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More Google Adsense Tips for Aspiring Bloggers & Online Entrepreneurs

In the previous blog post, we discussed a number of top performing and high paying industry keywords. This time around, we’ll provide more relevant keywords and information that you can use in your own Google Adsense campaign.

Which exact keywords pay the most CPC on Adsense?

Some high paying keywords generate approximately $1000+ per click. According to reports, the highest paying keyword in the field of online advertising is actually “mesothelioma survival rates”. This long tail keyword fetches a hefty $1006.56 per click. GrepWords compiles more than a million Google Adsense keywords. Here’s an example of long tail keywords related to Mesothelioma – a rare and aggressive type of tissue cancer:
Related Keywords CPC in $ Search Volume Search Results
compensation mesothelioma 568.67 10 594,000
mesothelioma attorney Houston 545.84 30 109,000
mesothelioma attorney California 390.08 10 223,000
mesothelioma compensation 326.85 110 596,000
pleural mesothelioma stages 318.44 90 148,000
mesothelioma lawyer directory 290.34 20 212,000
mesothelioma lawsuit settlements 276.44 110 139,000
statute of limitations on mesothelioma claims 274.07 90 64,000
lawyers for mesothelioma 265.92 40 537,000
mesothelioma settlement fund 257.12 40 262,000

The keyword set above is intensely competitive. Phenomenal medical websites like WebMD and MayoClinic have the monopoly of such keywords. You can use them at your own risk. If there’s no need to, anyway, you can search for other industry keywords to tackle.

Did you know that these countries can help you earn more?

Geotargeting has been a trend in the SEO universe for quite some time now. Regardless of the nature of your business, targeting a few countries can help you earn more through Google Adsense. In no particular order, below is a list of countries with the highest click-through ROI as per recent statistics:
Country Average Cost Per Click in $ Average Click Through Rate % Average Revenue Per 1000 Impressions in $
United States (US) 0.40 – 2.3 2-3 2.04
United Arab Emirates (UAE) 0.15 – 3.1 4 2.07
United Kingdom (UK) 0.10 – 1.6 1-2 1.37
Germany 0.40 – 1 1-3 2.62
Switzerland 0.20 – 1 3 2.35
Japan 0.20 – 0.85 3 2.44
Italy 0.10 – 0.50 1-3 0.73
China 0.10-0.30 1-2 0.9
Canada 0.50 – 2 2 1.83
Thailand 0.30 – 1 2 1.6
Looking at the chart, most of the countries on the list are developed states. There are also growing economies or, as in the case of China, newly industrialising countries. But how do you activate your blog’s geotargeting features? One way is to write content in your native language. However, if you want to attract visitors from English-speaking countries Canada, the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom, English content is the best option. Likewise, if you want to tap into the German market or want people from Germany to read your content, you generate content in the German language. Another shortcut would be to adjust your target location in your Google Search Console. Well, assuming you activated this feature to monitor your blog’s traffic.

How to unlock more ad revenue?

Google Ad Revenue | Tips from SEO Specialists Australia Block online advertisements with low CPC. Being an ad publisher, you have sufficient control over the ad categories you want on your website. If you want to generate maximum revenue for your Adsense ads, a recommended approach would be to track your ad performance. Next, block categories with little returns or conversion rates. Steps for blocking low paying ads: 1. Access your Adsense Account 2. Click the “Allow and Block Ads” on the left corner 3. Select “General Categories” 4. Filter by earnings in ascending order. 5. You’re good to go and you’ll stop seeing low ROI ads on your blog.

Can You Use Keywords in the Lawyer Niche?

Sure you can. Whether or not you’re actually working as a lawyer or a job involving law or legalities, it doesn’t matter. When it comes to SEO and monetising your blog, anything goes. If you’re a real, these keywords are helpful to your trade as well. It’s basically a win-win situation for you. You make money as a lawyer and your lawyering blog or business website are both earning you money. You’re making money moves. Below is a list of top keywords related to the lawyer or legal industry (in no particular order):
Lawyer Keywords Search Volume CPC in $ Search Results
car accident lawyer Moreno Valley 90 584.44 112,000
Ft Lauderdale car accident lawyer 10 566.17 267,000
auto accident lawyers in Chicago 90 542.95 2,280,000
car accident lawyer NY 30 508.62 1,320,000
car accident lawyer in Phoenix 20 504.53 1,070,000
California motorcycle accident lawyer 30 475.78 5,410,000
car accident lawyer Augusta 90 463.71 416,000
car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale 50 462.97 1,110,000
personal injury lawyer Ft Lauderdale 10 429.36 860,000
Dallas truck accident lawyer 90 426 721,000

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