Why Content For SEO? - Infographic

Why Content For SEO? - Infographic

We always say that content is vital for SEO. Although we did mention this in the past, it is the reason why we always offer content in our SEO packages. Modifying on-page content and making it better for both the visitor and the search engines helps in making content climb search engine rankings.


The infographic below aims to highlight some important facts that everyone should know about content written for SEO purposes. Every single SEO specialist out there agrees that it is impossible to rank high in Google without the content of very high quality. This is especially true when referring to blogs and businesses since the competition is always very high.

We invite you to take a look at the entire infographic. You can click on it in order to make it larger. Pay close attention to the section with forecasts. It is very important because it highlights that buying links is not the future of search engine optimisation. This is not even true at a local SEO level anymore.

Creating content for SEO is all about offering a really good experience for the visitors of a website. If the visitors are happy, they will surely share your content, hopefully creating a viral effect. At the same time, those that have blogs/sites may bring in organic backlinks, which are always GOLD in the eyes of search engines. Getting those viral backlinks is what we always strive for at Digital Muscle and as an experienced SEO company in Australia, we can tell you that this is possible only through really good content.

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