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Focus on these Web Improvements While on Quarantine

While front-liners in every corner of the world battles the coronavirus, we often look back in awe at how the world looked so different just a month ago. There’s no doubt that these are strange times to be surviving in, let alone thriving in. And for those of us with an online business, you might feel lost and uncertain about what to do. That is why we are here to offer some guidance. Throughout this period, pursue improvement goals for the benefit of your business. This will help you touch base with potential customers and fast-track your business recovery once (hopefully) quarantine measures are lifted.

Fine-Tune Your Brand

While it’s easy to get hyper-focused on launching your store, building a business for long-term means thinking about branding. Compare your business to competitors or industry trailblazers. Look through their home page and list the reasons why such brands have an edge over the others. Do they have a clear set of core values? Can you easily identify their mission-vision or what they represent as a brand? Now see if the elements that make those competitors stand out are present on your company website. A quick method for improving your brand is by imagining the kind of persona it would have had it been a person. What kind of values would be important to this individual - reliable, fun,  Express your brand in various ways - from your logo to your social media graphics to your products' unique selling point (USP). All these can help express what you hope your brand will represent.

Update Your Product Images

Do you have product images on your website that, in hindsight, are not really appealing or saleable? Take advantage of this downtime to fix images that do not sit well with you. Whether you’ve physically got the item to take photos of or purchased stock photos online, your product images still need to go through regular maintenance checks. Just like what you did with your branding, head over to your competitors or industry representative brands. Find out what they are doing. Next, make a plan for your images and try to keep them all looking similar, remember you want to build a consistent brand, and your pictures are part of that. Maybe you want all your images on a bright white background, or perhaps you want to dress the background with items that complement your product. Read up on some tips and tricks beforehand to make sure you know how you want the finished product to look. Finally, you need to take and edit your product photos or edit the ones you still have. Once that’s done, you can level up your game and venture into creating product videos.

Optimise Your Pages

Many businesses, especially those that have their own websites, have one way or another done an SEO campaign. But you are yet to fully grasp what SEO services really are and how they change businesses for the better. A website or online store, when optimised thoroughly, can appear on different search results and attract the right customers to your site. If budget is a concern or hindrance to your advertising efforts, website optimisation can be a good alternative. Well optimised websites help increase your visitors, gather data and sell your products to them. By the time you are financially ready to start spending on ads, you do not have to search for leads because the leads will come to you. However, it does take time. Results and return on investment are not instantaneous but you will see progress in a month or two. Pro tip: optimise your pages by using relevant keywords for your home page and product pages. Use SEO tools to cut your work in half. When doing keyword research, you’ll notice how every keyword has a corresponding ‘search volume’ attached. This pertains to the number of people searching for that term monthly or a fixed basis. For brand new websites, it is ideal to target keywords with lesser search volumes because they are easier to rank for.


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