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SEO Strategies Web Marketers Should Avoid

These days, SEO strategies stray along the lines of white and grey hat techniques. SEO professionals do their best to avoid the lure of black hat strategies that may hurt their websites’ rankings. By staying legit and authentic, companies can promote online sans Google’s wrath.

Unbeknown to many, however, some white hat strategies are fast losing their credibility. While some are still effective and pretty much in demand, there are those that are “too easy” to even be credible.

When SEO specialists start looking for easy strategies, their organic results may suffer a blow.

Say No to These SEO Strategies

1. Using the same approach for different clients

Otherwise known as “assembly line SEO,” this strategy pertains to repetitive tactics. Rather than customise strategies, SEO agencies do the same thing for every client as if copying a template.

Because it seems more “efficient” and “manageable,” a number of established firms adopt a copy-paste approach when running SEO campaigns.

The usual practice is that once a website completes initial on-page optimisation, blogging and link-building activities will follow suit.

While replicating tried-and-tested strategies is easy, this does not mean all your clients will have the same results.

The strategy template may work for a period of time. Later on, however, unless there are no competitors, you are less likely to experience significant growth trajectories. 

To avoid growth slumps, be creative and innovative in dealing with your website visitors or target market.

A little benchmarking here and there would be helpful. Dig up your competitor’s activities. What blog or web content appeals to readers more? Understand the strategies they are using. Note down these strategies and see where you can add or deduct.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Since your clients have different goals or belong to different industries, make it a point to provide custom solutions. Not only will customisation produce better and long-lasting results, but it will also show to your clients your sincerity and just how much you value them.

2. Repetitive content for different location pages

For websites catering to different languages and global customers, creating unique copies for each location is a long-winding development process.

Rather than replicate copies across all location pages, make each content unique and interesting.

This is sure to increase your website's performance in local search results.

Click here to know more about creating attractive content for location pages.

3. Excessive automation

Automated tools are helpful and all but something's got to give. Your organic strategy must not solely depend on them.

Several SEO specialists run SEO audits using various automated tools. They use it to find an SEO strategy that resonates with audiences around the globe and this should not be the case.

But why are automated tools risky? One reason would be their inability to formulate questions.

That is why instead of automating, have a better understanding of how your website works.

What type of content has not been explored in detail? Identify these while paying attention to technical structure.

A clean and organised technical foundation makes it easier for search engines to discover, crawl and render your website.

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