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SEO for Beginners - Where to Start Learning

It’s a fact that even the most experienced digital marketers once put the time and effort to learn more about SEO back when they were just starting out. You can’t become an online marketing guru or an SEO specialist without starting anywhere.

No matter how deep you want to delve into SEO, you must set your sights on key areas. These include content marketing, web design, effective use of DIY tools such as Yoast Seo, Grammarly or DA checkers, and benchmarketing best practices.

If you’re a neophyte who needs basic SEO knowledge, any of these areas could be a great point of entry:

Google Algorithms

Google algorithms make use of machine learning to match up search results with queries (keywords). But the word “match” is not exactly appropriate. The RankBrain component of Google algorithms looks at users’ search history or behaviour. From there, they match search results without any regard for users actual intent.

SEO specialists know this. Regardless, Google is high-powered enough to deliver relevant results based on recorded and analysed user semantics.

For instance, a search for “black dresses” is too broad. However, as per user search data, a lot of people who search for this query usually have an intent to buy. So rather than articles about black dresses, online stores selling the said items will pop up on your search results instead.

Google may also add word vectors to show results that might be helpful to you. Along with online stores where you can buy a black dress, the search engine might show to you images of a “lace black dress” or a “velvet black dress.”

Authority is Key for a New SEO Specialist

More often than not, people who are authorities in their field have more impact and support than those who are not.

In the same fashion, Google trusts authoritative websites than others. Authority also serves as a ranking signal. The search engine giant uses it to assign rankings to different sites under different queries.

But how can a website expand its authority? There are various ways to do this.

Link-building is one way to build your website’s reputation. But not any links will do. Links from websites already trusted and recognised by Google are important.

You can also write a guest post with informative content.

Only by doing this can your website become the authority you want it to be. If your website is high quality already, and the content you write for a backlink is original and useful, you may just earn that link.

Build enough links from good-quality websites, and you’ll slowly increase your authority.

You can also boost authority by optimizing your website’s internal linking. Make sure the anchor text flows naturally in your content and links to pages that are actually relevant to what people are currently reading about.

Final Thoughts

When you really think about it, this concept of earning authority in SEO is not much different from earning it in life. Knowing what will gain you more authority is common sense, but actually doing it takes work.

That’s the nugget I wanted to get across in this post. Yes, learning SEO always takes time and effort, and you might struggle with the doing of it.

But if you know what you’re going after, that’s half the battle. And even though it’s sometimes difficult, putting the time in will no doubt lead to increased success over time.

You can use Google’s knowledge of semantics to write killer content that’s built around actual search queries. Basically, if you can think like a human, you can figure out SEO.

Still too complicated to understand? Perhaps not if you give it a try. Study more about SEO and start in any department you’re comfortable with. Moreover, do it at your own pace. You’ll be surprised at how much knowledge you’ve gleaned along the way.

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