3 Hassle-Free Ways to Automate Your Marketing

Business owners should invest time and energy into every marketing campaign. With proper nourishment, you can unleash the real power of marketing to your advantage. In a nutshell, marketing is your catalyst for growth. It's your expansion engine. As a business owner, you may be pressed for time. But know that effective marketing doesn't mean you have to consume all your work hours just to implement your marketing strategies. It's about time to automate your system. Marketing automation is the trend these days. This is still targeted and personalised marketing sans the hassle and overtime. Every company should make it a point to keep up with marketing technology and automation. Why do the heavy lifting yourself when there are many functional marketing software and apps that can make things easier for you? Think of a feasible system, and you'll be surprised to see things falling into place even as you focus on core business functions. How to automate your marketing? Here are a few good starting points:

1. Automate Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is a revenue-generating mechanism and is one of the most effective ways of attracting prospect. According to research, in every $1 invested, you’ll have an average ROI of $38! Even more impressive about email marketing is that you don't have to spend much or beat your brain to get started. Do not beat around the bush and avoid sugarcoating. Since people have fairly short attention spans these days, a concise but convincing subject heading does the trick. Moreover, your message must cut to the chase. Let your target customers know what you're offering and why they shouldn't refuse or must consider your offer. Your email marketing campaign should have a clear goal. At best, each email should contain a call to action such as “click on this link to know more” or "call us through this number". Encourage people to contact you or buy from you. You can also use email automation to maintain a good relationship with existing customers and encourage repeat business. Remind customers who may be interested in reordering supplies or purchasing new products from your store. Update them on what's new, benefits and perks that may enhance their experience as a customer.

2. Social Media Marketing

For as long as the Internet exists, then so will social media. As an effective digital marketing platform, you must take advantage of the opportunities social media can offer. Failing to participate in this bandwagon is a sure recipe for disaster. Social media presence can make a lot of difference especially for businesses in the expansion stage. If you want to diversify your market reach, using social media is the best marketing heuristic. Automating your posts helps you focus on your main business functions. There are so many tools online you can use such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Semrush, Sprout Social and so on. These SMM tools allow you to schedule your social posts in advance. You can also do the same on Facebook if you happen to have a business page there. What's more, Facebook and third-party SMM tools come with free analytics. These help you have a better understanding of the best times to post, social shares that elicit more engagement from your audience and other information you can use to shape your future marketing campaigns.

3. Other AI Marketing Tools

Information can do wonders for businesses. If you have the right information about your target markets, you can drastically increase your ROI. In fact, a great majority of businesses (almost 80 per cent) have experienced conversions since using automated tools. Imagine if your entire website is aided by artificial intelligence! From chatbots (that remove the need for 24/7 customer service staff), businesses can now increase sales without having to spend a fortune on a customer service team. But then again, it depends on the size of your business. You will eventually need more people and more advanced AI bots to facilitate your business expansion. AI can suggest the best products and services to your customers as well as offer shopping advice. AI and customer interactions can also give you insight on frequently asked questions and customer feedback. And through these interactions, you adjust your products and/or services accordingly. AI makes it easier to engage your audience and sell to them.


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