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Proof That Organic Traffic Absolutely Dominates Over Adwords Or Pay Per Click Methods - SEO Client Case Study

Gnomonwatches has been a long term client of Digital Muscle now. Originally, the website was ranking albeit, not on page one for major competitive keywords.

Gnomonwatches is an example of a site that has persevered through the algorithm updates released by Google over the past 2 years. With every algorithm update, we witnessed the increase in rankings and hence naturally, the increase in organic traffic. Digital Muscle focused a lot of work on the onsite content of the site as well as making sure that there is a considerable amount of focus on brand awareness. As a direct result, the site steadily grew as per the graph below.

Gnomonwatches traffic screenshot

Gnomonwatches analytics screenshot

The steady increase in traffic from April 2013 to October 2014 shows that the SEO campaign with Digital Muscle is progressing in the right direction.

A quick analysis of the traffic from just the weekend alone...

Gnomonwatches campaign weekend stats

4575 visits in total with 2083 visits from Organic searches – that is certainly something special, especially when you are just selling watches through your website with no additional advertising apart from just the one SEO campaign.


Arthur Choi

Arthur Choi

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