantage of our pricing tool/analysis.


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