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Consider these Adsense Keywords with the Highest ROI & Conversion Rates

It’s not easy to make money online. Everyone knows that. And if you plan to monetize your blog through online ads, you’ll have more mountains to climb. Adsense publishing will work wonders for a website if: 1) you have a lot of traffic, and 2) your site visitors engage with the ads on display. The payment you’ll receive varies. It also depends on the type of topics you tackle on your blog. In the realm of blogging, you have the leeway to write catchy articles that may attract more clicks and fetch a bit of money. On one hand, you can also strategise and generate content that can serve as your cash cow. If your goal is to really earn passive income through Adsense, thereby building a sustainable online empire, a good suggestion would be to pay attention to these keywords and niches/industries:

2019 Top 10 Adsense Keywords with the Highest CPCs By Industry

  1. Credit ($38)
  2. Degree ($40)
  3. Conference Call ($42)
  4. Lawyer ($42)
  5. Donate ($42)
  6. Loans ($44)
  7. Attorney ($47)
  8. Mortgage ($47)
  9. Utility (Gas & Electricity) ($54 CPC)
  10. Insurance ($58)

What makes these Adsense keywords high-paying?

These keywords are considered highly paid because the companies behind the ads have more customers. They can, therefore, afford to spend more money to attract more customers. Businesses in these fields have more income and can reach a bigger number of target markets.

How to use this information to earn thousands of dollars per month?

This is just a hypothetical situation.
  1. 1. You notice that education blogs have a high CPC.
  2. 2. You will research the keywords and see “college degree scholarships” as a keyword that pays well on average.
  3. 3. So you proceed to write a white paper article about college degrees.
  4. 4. And your amazing knowledge of on-page SEO will enable to you write a blog post that ranks well on Google and other search engines
  5. 5. You also see a surge in organic traffic to your website, which you can subsequently monetise into a passive but sustainable Adsense revenue.

Which Adsense ads are generous with payments?

Besides selecting the ideal niche for Adsense, you can also choose the ad type you want to show. These are your available choices: 1) content-related ads 2) ads with text and graphics 3) ads within articles and 4) ads on your feed. From experiments, you can find that local in-article ads have higher click-through rates. This is the case on any website. In-article ads go well with your content. Half-way through your blog post, it may appear. Because these ads relate with your content topics, they don’t look too spammy or out of place. For this reason, they have better than certain ad types. Sidebar ads are kind of annoying for some users. People tend to automatically overlook such ads.

For Better Conversion, Use Google Auto Ads

Adsense Auto Ads work hand in hand with machine learning. They automatically appear on your site if Google foresees a good performance. The Auto Ads feature has been in the beta testing phase since September of 2017. Only recently (early March of 2018) did they launch this feature for public use. Since Google has a tried and tested method for testing features, they know better when it comes to type and placement of ads. The setback? We won’t have control over the number of ads displayed or where they should be displaced. If you’re a picky advertiser, this might be annoying for you. 

Steps for setting up Auto Ads:

  1. 1. Go to your AdSense account and sign in.
  2. 2. Click MY ADS on the left corner of the navigation panel,
  3. 3. Next, click AUTO ADS
  4. 4. Once you’re in the “Choose your global settings” page, you can select different ad formats.
  5. 5. If you prefer that AdSense automatically adds new formats to your global settings, leave “Automatically get new formats” selected. New formats will immediately become available.
  6. 6. Now Click the Save button.
  7. 7. Go to the Place code on your page” page, and in there select “Copy code”.
  8. 8. Paste the ad code on the header tags of each web page where you want the Auto ads to appear. When in doubt, however, see Google’s Code implementation guide.

Other Recommended Industry/Niche Keywords For Blog Posts

Note: Amount in Cost Per Click (CPC)
  1. 1. Medical Treatment ($37)
  2. 2. Computer Software ($35)
  3. 3. Classes ($35)
  4. 4. Health Recovery ($34)
  5. 5. Business & Trade ($33)
  6. 6. Rehabilitation ($33)
  7. 7. Web Hosting ($31)
  8. 8. Transfer ($29)
  9. 9. Cord Blood ($27)
  10. 10. Insurance Claims ($25)

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