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Google Recently Faced a Temporary Indexing Issue

Google is recently experiencing some indexing issues as reported by Search Engie Land. If we see repetitive content on the Internet today or content not appearing search results, then it means Google has yet to address this matter. As evident in Google News’ Top Stories, many of the stories on the feed have not been updated even though more recent news are visible on the feed.

When the Indexing Problem Occured

On Thursday, at 4:28 AM Eastern Time, Google confirmed that there are indeed indexing issues and they have seen the reports. They issues could be coming from “the URL Inspection tool within Search Console.” A few hours later, Google announced that they made the necessary fixes around 11:41AM Eastern Time. However, they have yet to update their indexing algorithm. In an interview with The Verge yesterday evening, Google said the team is working on the issue.

Google algorithms constantly crawl homepages and URLs to indentify new content that can benefit users searching for specific topics. Every time Google meets an indexing issue, such as what happened on August 8, search results fall beneath user expectations. And much to the detriment of the tech giant’s reputation.

A Surge in Indexing Issues

Google’s indexing issues have increased in the last few months. In April, the same indexing problem lasted for a week and recurred in May for 3 days. Those who are using the Google Search Tool may find it beneficial to recrawl their website pages or resubmit their sitemaps.

Based on a report from the Verve. Click here to read original article. 

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