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Google Roll Outs New Interface for Tablets Search Results

It is known to public that search engine Google continuously seeks ways to upgrade their services. Recently, it had launched a new interface on tablet devices search results. Tablet users said that the big differences between the old layouts from the latest version are noticeable. Not likely the old integration of desktop and mobile scheme, this new view now has its own interface that exhibits card-like results with lots of white space on both left and right side of the search results and features a thinner top bar navigation. The whole screen is now occupied by the local search results. A few users even claim that they are seeing mobile-friendly labels on the Google search results. However, not everyone would say the same. Google has yet to give a statement on this latest change in search result interface. In the meantime, its spokesperson told online news site, Search Engine Land, “this week we began rolling out a new tablet Search results page, bringing the best of Google Search to tablets.”


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