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SEO Habits that Will Give Your Website a New Lease in Life

Want to take your SEO techniques and strategies to the next level for the benefit of your company and clientele?

A good starting point would be to eliminate bad SEO habits and start creating effective ones. Or you can keep the habits that already work well for you and your team.

Different companies and website owners adopt different types of SEO strategies. Some focus only on technical SEO. Other campaigns are a combination of on-page and off-page SEO. So basically, it all boils down to your familiarity or preferences. No one can cover SEO 100 per cent of the time.

This essentially means that you have to know your strengths as a company so you can employ the right blend of SEO strategies and methods.

If you want to expand your scope or accommodate different contexts or content into your SEO campaign, you might want to consider these habits:

1. Do Your SEO Research

“Research” could be a generic term to describe any activity related to information-gathering.

In the field of SEO, it means three things: building links (internal and external), competition and target keywords.

As SEO becomes less about the details and more about the bigger picture, efficient research processes and habits are now necessary.

There’s sometimes priority confusion over the terms “target audience” and “target keyword”. For many SEO campaigns, there are no one-size-fits-all keywords or general audiences every industry can tap into. If you really want to dig deep for insights, terms and topics, use tools and refer to existing data.

Yes, the SERPs matter. Go through them one by one if you have to. Exert effort to understand the demographics or market you want to serve. And this is one for the books: traditional keyword research always works (and may continue to be so decades from now).

One more thing: in the current SEO era, diversity brings more rewards. So don’t be single-minded about your choice of keywords. Event relevant keywords that are somehow related to your industry or topic of choice can add traffic to your website.

2. Gauge Your Efforts

Some website owners or digital marketing agencies doing SEO for clients are not exactly fond of Google Analytics, SEMRush, AHREFs or Google Search Console. They think that analytics tools are time-consuming and counterproductive. But how do you know if your efforts are working if you have no reference?

It’s about time to rely on numbers and see how you can use them to your advantage.

With verifiable data on our hands, we have a concrete set of guidelines through which we can add to or subtract from our SEO activities. We can customise dimensions, adjust the system in place and find techniques that maintain good rankings or increase overall performance.

3. Every Day is a Work in Progress

Not sure whether you’re doing it right? There’s no need to worry. Find the answer you seek. Always be willing to learn. You can’t know everything in the SEO world. However, as long as you’re keen to know more and correct the error of your ways, you’ll get better each day.

But here’s another reason why SEO entails continuous learning: it’s dynamic.

There’s so much happening everywhere and you need to be in the loop. From website technology innovations to digital marketing trends, you have to keep up with new information at all times. This helps you know whether your strategies are outdated or you’re still in the right track.

Do you have a favourite news site that feeds you the latest web technology or online marketing news? Then follow that source and other authoritative sources for that matter.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how you learn. What it’s important is that you update your techniques and marketing focus based on authoritative sources. Learn how to weed out unnecessary information from useful ones. As you go deeper into the reality of SEO, you’ll be able to exercise sound judgment and take only what you need.


There are more SEO elements we can tackle in this article but it’s best to leave them to your discretion. What you need to remember as an SEO specialist or a website owner taking charge of their own SEO campaign is that habits make or break your success in the SERPs.

So while all hope is still possible, you need to build new SEO habits as early as now. Update your knowledge, adopt creative ways of advertising your site or engage your target audience with useful content. It doesn’t matter what habits you undertake as long as they work for your website and give your prospects value.



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Arthur Choi

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