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Cheap SEO Solutions = Cheap Results

An interesting study by Backlinko shows that companies opting for cheap SEO solutions tend to be dissatisfied with their results and customer service. We can clearly understand where such dissatisfaction comes from. It's 2019 and so many things have changed since SEO first started. Time to step up and leave old mindsets and stagnant traditions to where they belong: the past.

Affordable versus Cheap

People think that "cheap" and "affordable" are interchangeable terms and one cannot exist without the other. The truth is that affordable SEO does not have the same concept as cheap. The latter term terms connotes a price drop that everyone - even those who have no budget - can literally take advantage of. Whereas affordable SEO pertains to prices within your or your company's financial capacity.

Say for example another company has a lower marketing budget compared to your company. Given the differences in your campaign budget, they would not be able to afford the same level of SEO services as you. But cheap is a term that speaks for itself. In the context of SEO, it means, regardless of quality, the amount needed to carry out a campaign would be significantly lower than usual.

Why Say No to Cheap SEO Solutions?

Most cheap SEO packages are too good to be true. The percentage of such offers turning out to be legitimate is particularly low. 1 out of 10 cheap SEO deals may actually be phishing schemes. Private information you may have disclosed with the site owner could be sold to third party websites or used by the site owner himself to pester you with more offers. Some deals are outright scams or malware in disguise.

In the instance such offer is legitimate, what are the odds of your site ranking up in the SERPs? Can an expert continue to be in business by not charging standard rates? Moreover, how can SEO specialists settle for less than what they should rightfully earn? In this digital age, teams almost always run search engine marketing campaigns. No man - no company - is an island.

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What is the Ideal Price Range for SEO Services?

The answer to this question needs further explanation. In two words: it depends.

Rather than worry your head off, find an SEO company that you think will be the solution to your online marketing woes. SEO prices are not set in stone. Different SEO companies will offer different packages. In addition, your company's mother industry, the amount of work that needs to be done on your website (SEO experts usually conduct audits before officiall starting a campaign), and the amount you are willing to shell out will all affect the final SEO price.

Every SEO campaign is unique and they usually require personalised solutions. Hence, the price variations.

Final Thoughts

Behind every successful SEO company in Australia is a team of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly just to lift a website or an online business out of obscurity into SERP royalty. If you pay them cheaply, where is the justice in that? And if you have generated tons of leads and sales thanks to that SEO company, all the more reason you should not settle for less.


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