3 Signs You Need to Refresh Your Website and Win More Customers

No matter how good a website looks at the moment, if it doesn’t get the right kind of traffic or any traffic at all, there’s nothing much to it. But that’s one side of the story. Some website owners become complacent after their site starts getting more traffic. However, having steady traffic does not necessarily mean your web pages are immune to ranking fluctuations. Web traffic is volatile. And in the ambivalent world of search engines and digital marketing, websites don’t always remain in the same state for a long time. A mark of a true entrepreneur is adaptability. Since change is the only constant thing in the world (offline or online), as a business owner running a website for your company, you must be open to updating your website every now and then.

Why Refresh Your Website?

Every website should be redesigned and updated at regular but reasonable intervals. At times, the process can be risky, costly and time-consuming. Inevitably, though, your website needs to upgrade. As time passes, it will look outdated or users will find it difficult to navigate pages. Or perhaps your site needs better search engine visibility. You may not be aware but more than 80% of customers actually make an effort to research about a brand or company online before buying anything? This goes without saying that your website’s vibe, appearance, design and user-friendliness can be a double-edged sword: it’s either you win more customers or encourage them to look elsewhere. A website helps customers, potential prospects and likely business partners get to know more about your company. In short, it represents you, your products and services, and what you stand for as a business. It’s an information base as much as a solid platform for reinforcing your brand.

What Signs Should You Look For?

The are many reasons for giving your company website a facelift. Below are tell-tale signs that you badly need one:

1. Website looks outdated

SEO Company Australia | Web Design and Digital Marketing for Any Business While you try to grow your company, it’s easy to be caught up in your own affairs. You forget to keep up with the outside world and pay attention to new trends and developments. Your competitors could have released innovative products while you’re busy maintaining the status quo. Invest some time and energy in benchmarking best industry practices. What are the leading companies doing at this point? Are there any changes to their websites? What are people saying about their website and how do they feel? Refresh your website, especially in matters of search engine optimisation. Give it a new look, a new feel – anything that matches present customer needs and Google algorithm changes. Redesigning your website is one of the best ways to level the playing field. Remember that even start-up brands can get ahead of big companies online with the right SEO strategies in place.

2. Website lacks a mobile version

SEO company in Australia offering voice search optimisation You must have heard of the mobile-first index – a trend that Google started last year in view of the fact that more people now use smartphones and tabs for finding and buying products or services online. Smartphone and tab usage have overshadowed desktop use that not having a mobile site is a big disservice to your own business. Just imagine. You have plenty of useful content and your website’s appearance is not bad either. But what’s the use of a cool and informative website if none of your target clients can even find read and navigate it on their phones or tablets? Website layout and content should properly display on a smaller screen. It is frustrating when you can’t see a website on mobile devices. And this isn’t even the end of it. Google now ignores websites that do not have a responsive design. The SEO consequences will be great. If you’re not willing to pay the price and be “seen-zoned” by Google’s crawlers, make your site mobile friendly ASAP.

3. Website has no social presence

Social media platforms You don’t build a website and expect people to find it through search engines alone. As the old saying goes, “leave no stone unturned.” If you can utilise every online platform made available to you by the Internet, then take advantage of it. Using social media brings your website closer to your target markets while simultaneously giving you more SEO points. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone without leaving a hole in your wallet. And if you’re sceptical about social media because you feel it’s time-consuming and whatnot, take note of these figures (2018 statistics by Statista.com): Among these millions of users could be customers who need your business. And for sure, your business needs them as well. Most social media platforms are free and you can use them at your own pace, style or budget preference. Moreover, you get to post any number of links from your own website to spread the word about your products or services. By using social media to increase your website’s market, your company really has nothing to lose. Only more visibility and potential customers to gain.

How Soon Should I Redesign My Website?

First, run a web audit. This won’t even cost you a cent. There are tons of free tools online. In fact, you can go to Digital Muscle’s homepage to access our free SEO audit tool. Try it for yourself. Next, follow the steps recommended by your chosen audit tool. It’s better to use more than one tool. Different audit programs may offer different solutions. Take in as many suggestions as possible especially in the areas of SEO, web design and structure, and social media presence. And then start implementing all the recommended changes. Some tools may tell you which ones to prioritise, so put your focus on those. Finally, witness your website’s remarkable improvement. Be patient, however. It won’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process that all too often take times time. Even more so for websites that have once been penalised by Google. Does your website need help to recover from Google penalties? Click here! For complete information about SEO company Australia, you can visit https://www.digital-muscle.com.au/ or call +61 2 8003 5090.


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