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How the Right Use of Keywords Can Boost Your SEO Copywriting

Whether you're an experienced copywriter or a beginner, SEO copywriting can be challenging. Brainstorming for ideas, delivering something unique for each client and making sure you get the right message across often take a lot of time and effort. However, smart copywriting experts say, you don't need to sweat the small stuff. If you focus on the things that matter, you can generate write-ups that can put your clients on the map.

Here is a list of what you need to remember:

1. Keyword Research is Key

Since you're writing content for a website, Google must at least be included in your agenda. Write for the client or your company, but also factor in the target audience and search engine algorithms.

This also means you need to get the right keywords and phrases out there. Through the use of SEO tools like SEMrush, Google analytics and the like, find out the top keywords people are searching for in your company or client's niche market. Monitor everything on a spreadsheet to avoid redundant keyword use. This also helps you track the progress of web rankings for each optimised keyword or phrase.

2. Use Keywords Strategically

So you did your research and you now differentiate the top keywords from the less popular ones. As an SEO copywriter, it is basic knowledge that dumping keywords here and there will not work. While the point is indeed to write content that is well supported by money keywords, note that you can't just insert keywords for the sake of having it.

In other words, don't force the issue. If you must write something, pay attention to grammar, flow and density. The more natural your article or write-up sound, the less you're likely to get flagged by search engines. Be strategic about your placement. To avoid sounding repetitive, use variations of the keyword.

Read what you wrote out loud and ask yourself if it sounds natural. And if it does? Then you've got the basics covered.

3. Choose Relevant Topics

SEO writing is tough when it seems like you're writing to your self or no one in particular. But here's a trick that experts want you to learn: what do people care about these days?

Of course, what topics people take seriously vary from one industry to another. Keyword research, as mentioned earlier, does give you a hint on the types of discussion people want to engage in. Hence, the reason why they search a keyword more often than the others.

This may be SEO copywriting but adding a human touch to an otherwise technically inclined endeavour would beneficial to you, your target readers and the company or client you're working with.

Some Thoughts on SEO Copywriting

More than just a new way of promoting your business online, SEO is a skill set that not everyone can grasp. As an SEO copywriter, you have the best of both worlds. So use SEO to your advantage and give your writing both flair and purpose.

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