New Instagram Feature To Boost E-Commerce Sites

Instagram has recently released an ecommerce program for various brands, enabling them to sell products through the mobile app.

‘Checkout on Instagram’ is presently in its closed beta phase with connections to major brands. Brands that are able to use this feature will have a ‘Checkout on Instagram’ button on the product page of their online stores. Users can tap the button and configure a range of options. They have the option to choose their preferred size, color and whatnot, then proceed to checkout at their convenience.

Perks of the App

You and your customers can both benefit from this app. Users need not do much. After providing their complete name, email, billing details, and shipping address, they won't have to repeat the process again in their next purchase. Following a customer’s first purchase, the app will automatically save customer information. This makes shopping simple and hassle-free. Consequently, brands can easily sell their products to web- dependent customers. Instagram will notify your customers whenever there is an update to your tracking information.

Impact on Marketers & Online Marketing

This new e-commerce update is something of a turning point in the context of social media marketing. Checkout on Instagram is not just another way to sell products on the web. It’s also a way for businesses to gauge the efficiency of their Instagram marketing campaign. FACT: There’s no one-size-fits-all metrics for SMM results. So you cannot say with 100% accuracy that this post generated a specific amount of revenue in dollars. At the very least, we can estimate earnings. There are several mechanisms for estimating revenue earned from social media posts. One way is using tracking URLs and similar software program. But it's a different data set and not the same data from the actual posts. Online retailers that use Instagram can now monitor and track their sales for each post. This feature makes a difference in the social media marketing (SMM) landscape. Many digital marketers are looking forward to this program's evolution. Checkout on Instagram has officially rolled out yesterday but will only be available to US residents for the time being.


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