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Working on Your Conversions Despite Covid-19

What else can you do to make your website resilient to sweeping changes? Test, test, test. Use whatever traffic you have to actively work on your site’s ability to convert traffic into customers. Even if your traffic has declined to the point where testing or other mechanisms for optimising conversion and testing are not possible, for the time being, you can do the following:

Keyword Research

Check the keywords people often use to search for your site and which pages earn the most traffic. Identify pages with the highest bounce rates and the largest decreases in traffic. Do these pages present the right message or information to target customers? Or are people skipping these pages? To boost and align pages deemed irrelevant by your website visitors with actual search intent, adjusting your SEO keyword strategy or page content may be in order.

Set up a heatmap tracking system (if you do not already have it) to leverage insights. This is particularly useful in analysing consumer behaviour and likely UX issues.

Weakness Analysis

Why is the conversion process slow? Identify the causes and then work on improving them. Each page on your website should have a designated function or purpose. Re-assess your information architecture and look to enhance the overall user experience to make it easier for your potential customers to convert.

Highlight Your Strengths

To raise your value and make your potential customer feel that what you are offering is better than others, make it a point to showcase your company's competitive edge. You already know why some customers prefer your company, but does your target market receive the same message? Benchmark your competitors' marketing message to polish your own.

Creative Content & Graphic Marketing

This pandemic era is the best time to secure conversions by changing up your website content and graphics. Be mindful of your imagery and the message you wish to convey. Generate content related to safety measures and business resilience, which are especially helpful in these trying times.

With this new reality before us, we are enjoined to produce content based on relevant issues and current trends. More and more people use the Internet as they go through quarantine. On-trend content and relevant topics on your website lessen the negative impact on your organic traffic.


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