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5 Effective Growth Hacks to Build Your Online Store In No Time

With so many competitors giving you a run for your money, there’s no better time for growth hacking than today. The e-commerce industry will soon be saturated with startups and online entrepreneurs, which continue to emerge in large numbers. Did you ever wonder how Facebook built its empire? The team behind Facebook employed various growth tactics to lure users from all walks of life. Now, the social network giant has 2 billion monthly active users. Famous global accommodation finder, Airbnb, joined the growth hacking bandwagon to grow tremendously within a short timeframe. This goes without saying that each e-commerce startup wants quick, hassle-free growth and become a trusted company with a steady stream of regular customers and users. What is Growth Hacking? First coined by Sean Ellis, the term “Growth Hacking” came into being after the entrepreneur extraordinaire tried to come up with a job description. In a nutshell, growth hacking exudes the same vibes as word-of-mouth marketing. Without further adieu, here are some growth hacking strategies to increase your sales and revenue. Depending on your industry or mission-vision as a business, one or a handful of these e-commerce growth hacking tactics may work to your advantage.

1. Create a Real Brand

There should be something different about your e-commerce store that sets it apart from competitors. If this is something you can do, then expect your own brand to rise steadily. Branding is more than just having a website design, a designer logo or a catchy business name. Your brand creates an impression among those who come across it. And if you’re selling products or services online, having a brand is necessary. Services and products that have a reputation have better sales than products that hardly anyone knows. Failing to brand your business is a sure ticket to oblivion. There’s no way your consumers can tell you apart from the competition. When you don’t stand out, there’s no guarantee of profitability. Consumers rarely relate to products per se. However, they clearly swear their loyalty to brands. Simple tips to start branding: 1. Start with new ideas or ideas that other people have not even considered. 2. Benchmark other people’s growth tactics but add your own flavour. 3. Research, research, research. Knowledge is power after all.

2. Know Your Potential Customers

Who are the people you want to reach out or sell your products to? This is by far a crucial aspect of marketing. In the online realm, target your best customers – there are basically people buy from you and account for a great chunk of your sales. Research and experience will reveal to you who your best target markets are. Moreover, there are tools online that can assist digital marketers analyse browsing and online purchase behaviours. If you pay attention to market studies, you may be able to identify your best customers.

3. Use Long Tail Keywords When Writing Web Content

The recommended way to quickly getting traffic from Google users is to focus on long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are phrases or compound words that people use to search topics, products, services and just about anything online. Organic search delivers relevant visitors to your website for a long period of time. Facebook may send a whopping number of visitors to your website today but the social network won’t be able to sustain it. Google’s organic search traffic adopts a different approach. If a page from your website appears on the first page or position for a specific Google keyword, it will get traffic from that keyword or position for months or years as long as there is a regular supply of content and backlinks.

4. Personalise Your Marketing

Consumers often see hundreds to thousands of ads per day. Ads are basically everywhere - even on websites you least expect them to pop up. From marketing emails to television and radio commercial to search engine results pages, ads tend to haunt you wherever you go in cyberspace. With so many ads blocking your chances of getting your business name out there, there's only one thing you can do: Personalise! Personalised marketing will differentiate your business from everyone who targets the same customers as you. If you want to win the attention of prospects, try a different approach. Don't just copy what others are already doing. Let your customers feel that you understand them and that they need whatever it is you're selling. It makes the email stand out from every other marketing emails. The email message speaks to the recipient like a close friend who knows them. Not just a marketer who’s trying to sell them something. Personalization is the most effective growth hacking tactic for e-commerce.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing is no longer an optional activity for online marketings. Nowadays, it has levelled up as a must-have marketing strategy. Online stores that make use of videos have a competitive edge over websites that don't pay attention to the latest growth hacks. What makes video marketing is one of the most powerful growth hacks is that it's interactive. It gives customers an easier time to take in and acquire information. If growing your online store is a priority, then there's no question - you will add video marketing to your marketing strategy right about now. What's even more amazing about video marketing is that everyone can have a piece of the pie. It doesn't matter if you're a big business or a start-up. If you have the right video-making tools to start creating your own marketing video, then you're good to go. While it looks expensive on the surface, video marketing is affordable. More often than not, it is free of charge. You may or may not require some skills. As long as you have the right video maker, this growth hack can do wonders for you. Videos reinforce your brand because putting a face to your company actually creates some sort of connection with target consumers. In due time, video marketing can boost your conversion rates and drive more traffic to your site.


Hopefully, these growth hacks can make you less worried about the future of your online business. We also have a suggestion in case you have no time to do growth hacking on your own: why don’t we help you instead? If you're looking for affordable SEO services or need a viable SEO strategy  


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