Manual Google Penalty Full Recovery
“Please note, the client was in possession of the domain www.promotionalproductsaustralia.com.au at the commencement of the SEO campaign, however, the owner wanted to revert back to the original domain of www.logopro.com.au but this was not possible in the beginning stages as this domain was virtually penalised by Google.”
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The client distributes promotional products to a highly competitive national market.

In this SEO case study, the client wanted to achieve more organic traffic to the website and also rank in the top #3 of Google.com.au for the money key term “promotional products”.

The original domain of www.logopro.com.au was under a manual penalty probably as a result of an algorithmic update during 2015. Prior to Logopro working with us, the client went through most Australian SEO companies and all of them had misdiagnosed Logopro’s situation. All of them conducted link building without even considering removing existing toxic backlinks.

So, the strategy is to increase the Keyword Rankings in Google.com.au and therefore increase the volume of organic traffic to the site whilst removing all toxic backlinks to make the link profile natural.

An SEO deep link analysis and Online Market Research were completed and analysed.

This is used to create the On-Page Recommendations in order to strengthen the readability and relevance to the target Keywords.

logopro screenshot

Logopro result 1

The next steps were to redirect logoproaustralia.com.au back to logopro.com.au, install the previous Google Webmaster console to analyse the toxic backlinks in order for us to do a manual removal and disavow.

The manual removal of toxic backlinks took roughly 3 months of work.

As seen by the snippet below, we disavowed the links which we couldn’t remove on the 19th of December 2017.

Logopro result 2

We waited out some time for Google to process this disavow before we continued on with ethical link building. Link Building is a very important factor that search engines use to assess rankings and to detect Online Reputation. Done correctly, it further improves a websites authority, relevance and popularity on a subject matter and by effect enhance its Online Reputation.

Although they had been doing business in the real world for over 20 years there were no strong websites linking to them or referencing them as a leader in the area of ‘Promotional products’.

The manual removal of toxic backlinks took roughly 3 months of work.

Continued removal of toxic backlinks
SEO Video Links
Image Links
Australian Business Directories
Citations and Reviews
We employed the E-A-T strategy to try and garner more positive reviews online and even responding to negative reviews left over by the client’s customers.

Logopro result 3

See image above for April 2018, 90 days after toxic backlinks removal and disavow showing a marked improvement in the Target Keyword rankings.

By December 2018, eight (8) months into the campaign, Google.com.au was picking up on the monthly SEO work and the website is strongly moving forward in the rankings

Logopro result 4

We can now see the majority of the Target Keywords showing up on Google.com.au First Page with Forty (40) in the Top 3.

Logopro result 5

Here is a snippet of there rankings today… March 2019.

Logopro result 6

By having an SEO Strategy in place and sticking with it, the website is reaping the rewards, as the Target Keywords gain higher rankings (January 2019) and thus garnering a greater share of the click through from Organic Traffic.

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