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How To Use Google's New Search Console To Get Your Website Recognised By Google?

Every business owner wants to grow his/her business by leaps and bounds in a few days. For this, he/she takes his/her business to the online platform. There are many people who dream of having great business opportunities just because they have a well-designed website. Always keep in mind that millions of websites are created every day. So, until and unless you don't inform Google about the online presence of your business {means you own and operate a website for the targeted audience}, you are not going to get your website ranked well in Google's SERP, get traffic, and business opportunities. If Google doesn’t crawl and index your website in its database, it becomes very difficult to get traffic and generate sufficient business opportunities. So, after creating your website, you need to submit it to the Google search console. It helps google bots to visit your website easily, scan and index it{if it meets the Google’s guidelines}, and show them in search results. Recently, Google announced the new Search Console for all website owners. Do you know how to create and submit your website to Google? What steps do you need to take so that Google can recognise your site? If not, then you need to go through this article. Here, we will mention all procedures that are required to perform this action. So, let's get started. Professional website The development of different content management systems has enabled even non-technical persons to create websites/blogs. These days, tech-savvy individuals create websites/blogs using different plugins, themes, widgets, etc. When you create a website with a business point of view, different factors (such as website’s visual appeal, loading speed, responsiveness to mobile devices, etc,) matters a lot. You can’t expect these things from amateur web developers. So, you need to consult an IT company that could offer you a well-designed website with all basic features. Just ask the company to code the website very well, make it fast, responsive to all mobile devices, professional, and visually appealing. Only then Google will consider your application seriously.

Do You Have Quality Content For the Targeted Audience?

Quality content This is where most online entrepreneurs struggle. The success of the web-based business depends on the interrupted supply of quality content. On the other hand, creating an SEO optimised, unique, and meaningful content takes a lot of time. It is not an easy task to keep writing actionable content at all the times. So, due to the lack of quality content, your business suffers a lot. Google loves websites that are loaded with user-centric content. It shows such websites or its pages in search results. Therefore, you must have the in-house infrastructure to ensure the uninterrupted supply of quality content. You can also get high-quality content from reputed content marketing agencies to meet your growing needs. Just ensure that you have high-quality and actionable content that could encourage visitors to take the desired action.

Is Your Local Business Available on Google?

Google Local business There are many individuals who expect business from local customers, traders, entrepreneurs, etc, apart from their international clients. For example- if your website has no specific content for visitors in Sydney (with a particular keyword- such as top 5 IT colleges in Sydney), Google will not show it in results. So, you need to be smart here. Just add Google My Business to your website. This will enable you to distribute the business information easily on different platforms of Google, such as Google search, Maps, etc. Turn the settings on of this tool as per your specific business needs. This will help Google to display your website or its pages to local business persons or customers, helping you to get more business calls from potential clients/customers. Is Your Website Optimised For Different Mobile Devices? mobile optimisation Did you notice an important change in the life of tech-savvy people? You must have seen people who are busy with their mobile devices. Did you ever think what they do with their smartphones? Actually, they use the internet on mobile devices and their numbers are growing rapidly. So, all entrepreneurs need to have websites created with a mobile-first approach. They should optimise their websites for mobile visitors. Google loves mobile responsive websites and shows them in search results. Don’t dream about getting your website ranked on the first page of Google if it is not responsive to mobile devices.

Is Your Website Safe For Use?

secure website All conscious tech-savvy internet users like to visit safe websites. It is because we see several cases of website hacking, theft of data, stealing of sensitive personal and financial details, etc, taking place in the digital landscape. If visitors come to know that your website is not safe for use, they will never visit it from the next time. You must also know that from July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser (the most used web-browser) will mark non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure. If your website comes into this category, it will be a huge blow to your web-based business. So, ask your website developer to create website keeping the security aspect in mind. Take all possible measures to protect your website from hackers and criminals. Add HTTPs to your website without any fail. This will add a security layer to your website. You can expect millions of visitors to browse the website, spend more time and give business opportunities to you.

Are You Sure Your Website Is Ready For Visitors?

website for visitors A professional web development company may have several projects of web-development and design. So, it tries to finish the projects and give it to the respective clients. In this way, they don’t check the website errors. When you submit such a website to Google's New Search Console, the negative results are bound to come. Therefore, you should choose an IT company that could offer ready-to-use website. Check the different elements of your website carefully before submitting it to Google's New Search Console. Remove all errors before starting your web-based journey.

 Do You Optimise Your Website As Per Google’s Standard?

Website optimisation Search engine optimisation is an online marketing technique aimed at increasing the visibility of websites on different search engines to get traffic and generate revenues. If websites are not optimised as per Google’s guidelines, don’t expect its higher ranking on Google. There are several SEO professionals who use the BlackHat SEO practices to boost the ranking of websites. If Google comes to know it, it can blacklist your website & delete it completely from its server. So, optimise your website for Google and the targeted audience as per Google’s guidelines. This helps Google to evaluate your website easily and add it to its index.

Final Remarks

All your investment in the web-based business is futile if Google doesn’t recognise your website. You can’t expect to get sufficient business opportunities if your website is not findable in Google search results. Just follow the above-mentioned tricks to submit your website to Google's New Search Console, get recognised by Google and kick-start your web-based business without any hassle.


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