If you have observed closely, Google tends to aid the big corporations. How would you as a small company going to bounce back from such discrimination? It is highly unlike that you can win a battle with these corporate giants with the only weapon of SEO. Such a pity.

How can you combat this situation?

How A USP Can Help Small BusinessesYou must have seen many facebook posts that are just copy paste from Wikipedia and other informative websites, yet they rank on top of the Google results while there are many valued contents that are buried deep on SERPs. This is no secret anymore. It is happening a lot nowadays. It is really hard to compete with a giant who distributes high link authority with millions of sub-pages. The chances are close to zero if you feel to beat these conglomerates in their own game. One approach can be switching the niche. While the other approach is to take a look at your business. What unique do you offer? Is your website is same as of your competitor? If you offer same products and services as of your competitors, then you can simply lose to the company which is more deeper than you. How can you fight back?

The Unique Selling Proposition

I am pretty sure that you must have heard the term Unique Selling Proposition commonly known as USP. This term is used to refer to a company’s good points that make it different from its competitors. For instance, take an example of two bookselling companies. One is active online with an e-commerce website while the other sells book offline. The Online book seller’s USP is that they provide a wide range of latest books. The USP of the offline seller is that they provide all the rare books. Both the companies are selling books but the USP sets them apart. This is the power of a USP if strategized correctly. If your business niche has fewer players then USP is not very critical. In the early days of the internet, people weren’t sure that they will get the right website on the online searches. Then things developed, SEO become common practice and results become more relevant than ever. The websites are increasing in number which is why having a unique selling proposition in your SEO strategy is paramount. People are becoming more specific when searching items online. They don’t search terms like cheap services, they search things like how can we get the product overnight. A USP must be the fundamental basics of your business. It is not an add-on for your online marketing strategy.

How To Implement USP In Your SEO Strategy?

How To Implement USP In Your SEO Strategy?Google is the biggest and most popular search engine globally. Its new update of RankBrain revolutionizes the internet search. With this update, they started focussing on user value. This changes everything. There was the time when businesses can manipulate the Google algorithms to rank higher in the search results, but not anymore. If the user is not pleasing by visiting your website, you will tumble down in the SERP. So, for the improvement of your SEO rankings, you need to define your USP. How can you do that? First, you need to answer these simple questions. These are difficult questions however there is no other way around. Let’s discuss the process of implying USP in your SEO strategy.

Important Steps You Need To Take

Important Steps You Need To TakeIdentifying your unique selling proposition can be a daunting task. If you have a familiarity with your services and products, this will definitely make the task less tedious. Maintaining a healthy communication with your users will always help you in many ways. You can learn a lot from your surroundings. Think of Amazon. They are the statue of a trustworthy company. They are not the only online web store in the world but they are well known for their wide range of products and smooth delivery. Same applies to Netflix. They are also not alone but they are valued because of their unique price and the ease of use. These big brands are now the synonyms and represent the business niche. They don’t need to rely on some online searches. They created their USP in such ways that define their business and brand recognition. As for the small business, they need to rely on the online searches. This brings us to these points. The points given below will replicate how you can imply USP in your SEO strategy.

Identify The First Impression

IDENTIFY THE FIRST IMPRESSIONYour company’s first impression is important. You need to understand that once you identify the point of the first impression, you must make it count. The first impression of your every single landing page must be impressive. How can you make it enticing? You need an attractive page title and description. Will that really help? Yes, it does. Despite the fact that design of your website is important, the first impression of your website or landing page lies on the shoulders of your page title and description. They tend to attract the visitor to click the link and visit the page. All your indexable pages must be considered as a potential landing page for your website. You need to mention your business’s USP in the description. Keep your title and description catchy, attractive, and clear.

Make Sure That Your USP is Clearly Mentioned

MAKE SURE THAT YOUR USP IS CLEARLY MENTIONEDIn a website, there are many elements which can help you in communicating your USP. You can either anticipate it with a lot of observation, or you can split test to see the reactions of your visitors. We have seen that when you communicate your business’s USP clearly through your web design and web content, your visitors tend to recognize you more frequently. And this is not it, this also increases the frequency of relevant viewers. Creating a separate section of Company’s Culture always serves the purpose. It reduces bounce rates and makes your website and business more authentic. This brings us to the most important aspect of this post and for your business as well. How can you define your businesses USP to be recognizable as an online brand? The next section of this post will address the issue.

Create Your Business’s Unique Selling Proposition To Enhance Online Visibility

Create Your Business’s Unique SellingIn this section, you will learn about how can you design your business’s USP. Without further ado, let’s get started,

The First step is to identify your core strengths

The First step is to identify your core strengthsBefore starting sod this, you cannot be all the things to everyone. Your business needs to be focused on specifics. This is the basic requirement of a great USP. Design your USP with the answers to these questions, Take Digital Muscle, for instance, we are apt in providing SEO and Web Designing Services. We always focus on small businesses. Once you identify your core competencies, you move to the next step.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Your Audience

Never Underestimate The Power Of Your AudienceFor a great USP, you need to have the insight of your audience. They are the one who truly understands the use and experience of your products and services. You can conduct a survey (a very short one) with these three questions, You will get the answers and then you will understand your customer’s feelings and the quality you deliver them. You can be surprised by the answers. So, be ready for that as well.

Exhaustive Competitive Analysis

Exhaustive Competitive AnalysisJust like in SEO, competitive analysis is also paramount in defining your unique selling proposition. To make your proposition unique, you must be aware of your competition. Study their website’s, their advertisements and other marketing elements. For online competitors, you can simply Google their business and see how they are using Google Adwords. What actually they are saying and how they are bolstering their business.

Once You Are Done, Refine Your USP

Now It’s Your TurnRefining your USP is very critical in nature. An elaborated USP is not a USP. Trim the fat and make it shorter, clear and direct. Test your USP time to time and watch your business go wow.

Now It’s Your Turn

So, brainstorm for few hours and create an enticing USP for your business. Allow me to give you a quick flashback of all the things that we discussed above in the post. Let me know your thoughts about USP and SEO in the comments section. Till then, happy marketing!!! searchengineland.com/unique-selling-proposition-key-element-seo-success-289690 seobook.com/how-thrive-crowded-serps landerapp.com/blog/unique-selling-proposition/ growtraffic.co.uk/is-a-companys-usp-important-for-seo/ moz.com/blog/the-importance-of-being-different-creating-competitive-advantage-usp whatis.techtarget.com/definition/unique-selling-point-USP entrepreneur.com/article/282494


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