Creativity is ambivalent. At times, it overflows. Other times, it feels as if we're stuck in a rut. And we can't seem to move forward to start something new. There are also times when you take initiative and give yourself a push. When inspiration fails to strike, here are a few tips to consider. These might help you replenish your creativity in times of drought:

1) Get moving

If your work requires hours facing your computer or being stuck in the same place, you have to find ways to keep moving. Either you do some stretching exercises, go to the pantry for some coffee or go the gym as soon as work is over. These help you clear your mind. During days off, escape from the concrete jungle. Maybe go to the beach, a nearby park or anywhere with greenery or nature. If you have an "escape room" in your house where you can spend some time alone and ponder about life and whatnot, then make it a point to do some muscle stretches before stress kicks in. Stretching is likewise a great way to clear your mind. It burns unused energy and will, in turn, make your mind feel lighter.

2) Visit coffee shops

Whether or not you're a fan of coffee, a trip to the coffee shop every now and then is highly recommended. You can go during breaks or when you have time outside of work. What's great about coffee shops is that they're ambience and art-oriented these days. If not the atmosphere, you can always find artwork or two - or an interior decoration - that catch your fancy. And seeing the interior and architectural differences in these coffee shops may inspire you to create something. Spare some time to interact with people you meet in coffee shops. Maybe the baristas or fellow coffee lovers. Small talks can spark ideas or at least keep the good mood going throughout the day. Nothing but a good conversation to usher a lovely day.

3) Consult a mentor

If you’re just delving into a new art form and are hitting roadblocks or barriers, a mentor is the best thing to move you forward. If you’re an apprentice, you’re getting the obvious benefit of working with someone who has years of experience. If you’re the master, working with a bright-eyed aspiring artist will prove a breath of fresh air for you, and you will not only be giving something back to your art form but your apprentice may one day come back to truly inspire you.

4) Let art inspire you

Seeing art come alive can make you feel a sense of wonder. As if a new world has opened before your eyes. Take time to visit art galleries, museums, heritage houses or exhibits. They're not only enjoyable but they can also inspire creativity. Not to mention you're supporting artists who took the time to showcase their hard work. By visiting these places, you're encouraging them to persevere. Furthermore, art and heritage centres are the most ideal places for encountering like-minded individuals and artists. You can network with, learn from and be inspired by their craft. You'll have more ideas to work with once you're back to your own company.

5) Break or add something to your habits

Habits can be a friend or a foe. If a habit makes you productive, by all means, retain it. However, if you feel like you're not going anywhere with the way thing are, then you have every right to reshuffle your routine. Add something new to your repertoire! If you're a graphic designer, try a new way of designing. Maybe a new design software or a new style of creating or blending images. Some new Adobe plug-ins could be worth your time. If you’re a writer who's often glued to your desktop or laptop, maybe you can change your work environment. Don't just stay at home. Go to a coffee shop or a co-working space where you can mingle with other digital creatives. These are a number of ways you can address creativity slumps. Mixing things up and accommodate new methods and strategies can awaken creative juices you never thought you have. Perhaps working with the same mindset, approach and tools for so long prevent you from entertaining new ideas. So don't be afraid to innovate and explore new ideas that will take your creativity to the next level.


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