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Tips for Handling Google Algorithm Updates

Let’s face it. Google algorithm updates are double-edged swords. They’re either good news or bad news. Good news means your website rankings across target keywords have mostly gone up, which could translate to more exposure, traffic or leads.

More often than not, however, algorithm updates spell bad news. Your ranking have dropped again or, worse, have totally disappeared from the SERPs.

Since these updates can be a source of anxiety for many SEO specialists and businesses, we are sharing some helpful tips for reducing stress and anxiousness every time Google decides to change some of their crawling or indexing rules. Disclaimer: these tips are not set in stone so please consider them with a grain of salt.

1) Keep Calm and Carry On

Here’s the major question every SEO specialist should ask themselves: Can you really do anything about algorithm updates? Panicking will certainly put your rankings back to their original position.

Keep a level head and remind yourself that these updates always happen. They are there for a reason. Once you adopt this way of thinking, the less likely you are to panic every time Google tweaks their algorithms.

The search engine giant is a big supporter of SEO. But because unprotected search makes websites easily prone to hackers, scammers and phishing sites, Google choice has little choice but to implement strict rules and in so doing protect the integrity of search results.

2) Explain the Situation

For SEO specialists, if you fear your client’s wrath, the best recourse would be to explain your case as comprehensively and as honestly as possible. Clients react because they can’t fully grasp what’s happening. They simply see their website disappearing or dropping to lower pages. Algorithm updates, and their frequency, are the last thing on their minds. After all, their main concern is their online presence.

But even if your clients may react violently to ranking drops, you can clearly explain to them about Algorithm updates. In fact, it would work to your advantage if you set your clients’ expectations straight from the get-go. Don’t offer them unrealistic promises of immediate ROI. Let them know what they’re in for and the possibilities of ranking fluctuations due to Google updates prior to signing a campaign contract with them.

Honesty is still the best policy. Stick to this principle and your clients will still trust you, rankings regardless.

3) Wait it Out

Whether you’re an SEO expert or someone with ample experience in SEO, never ever try to one-up Google. The effects of algorithm updates are not long-term – except in cases where websites actually tried to circumvent SEO rules. You can expect your website ranking to recover in a few days or weeks. Sometimes a month.

Don’t be hasty. Just carry on with the campaign per usual. Once the effects have been lifted, your website or your client website will return to its original position in the SERPs. Otherwise, you need to revisit your SEO strategies and correct the error of your ways.


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