Newly Updated Google Assistant Becomes More Personalised

Newly Updated Google Assistant Becomes More Personalised

Much like a throwback of Google Now, Google Assistant’s “Updates” feed visually summarises your day-to-day. Android is currently testing a whole new design that organizes information in chronological order.

One user from Latin America accessed Assistant Updates to find a new version or format of the feed. Similar to the present design, there is a customisable greeting on the upper section and a smaller section on the right for your profile avatar.
How the Google Assistant Feed Improved

Cards are arranged according to dates – this is what makes the new Google Assistant Updates design completely different from its former setup. Items that might be useful or relevant “Today” are presented first.

In this example, the “Weather” is listed with Google noting the current city. An icon at the left is followed by the temperature and condition with high/low underneath.

A chevron expands the card to reveal an hourly forecast, while shortcuts — possibly for Assistant searches — let you see the weather for “Tomorrow,” “This week,” and “This weekend.” Overflow menus slide up sheets with options like switching units, dismissing cards, and opening settings. The weather card adopts a nice aqua background that stands out against the bright feed.

Learn more about Google Assistant here.

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