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Building Platforms: Lessons from the March Social Media Outage

On March 2019, there was a massive blackout on all social platforms owned by Facebook. The outage undoubtedly affected many businesses across the world - particularly those with online ad campaigns. For that particular day, their ads failed to reach its target quota. Businesses that operate through or heavily used Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, a portion of their revenue was gone since no social media strategy worked on that day. And so we're counting the lessons. Using the same mindset used by companies that were doing SEO before Google algorithm started defining everything, do not put your eggs in one basket. Relying on a platform built by another company can derail your own marketing plans. If you must employ a digital marketing strategy, then cover as much ground as possible. Below are helpful tips for creating a business identity that is not too invested in someone else's platform:

(1) Create a platform of your own

Two important things you need to get your business out there are your website and leads (i.e. email list). Since these are assets you yourself developed, you have more control over your business.  Your website is where you let prospects know about your company and the products and/or services you offer. It will help them get to know you and maybe crucial to their purchase decisions. In the event potential clients are not ready to buy on their first visit to your site, an email list can come in handy. This may lead to more sales sometime in the future.

(2) Establish a multifaceted marketing plan

A marketing plan that utilises various channels and strategies tends to generate solid and long-term results. Because there are several elements in a marketing plan, it is not solely reliant on social media marketing. While a social platform is powerful, a plan helps you promote your business online with or without it. Marketing your business requires a clear vision. What do you hope to achieve? What will you do when specific problems catch you off-guard? You also need to feel the sentiments of your audience and send out a message that resonates with them. Find channels and social platforms that match your business needs. However, do not stop at plan A. Always think a few steps ahead and create back-up plans in case your chosen channels or platforms encounter issues. Your marketing plan must be expansive. If your goal is to achieve sustainable growth, your plans must adapt to the changing times. 

(3) Continuously reach out to your potential customers

How you attract your target audience can have a significant impact on your business. As a business, you are compelled to grow with your audience. Continuous effort to reach out to potential customers is a recipe for success. When social media platforms go off in a poof, your business will still have other channels and platforms to sustain. But more importantly, the audience you attracted through continuous effort will still be there, outage or no outage. Not to discourage any business from social media marketing, but the outage that occurred way back March should serve as a warning. There's no better time to build your own platform, a diverse marketing plan and a sustainable client base. To market your business online means you will leave no stone unturned. 
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