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Which Online Ads Annoy Customers?

A recent study on digital ad buyers in the United States identified which types of ads can possibly turn consumers off. eMarketer Research enlisted the help of Bizrate Insights to survey digital buyers from the U.S. Respondents were asked about the kinds of ads that discourage them from clicking and vice versa. It did not come as a surprise that two-thirds of said respondents considered autoplay video ads as particularly annoying. Worse, if the volume is turned on. This type of online ad was hands down the most annoying according to the survey. Soundless autoplay video ads came in second place, while audio ads on music streaming sites ranked third. The rest of the list were custom ads that appeared on search engine results pages, websites and social platforms.

List of Annoying Online Ads 

Below is the complete list of ads people find annoying: (1) Autoplay video ads with sound – 66.7 per cent of respondents rated as a major turn-off. (2) Soundless autoplay video ads on websites annoyed 55 per cent of respondents (3) Audio ads streaming sites and podcasts were annoying, according to 47.4 per cent of respondents. (4) 42 per cent found ads appearing on online search results annoying. (5) Banner ads or ads with static images on e-commerce sites one regularly visits turned off 36.7 per cent of respondents. (6) Social media ads on people's feeds or timelines that track user behaviour and interest annoy 36.3 per cent of respondents. (7) Banner ads on sites where one had not purchased any product – a turn-off for 34.2 per cent. Only 10 per cent of respondents did not find online ads annoying. If this data were to be assessed, we can see that consumers prefer subtle ads. Intrusive ads are a big no-no for most consumers, especially ads that obviously monitored their search history. This is a challenge to advertisers. Ad support is important for businesses to grow. According to EMarketer, many users install ad-blockers as per the survey they conducted in July 2019. If online ads were less annoying, would users have done the same? Perhaps in the future. For now, a good balance is necessary for the benefit of both clients and business owners running online ad campaigns.
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