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Beyond Google: 5 Search Engines You Can Use If You Need a Break from Google

Google, dominating a host of search engines, is a global institution. A massive tree whose roots are deeply anchored on the ground (maybe even as far as the earth's core). With algorithms that are ahead of the pack, a far-reaching advertising platform, and customised user experience, it's of little wonder why Google is by far the biggest and most popular search engine in the world. But despite its reputation and capacity, Google’s hassle-free interface and customisable user experience are not without cost. True, search engine giant stores and studies the surfing behaviour of its users for the benefit of advertisers and other interested parties. While not exactly illegal, some users think such an approach encroaches upon their privacy. Which is why, if you find this part of Google quite intrusive, you have every right to look for alternatives. Shocking, but yes. There is a search engine world beyond Google. These search engines may not have as much fanfare, but they also generate quality search results. Below are 5 search engines you may want to explore when you want a break from Google.

1. Bing

Though not as big as Google, Bing is still a formidable search engine with a U.S. market share of 24.2 per cent (as opposed to Google 63.2 per cent. We can argue, and some older users may agree, that Bing performs better in specific areas. For instance, senior travellers or people in a certain area in North America. Not many people know that Bing has a rewards program that lets you accumulate points while searching online. You can also redeem these points on the Microsoft and Windows stores. Many users find this perk nice and useful. Furthermore, Bing's image search algorithm performs so well on all browsers. Compared to Google image search, it only works well with Chrome. Some users believe that the Bing image search GUI is worth the praise. It is much more intuitive compared to its competition. Bing brings a clean user experience to video as well. It provides an objective video search since it is not partnered with video sharing sites like YouTube.


If what you need is a search engine that generates results from thousands of wikis published on the Internet, is your search engine. is a highly recommended search engine for those who trust information supplied by users and websites like Wikipedia.

3. CC Search

Need copyright-free content for personal or business reasons? CC Search is the place to be. Whether you need background music for a video you're making, a blog post photo, or whatnot, CC search provides. No need to worry about accidentally plagiarising content or artistic work. All items found through CC search are available for public use. There is a simple mechanism behind this search engine. Results come from platforms offering free media including Soundcloud, Flickr, Wikimedia and platforms that offer materials with a Creative Commons license.

4. Twitter

Twitter is the opponent to beat when it comes to real-time search trends. It’s the ideal social platform to go for the latest updates. If you're the type who wants to know what's going on around you, Twitter can be your alternative search engine. Google’s algorithm is taking cues from Twitter. Eventually, its development team will roll up an update that features real-time trends. Still, nothing can go against a Tweet in letting you know what's up.

5. DUckduckgo

If you’re looking for proven browsing privacy, you should give DuckDuckGo a try. DuckDuckGo does not track or store browsing activities or personal information. You can practically conduct your searches quietly without fear of being followed or watched. DuckDuckGo is a good choice for those who don't want algorithms keeping tabs on their browsing habits. The search engine makes an attempt to ensure personal information remains private.


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