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How Australian Businesses are Adapting to the Crisis

With a new normal falling upon humanity, brands are quick to realign their goals changing consumer needs. And we are seeing a slew of creative solutions as a result. In Australia, well-known businesses have undertaken new initiatives and are pivoting their strategies with re-adjusted marketing campaigns.

Travel Industry

Media company Junkee Media has redefined its AWOL catchphrase into ‘Activities Without Leaving’ in an effort to spread positivity among Australians presently stuck at home, isolating. The website posts suggestions or recommendations for indoor activities at any given time - weeknights, weekends, what have you. They hope such content would make this challenging time a lot better to cope with.

Real Estate

Real estate company REA Group attempts to overcome tight restrictions by offering ‘Digital Inspections.’ Through this rebranded service, agents can showcase listings to prospective buyers and tenants through professional or phone-captured videos. It is a purposefully user-friendly and innovative service - perhaps the first of its kind in Australia.

Food Industry & Suppliers

Since people cannot go out of the house or stay long outside, many restaurants, bars and cafes have shifted their focus on take-away orders. Some are selling delivery boxes of fresh produce (e.g. veggies, fruits and kitchen ingredients) from their suppliers. These boxes are offered to support farmers, resellers and local venues as well as prevent frequent supermarket visits.


Health media brand body+soul is temporarily not promoting gym activities and directs readers to follow online workouts and meditation exercises instead. The recommended virtual workouts and meditations run for 2 weeks and helmed by familiar fitness trainers in Australia. Fitness personalities like  Tiffiny Hall, Cory George and Sam Wood have been scheduled to feature. The routines require no equipment and can be done anywhere in your home. Through their partnership with fitness influencers, the brand's social media following and market reach have significantly increased.

Beauty Industry

As for Ella Baché, a skin-care franchise network, customers can take advantage of virtual consults with their in-house skincare therapists. The network's 130 franchises are now equipped with a virtual salon, thereby allowing beauticians to continue working and sell products at the same time. The initiative, backed by an effective online marketing strategy, is now a new normal for beauty franchises. It has raised helpful tutorials, positioning the brand as industry experts.


Also hit by the restrictions, Delivered Live supports performers and entertainers who cannot hold events by streaming gigs. These gigs are virtually attended by fans, who purchase tickets at a price level they are comfortable with. This new normal for gigs generate proceeds that financially support many people, from the artists to members of their crew to their managers to ticket sellers and so on.


Otherside Brewing Co., independent brewers hailing from Fremantle, has collaborated with Perth-based Block to supply an affordable line of craft beer. It took less than a week for the company to come up with a cost-effective method for brewing beer. Block served as its agent and took charge of developing a product name and a marketing strategy. The pivot campaign was called ‘Plan: C Simple Ale’ and designed to offset losses after local independent brewers were affected by quarantine measures and restrictions on alcohol purchases.


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