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A comparison between top 5 IT companies and why Digital Muscle deserves a mention

Search Engine optimisation is an effective technique to promote websites on the World Wide Web. It enables entrepreneurs to contact a large number of existing and potential customers and generate revenues by selling them products/services. Every day, new websites go online. Millions of websites offer the same information, products, and services to the rapidly increasing number of the internet audience. All entrepreneurs try to get their websites ranked well on Google & other leading search engines. So, there is a cut-throat competition in the web-based business. The quality of SEO determines who wins the rat race (of SEO) and generates the maximum business every day. Search engine optimisation is a highly unpredictable technique. With each update in Google's algorithm, the website optimisation techniques are changed up to a great extent. It makes the SEO an extremely Herculean task for amateur SEO Professionals. Even experienced digital marketing geeks face a lot of problems to maintain their website ranking in a healthy condition. This is where professional SEO firms come into action. They optimise websites with the latest SEO practices, help them appear in top search results with all important keywords and generate business opportunities for clients. There are many SEO firms that provide a wide range of SEO services to the needy clients/customers. To grab projects and make money, they make tall claims about their website optimisation capabilities. All these tall claims prove hollow in the long run. Are you a website owner? Looking for a good SEO firm that can skyrocket your web-based business? Not able to choose a reliable SEO company? If yes, then you need to read this article. In this write-up, we will review the top 5 SEO firms and try to know which one is best-suited for the promotion of your web-based business. So, let's start the journey.

Top 5 SEO companies-

Top5-seo-company- Digital Muscle SEO Shark Arrow Digital SmartSEO & Agseosydney

Just have a look at key SEO services provided by IT companies:

Website Design

Web-Designing Having a well-designed website is the first condition to complete your SEO efforts and get success in the web-based business. Today's smart and knowledgeable people like to browse only those websites that are visually appealing and help them to find the required information easily. If your website is not SEO friendly, all your SEO efforts are doomed to fail sooner or later. Therefore, all SEO companies offer website design services to their clients/customers. Different companies use different technologies for website development. In general, a website must have the following design elements:  
Website Design Elements Key Benefits
The use of latest Software, CMS, firewall, HTTPS, etc, You get a feature-rich, professional, and standard website.
Uniform Colour patter all across the website It increases the overall appearance of websites, which is essential to impress visitors.
Use of Standard Font Improved consumption of website content.
Smooth and straightforward navigation path Users face no problem while visiting different sections of a website.
Search Bar It allows visitors to find the required information easily.
Social sharing links It allows people to follow your website on different social media channels.
Call-To-Action Buttons They encourage website visitors to take the desired action after reading the content.
Website scalability features You can enlarge your site in the future when your web-based business grows.

SEO Copywriting

copywriting The problem with the web-based business is that customers can't see products/services in physical. You have to make them ready (to become your premium customer) using SEO-optimized, fresh, and meaningful content, created by professional content writers. All web-based business tycoons understand the huge importance of quality content. A website which is pregnant with high-quality content can have the potential to convince a large number of audience and fetch unlimited business opportunities for its owner. You can say that volume of the web-based business and revenues depend largely on the uninterrupted supply of quality content. There are several digital marketing companies that offer SEO services, but they have no resources to offer the content writing services. You can't dream to become a successful business person in today's tech-savvy world if you no content to optimise your website for the targeted visitors in a timely fashion. Therefore, choose an SEO firm that offers content writing services at affordable price tags.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

ppc On a number of occasions, it happens that SEO professionals fail to boost the visibility of websites on the web despite optimising it with effective SEO tactics. It happens because they don't update their SEO knowledge with the changing time. There are a good number of entrepreneurs that don't have sufficient patience to wait for the results obtained through organic SEO practices. They want instant results in terms of the SEO ranking of websites, leads, sales, downloading of premium E-products, etc. Such individuals resort to premium advertising campaigns, such as PPC, Google AdSense, Paid Social media ads/campaigns. Through these premium campaigns, advertisers help their websites to appear on the first page of all leading search engines, contact a large number of potential clients in an easy way and boost sales. Always keep in mind that premium advising campaigns can make a big hole in your budget if you don't manage them properly or the SEO company has no proper understanding of that. Therefore, you must choose an SEO firm that has a good track record of running successful premium advertising campaigns. The company must have the ability to fetch business opportunities in 15-30 days through paid advertising initiatives.

Social Media campaigns

Social campaigns Today's young generation (and old people also) are crazy about different social media websites. They can easily be found online from dawn to dusk, carrying out different recreational and social activities. Business individuals consider the growing number of social media users as potential customers for their brand. Therefore, SEO professionals optimise websites for social media users. They share live content on all social media channels every now and then. This helps them to increase the CTR of websites, add more people to their brand, and generate leads. A website with a strong social signal can perform well in Google's SERP and cultivate more business opportunities than those sites that don't have a social presence. So, you must search an SEO company that has expertise in Social media optimisation.

