Did you know that only half the B2B marketing strategists polled said they track their ROI? Are you paying attention to how well your marketing dollars are working for you and growing your business? Do you know your average conversion rate for your most recent campaigns?

If not, then you need to focus on conversion rate optimisation and increasing it to grow your revenue. Don't worry if you're unsure what CRO is and how to implement it because you're in the right place. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about increasing your conversions and growing your business to the next level. 

What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation?


As an SEO specialist, you know that traffic to your website is critical to successfully growing your business. However, are you making the most of the traffic you get? With improved conversion optimisation, you'll see your bottom line grow as more of your traffic converts to paying customers.

Simply put, when you increase your conversion rate optimisation, you increase the number of people who perform your desired action. The desired action can be as simple as signing up for your email list to as complex as purchasing your product or service.

The primary goal will be different for each business and within your industry. It can also change for the season you're in. If you're a new startup you'll want to focus on increasing brand awareness and growing your list. As you begin to scale then your conversions can change to selling your product or service.

How to Optimise Conversion Rate

If you're spending too much money on each new client acquisition then you need to focus on improving your CRO marketing strategy. This will help you to get more value from the traffic you're already getting on your website. First, as mentioned above you want to start by defining the main goal you want to focus on to grow your business.

Once you know your goal you can focus on creating copy that drives your traffic to take that desired action. Take the time to look at your entire funnel, where can you improve your conversions? This is where you'll start to make changes that increase your conversion rates.

Many marketing experts find that improving conversion rates can become complicated and confusing. They jump into too many tests and make too many mistakes from the beginning.

To help you avoid these mistakes and ensure your using optimal CRO best practices we'll cover the top mistakes we see many of our clients make before they come to us. Then we'll show you how you can use the best practices just as we do with all our clients.

Mistake #1: Not Using Data to Make Decisions

When it comes to CRO mistakes this is the most common one made by business owners. You know your business and your customers so you trust your gut to make big business decisions every day. However, when it comes to conversion rate optimisation, you must make all your decisions based on data.

The best practice for this area of your CRO strategy will always include following the data. You must track your numbers and make decisions based on those numbers rather than your gut.

Mistake #2: Waiting Too Long to Make Changes

Many business owners want to see the statistical significance in their numbers before making any changes or launching their next product or service. However, this isn't always feasible for several reasons. First, you might need to wait six to twelve months before you can send enough traffic to a specific landing page to see the statistical significance.

In these circumstances, it's better to launch and make your decisions based on real-time sales or sign-ups. The best practice for this area of your CRO marketing strategy includes launching quickly and making decisions based on what you see with each new iteration.

Mistake #3: Making Too Many Changes at Once

It can be tempting if you have a landing page that isn't performing up to expectations to jump in and change everything. Don't succumb to these temptations. Take each area of your landing page and make one small change at a time.

If you have too many new variables you won't know for sure which changes had a large impact on your conversions. In addition, don't include more than one call to action or pop-up for each page. You don't want to confuse your visitors, choose the one goal you want to focus on and be sure that each call to action or pop-up furthers your visitors towards taking that action.

CRO Services for Increasing Revenue

As you can see, driving traffic to your website is only half the battle. Once your ideal future client or customer visits your website, what next action do you want them to take? And if your website is set up to drive your traffic to take that desired action?

Remember, you can build your SEO strategy and drive thousands of visitors to your site each month. But if they aren't your ideal customer or you aren't converting your traffic to new customers, then your SEO wasn't successful.

Don't make that mistake. Work with an expert to help you increase your conversion and increase your revenue to scale your business. At Digital Muscle we consider you a partner and we work to help you see real results that help grow your business and raise your bottom line.

Our CRO services strategy is always personalized for your business. We focus on your specific needs so you see the results and grow your business to the level you've always wanted.

We believe that search engine optimisation must always keep in mind conversion rate optimisation. We focus on keywords that generate conversions and increase sales. That's why we never focus on SEO only without also considering CRO to grow your organization.

Grow Your Business by Growing Your Conversions

You've grown your business and offer a premium product or service. We help you take your business and scale it to the next level by increasing your conversion rate optimisation. You can't afford to wait any longer to increase conversions on your website.

Stop throwing away traffic and losing potential new clients and customers. Start seeing better results from your current traffic levels by increasing conversions. If you're ready to see the results you've always wanted, then click here to get your free quote.


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