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How Willship International Generated 101.95% More Unique Visitors Over Six Months
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Willship International is an Australian and New Zealand based automotive and freight business that has been in operation for a successful 40 years. Their ability to offer a supreme service to all their customers speaks volumes as they boast about having the ability to track at all given times, the location of their vehicle or freight item. Their online quotation system is effective in giving customers an accurate price to get their vehicle or freight from place A to place B, or to C. Apart from their guaranteed same day response, Willship International is constantly looking at ways to deliver a far better service and website to all customers globally.

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Cementing their online presence has contributed greatly to their growth. The fun part? Their organic traffic and unique visitors continue to skyrocket, month upon month. Willship International first approached Digital Muscle back in late 2019 to speak about the direction of their business and to execute a well planned effective campaign to dominate the industry.

During the last decade of business, we’ve constantly delivered our promise, page one rankings and traffic which has resulted into serious revenue growth for our clients worldwide. We’ve never quite seen however an increase of 101.95% in unique visitors over a six month period. Unique visitors are vital to their business as that is essentially what keeps their business running on a daily basis.

Discover below how they managed to achieve these incredible results within just a short amount of time.

High competition in the logistics industry since it’s dominated by a select handful of hardcore competitors.
The need to offer customers with something new on the website, to further enrich the customer’s onsite experience so that they will keep coming back.
Our Approach

Bear in mind that Willship International are able to still function on a daily basis without the need for a new website. What is crucial however, is the need to constantly grow their organic traffic on a monthly basis.

Digital Muscle partnered closely with Willship International back in late 2019 to achieve a few business goals and objectives. That is, to grow and overtake some of their huge competitors online. We also worked with the crew from Engenesis as they delivered truly exceptional and stunning UX/UI design that set Willship’s services apart from the competition.

Bespoke SEO strategy to boost online visibility and attract more unique visitors to the website.
Complete logo redesign
A full website revamp to enhance the current UX/UI.
A full rewrite of their quotation system to enhance it’s flexibility in accordance with the current industry demands.
Partnering with Engenesis to offer our client the full-suite experience.

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Let the numbers do the talking

As the keyword positionings grew on a monthly basis, so too did their organic traffic which has resulted in a substantial increase in new clients. Organic search grew by 8.2% on a monthly basis and the number of unique visitors grew by 101.25% over a six month period.

First page rankings for a surge in unique visitors

In the automotive and freight industry, there are a number of profitable keywords which generate a significant amount of business as these are deemed ultra competitive. Proven SEO strategies were able to boost this client’s search engine rankings - resulting in top 1 rankings for award winning keywords such as ‘vehicle shipping to NZ’, ‘international shipping companies’, ‘shipping companies’ and ‘moving to new Zealand from Australia’.

As a general rule of thumb, here were the crucial steps undertaken to transform this business from a semi-operating website to a full-fledged award winning business in the time gap of 6 months.

Conduct a full competitor analysis to uncover strengths and weaknesses in the online space.

We’ve really had to dig deep into the competitor’s domain history and examine all their target keywords and backlinks to have an idea on what actually makes them tick online. This involved a very detailed hands-on analysis and approach to decipher what keywords are worth targeting and whether they will bring in the needed enquiries.


Complete overhaul of the website content, structure and logo to bring about an upgraded experience for navigation and accessibility.

To take advantage of the increased volume of visitors and to reduce on the bounce rates, a full 360 degree approach was undertaken to review the website in its entirety. Both the crew at Digital Muscle and Engenesis were able to come together to put forth a website which was friendly for both customers and search engines alike.


Complete overhaul of the quotation system within the website.

To topple our competitors on the search engines together with the increase in unique visitors, Willship International also required an efficient quotation system that was able to generate the required quote on the spot. Failure to do as such could potentially result in a high bounce rate. The backend development team at Digital Muscle got together, planned, and implemented a quotation system that was able to handle and send out quotations on the spot. The remarketing team thought about ways to take advantage of the frontend quotation system in the event that Willship International wanted to take part of the advertising and remarketing program via Google Adwords.

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