Local SEO services

local SEO Local SEO is an important factor if you want to get success in the web-based business. In simple words, local SEO is an important part of the digital marketing. In this process, SEO professionals try to target individuals living in a particular geographical location and create more business opportunities for business owners. For example- if a business person wants to generate business mainly from Australia (Apart from the global audience), then he/she must pay attention to the local SEO. So, if you are a business person, who wants to grab global as well as local business opportunities, choose an SEO firm that can help fulfil your aspirations on this front. Keeping the above-parameters in mind, just see the evaluation of the top 5 SEO companies:

Digital Muscle

Key Highlights Location: Australia, Service Area: Global SEO packages: Multiple, Choose as per your specific needs User's rating: 5/5 Digital Muscle is a reliable and leading SEO company based in Australia. At a time, when most SEO firms are in the market to deceive the needy people with lousy SEO services (commonly known as BlackHat SEO tricks), this company is totally different from other similar companies. We all know that website optimisation is not a child's play. Many entrepreneurs have to shut down their business operations because they failed to change the website optimisation techniques with the changing trends. It doesn't matter whether you run a simple WordPress blog, a business website, an online portal, Digital Muscle has the resources and manpower to meet your specific needs. The company offers a wide range of SEO services. You can rely this company when it comes to fetching all-inclusive SEO services on a low investment. The digital marketing professionals of this firm optimise your website with the latest SEO tricks. It increases the overall visibility of your website on all leading search engines. You can get SEO-optimized content from this firm. It eliminates the problem of content shortage and boosts your SEO efforts. With local SEO services, PPC campaigns, social media optimization, and website design services, Digital Muscle give a great push to your web-based business in a short time span. So, it's a leading SEO company from all parameters.

SEO Shark

Key Highlights Location: Australia, Service Area: Global, SEO packages: Multiple User's rating: 4.5/5 SEO shark is another big name when it comes to digital marketing companies. Google likes and loves websites that are optimised as per its standards and services the needs of the targeted audience. It has a great expertise in this. With SEO, PPC, Content writing services, it helps websites (as per the claims made by them) to reach on the first page of Google. It means more business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Impartial viewpoint: Different SEO companies use different techniques to for website optimisation. Several SEO experts argue that the claims made by this company are overrated. Digital Muscle optimises websites for visitors and the targeted audience and helps you fetch a fair amount of business every day from Google and other search engines. It doesn't make lofty claims like other SEO companies.'

Arrow Digital

Key Highlights Location: Australia, Service Area: Global, SEO packages: Generate a quote for SEO packages User's rating: 4/5 Arrow Digital is a prominent SEO firm, headquartered in Australia. You can contact this company to get your website optimized for all search engines on a low investment. So, it doesn't matter what type of website you run, just consult this company. With its SEO services, website design and development, SMO, Facebook Marketing, etc, this company can take your web-based business to a new level. Impartial view: Although the company provides different SEO services, don't expect speedy results. A company (such as Digital Muscle), which promises a fair amount of business through Whitehat SEO is more reliable in this case.


Key Highlights Location: Australia, Service Area: Global, SEO packages: Generate a quote for SEO packages User's rating: 5/5 With SEO, website design, and online marketing tactics, Smart SEO promise a healthy ROI to all entrepreneurs. If you want to make an entry in the web-based business and expand it quickly in all directions, Smart SEO is an ideal helping hand. It SEO services are result-oriented. Just use it and see great changes in website performance within 15-30 days.


Key Highlights Location: Australia, Service Area: Global, SEO packages: Generate a quote for SEO packages User's rating: 4/5 AgeSEOsydeny offers a wide range of digital marketing services, such as SEO, local SEO, Google penalty removal, PPC, content marketing, etc. A healthy combination of all these activities can boost your site's ranking on Google and other prominent search engines within a few days or weeks. It allows you to enjoy lots of business benefits. Impartial recommendations: A good number of SEO geeks believe that website redesigning, SEO copywriting services, local SEO, Paid advertising, etc, can prop up your web-based business sooner than later. From these considerations, Digital Muscle seems to be the most profitable bet.

So, which is ideal SEO company entrepreneurs must Go for?

In this post, top 5 SEO companies have been evaluated from different angles. Considering all those factors, we have concluded that Digital Muscle has emerged as a leading SEO company. This company offers all-inclusive SEO services, Copywriting services, Local SEO services, Premium advertising campaigns, local SEO at affordable fees and skyrocket your web-based businesses sooner than later, compared to other SEO companies available in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Just hurry up and contact this company for a profitable web-based business.          


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